"...almost drowned me in this..." Maggie muttered the next morning, unwinding several layers of white cloth to get at an abominable itch. Really, just one large band-aid would have been enough. After a few seconds of careful scratching, she dragged herself out of bed. Where did Ratchet and Ironhide go? "Hello?" she called, looking around the room twice before spotting them. They were on the floor next to Ratchet's work table, connected at the chest.

She quietly opened one of the table's drawers and found where the smaller bandages were. Taking one, she tiptoed past the Autobots, sneaking out to visit the restroom and take a quick shower. A nice, long, hot shower never failed to help her wake up.

Carefully patting her elbow dry afterward, she turned to one of the mirrors and inspected the scrape. It look much better now, thanks to Ratchet's treatment. She put the band-aid over it, wrapped a towel around herself, and went back to the med bay. They'd both moved while she was gone. Ratchet was now lying across the table, optics still closed, with a faint humming coming from his processors. Just beyond him, Ironhide had changed back into the black truck. Guess I wasn't quiet enough. She walked over to the table, laying a hand on Ratchet's foot. "Ratchet?"

Ironhide's holoform appeared next to her. "He's recharging right now."

"Ahh. Of course he is," Maggie said, holding back a smile. He must've kept Ratchet very busy.

"How's your arm?"

"Much better, thank you," she answered, rolling her eyes when he felt the need to come over and see for himself. "I thought a smaller bandage would be enough now."

"Mph," Ironhide said, apparently agreeing, since he didn't argue.

So eloquent sometimes. "So... last night you said something about Optimus changing his mind?" she inquired, admiring his physique.

"Yeah, he did, about us joining, but he also pointed out that it's up to you." He gave her a speculative look.

"Mmm...very true..." she purred, laying a hand on his broad chest, then letting it trail down, over his ripped abs. He slipped an arm around her, pulling her closer. Maggie leaned into Ironhide as she kissed him, and wasn't a bit surprised when her towel came loose and 'fell' off.

Encouraged by her response, Ironhide kissed the side of her neck. Maggie sighed, tilting her head to give him better access. He glanced over at the bed on the other side the room. Too far away, he decided, and slowly backed Maggie toward the wall behind her. She raised one dark eyebrow at him when he pressed her against it.

"Well...you're--" Maggie gasped when he suddenly lifted her up and entered her. Whatever she'd been about to say flew right out of her head, and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Ironhide went still then, for what felt like an hour to her. He always does that! she thought, clutching his shoulders. Just what was that about, anyway? Was he scanning her or something? Hmm.. Maggie dug her fingernails in, just a little, to spur him on.

He growled at the sharp, needle-like sensations, but didn't fall for it, gripping her hips as he moved slowly.

Damn... Bracing her hands against the wall, she pressed down, pushing him in deeper.

Ironhide paused for a second, obligingly changing his holoform's anatomy and adding four more inches.

"...oh my god..." Maggie moaned loudly, writhing now. She didn't know he could do that! That felt so..strange, and was driving her right over the edge.

Ironhide growled again, feeling her body tensing, and thrust hard and fast now. "Uh..yes!" she gasped, letting out a scream as she climaxed. He kept moving, drawing the moment out, until she dropped her head onto his shoulder, spent. "That was...incredible..." she managed, panting.

"Yeah, it was," he agreed, running his hands slowly up her sides as he stored another file away in his memory bank.

"It certainly sounded as if it were," a sardonic voice said from behind them.

Oops... Maggie thought as they both looked back at Ratchet.

Optics open, he raised up on one hand, aiming a thoroughly disgruntled look at Ironhide. "May I recharge now?"

"Sorry, Ratchet. Didn't mean to 'wake' you," Ironhide said, with a good-natured shrug. "Go ahead."

Ratchet shook his head, then lay back down, muttering about Maggie's arm as he went back into stasis.

Jazz chose that moment to make his entrance. "Yo, can you two lower the volume?" he asked, a big grin on his metallic face. "You're kinda freaking Sam out."

"...oh, no..." Maggie buried her face against Ironhide's chest. Sam and Jazz, too?

"We can try.." Ironhide said with a smirk, making no promises.

"Try really hard?" suggested Jazz. "Or else I'll put ya on speakers next time."

"Don't even think about it," Ironhide growled.

Jazz just smiled at him and left.

"He wouldn't...would he?" asked a red-faced Maggie.

"Wouldn't put it past him.." he grumbled, stepping back and lowering her to the floor, then opening a link to his leader. /Optimus?/

/Yes, Ironhide?/

/Request permission to visit the target practice range./

Maggie leaned against the wall for a second before walking, a little unsteadily, over to her wardrobe to pull out clothes.

/I think that would be best,/ Optimus replied, his amused tone letting Ironhide know that he'd heard, too. /Permission granted./

/--Thank you, sir./

Ironhide closed the link and turned around. Maggie was putting on a shirt and short jeans. "Mph." Well, clothing was just a minor inconvenience, really. He shifted his hologram to the truck's driver's seat, and the passenger door popped open.

"Where are we going?" she asked, coming back over to him.

"Target range. We won't be bothered there."

Maggie shook her head, then smiled, taking a minute to button her shirt first. The truck's horn honked, and she laughed. "All right, all right! You're so impatient!"

"Only sometimes," he declared, closing the door after she climbed in and rolling out.

"What the hell was that?" Sam exclaimed, bolting upright on the sofa.

"Maggie," Jazz answered, nonchalant as he tilted his head, then grinned. "With Ironhide, I bet."

"..Geez..." muttered Sam. "...do not wanna know..."

