Hinata let Itachi pull her behind him and into the store. After hours of silence and no touch, she felt relieved that he was in a better mood.

"What do you want?" he asked, trying not to be too harsh.

Looking at the stacks of food, Hinata felt her stomach growl loudly. Blushing, she said, "Um...how about a sandwich and a drink?" she asked. She was uncertain whether he had enough money or not, but she couldn't ignore her stomach for much longer.

Itachi nodded and snagged a premade sandwich from a twirling plastic stand. He motioned Hinata to get a drink, while he picked his own lunch out.

Hinata examined the many drinks lined up in the cooler and finally choose to get apple juice. She walked quickly back to Itachi, who was impatiently standing near the short lines at the cash register.

He smirked when she walked back. "Good girl," he complimented. He patted her head shortly, and she blushed at the affectionate touch.

They paid the cashier and left, Itachi carrying their lunch in a plastic bag. Nearby the entrance, were several benches.

"Would you like to sit and eat lunch outside?" Itachi asked politely.

Hinata beamed. After hours of being trapped in the stuffy car, she wanted nothing more than to sit in the sun and relaz.

Itachi noticed her smile. Grabbing her hand, he brought her to the nearest empty bench and let her sit. He sat across from her and handed her her meal.

Hinata bit into the peanut butter and jelly sandwich eagerly. Itachi watched in amusement.

"Uh...sorry," she said sheepishly.

Itachi leaned forward and brushed his thumb lovingly across her jaw. "You had peanut butter on your face," he informed her, smirking. Naturally, she was blushing, her face so red she thought she would faint.

"Thanks," she said, controlling her stuttering. She was getting better at it whenever she was around him.

Silence came and overtook the pair. Hinata finished her meal and waited for him to. She watched a butterfly float overhead and she smiled.

"You like butterflies?"

Hinata turned back to Itachi, but her eyes remained on the colorful insect. "Yes. I love the colors of their wings."

Itachi smiled and finished off the last bit of his apple, tossing the mess into the basket next to him.

Hinata trotted faithfully at his heels. She had become used to following him whenever he walked away. If she didn't she was sure he would either just drag her away or leave her there. The last option was unlikely, but it didn't keep Hinata from wondering about it from time to time.

Itachi held the door open for her and she scampered into the back. When they made it onto the road Itachi suddenly announced, "We will be staying at a hotel for today and tommorow. Do what I say."

Hinata nodded. "Yes."

Itachi looked at her from the mirror. "Good," he replied simply, turning back his gaze to the road.

They arrived at a hotel within an hour of lunch. Itachi parked and like the gentlemen he was, helped her out of the back. Slinging his pack over his strong shoulders, he guided her to the to the front. Hinata stepped through the revolving glass doors, smiling like the child she still was.

"A room for two please," Itachi told the man at the front. The man looked hesitant, his eyes flicking back and forth from the imposing Itachi and Hinata until Itachi added, "We are cousins."

The man smiled. "Room thirteen." He handed Itachi a key attached to a small brown tag and then wrote down Itachi's fake I.D and room number. "Enjoy your stay," he added after Itachi handed him the hefty amount of money.

When they reached the room, Hinata was filled with awe. The wallpaper was a light color, with roses and vines trailing the bottom. She scampered into the bathroom and caught sight of a large tub. The whole room smelled of roses and flowers.

Itachi grunted and set the bag at his feet. He tested the bed, and then gradually slipped onto it. The bed was huge, taking up most of the room, with a fuzzy red bedspread. The ends had small tassels that itched the bare backs of his legs.

Hinata sprinted and jumped onto the bed. Gleefully, she turned to him. "This place is beautiful."

Itachi nodded in silent agreement. "It is tasteful."

Hinata sprawled on her back, withholding a yawn. The room was bright, but she hadn't managed a lot of sleep. It seemed that she had been too worried to catch any z's without dreams invading her mind.

She turned on her side and let her eyes slip shut.

Itachi watched his sleepy hostage with a look reminiscent of a caring father. He tucked her unruly bangs behind her ears, so that he could see her face. She didn't so much as twitch at the blatant violation of personal space, but rather she encouraged it. She rubbed her smooth cheek against his hand, curling her body closer, seeking warmth.

The Uchiha didn't waste a moment. His hand caressed her cheek and he kissed her lightly on the nose. His hand curled around her waist and he brought her closer to him. He let a hiss out when she turned and tucked her head underneath his chin, her button nose nuzzling his flesh. His leg wrapped hers and kept her safely next to him.

"Hinata," he murmured lovingly, stroking her hair.

She opened her eyes. She hadn't fallen asleep, but rather had faked sleep. She had told herself at first that it was so he would leave her alone. But he had touched her and the one small action had sent ripples down her spine.

Hinata tipped her head. "Itachi," she whispered.

She leaned up and kissed him soundly on his lips.


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