"You sure? Sounds real interesting to me," he teased.

"No! I mean, yes! I'm sure." A chuckle filled the room, and Sam rubbed his forehead. Only Jazz would actually have the nerve to want to go see what those two were doing. "Could you just close the door?"

"It is closed, Sam. " Jazz said, amused. Maggie does have pretty impressive vocal cords. "Hang on."

"No, wait..Jazz!" Too late. The silver Autobot was already out the door, on his way to med bay. Sam groaned, planted a cushion over his head, and determinedly went back to sleep.

Snoring again, Jazz mused when he returned a minute later. Sam should really try those Breathe-Right things they'd seen commercials for. He sat down behind the sofa and waited for his human to wake up again. In the meantime, he decided to record a good ten minutes of snores.

Just a little something to play back for Sam later.

"It's beautiful here," Mikaela said, snuggling with Bumblebee on the hood of the Camaro. They were both watching the sunlight glitter over the lake, which was their own special place now. It was where they'd first made love, after all.

"Yes, it is," he agreed, his hands gliding up and down her slender arms.

She smiled and twisted around to straddle his waist. "Almost as beautiful as you," Mikaela said, caressing the car hood as she kissed Bee.

Bumblebee eagerly returned her kiss; he always enjoyed it when she took charge.

Mikaela deepened the kiss as she rubbed her body against his, delighted when Bee responded in a perfect imitation of an aroused human male. Hands bracing herself, she rose up and slowly sank down onto him. She stopped halfway, teasing him, though it was damned hard. He felt so good...

"Mikaela," Bumblebee protested.

She grinned wickedly, lowering herself another inch, then stopping again. "Something wrong, Bee?"

"Not at all," he answered, just as the Camaro jerked forward. Mikaela slipped on the smooth metal and dropped down, completely encasing him.

"Bee..." she squeaked, rocking forward instinctively. "That's cheating..."

Bumblebee merely smiled, his sensors taking in the warm tight sheath, each intake of breath -- he could even sense the blood coursing through her veins. His hips bucked up, as a human's would, in time with Mikaela's rocking. Her pulse was steadily quickening, along with her heartbeats.

"Bee..." Mikaela repeated huskily, eyes closing as she rocked faster. A weird electric shock jolted her just then, and she opened her eyes to see Bee's holoform flicker, sending another shock tingling through her. She gasped. "Bee? What's happening?"

"I...don't know, Mikaela." Perplexed, he tried to reroute more power to his holoform, but that also failed. Something was definitely wrong. All he could do now was deactivate it, to avoid giving Mikaela an even stronger shock.

Bumblebee's holoform vanished, and Mikaela found herself sprawled on the car hood. She'd been so close! "What--?"

"My holoform generator is...not working correctly," Bee said, chagrined.

Mikaela rose to her knees, laughing. "You mean we...broke it?"

"It's not funny," Bumblebee grouched.

"I'm sorry...It's just... How are we going to explain this to Ratchet?"

There was a short pause before Bee admitted, "Okay, maybe it's a little funny."

She managed to stop laughing and slid off the car's hood. Ratchet was so going to lecture them for this! The passenger door opened and she jumped in, finding her clothes scattered over the back seats. She put them back on as Bumblebee sped back to the base.

"Ratchet?" Mikaela entered the medical bay first, finding the medic lying prone on his work table. Recharging? In the middle of the day? She went over and tapped on his foot. "Please wake up. This is an emergency...sort of.."

"He's in stasis," Bumblebee said, having transformed from the Camaro before following her in.

"I was in stasis, you mean..." Ratchet opened his optics and turned his head toward them. He had expected it to be Jazz who would need his help, yet again.

"Maggie's not here?" Bumblebee asked, looking around. He had hoped to say hello to her.

"No, she's gone to the practice range with Ironhide; Optimus rescinded his decision on mating," Ratchet answered, then got down to business. "You said there was an emergency?"

Mikaela nodded. "You need to run diagnostic tests on Bee."

"My holoform generator appears to be damaged," Bumblebee elaborated.

Ratchet sat up and looked at them. "You've worn it out, haven't you?" he asked mildly. They both looked guilty, to his amusement.

"So it seems.." Bumblebee mumbled, carefully examined the cords of his right arm.

He shrugged and jumped down to the floor. "Lie down on the table, Bumblebee. And I'll need you to remove your chest armor, of course."

"Yes, Ratchet." Bumblebee meekly obeyed.

Ratchet set a tall stool next to the table for Mikaela, so she could watch as he examined Bumblebee. The inner workings of an Autobot fascinated her, just as it did Maggie. Bumblebee had indeed over-worked his holoform, he noted, shaking his head as he searched through his collection of spare parts. Youngsters like him must never have heard of the term 'moderation'.

A few minutes later his work was done, and Bumblebee's armor was back in place. "Try not to use your generator until tomorrow, to give it time to 'reboot', so to speak," Ratchet instructed, almost smiling at their disappointed expressions. "You could always try Sam's technique."

"What technique?" Mikaela asked. Bumblebee also looked interested.

Ratchet contemplated how best to explain it to them, then a better idea occurred to him. "Perhaps Sam and Jazz will be willing to demonstrate it for you," he mused. That should keep the four of them occupied for several hours. "I believe they're in the living area."

"Okay. We'll go ask them. Thanks," Mikaela said.

Bumblebee hopped down from the table. "Yes, thank you, Ratchet."

"You're welcome, Mikaela. Bumblebee."

Once they were gone, Ratchet contacted Ironhide. /Where are you?/

/We're still at the practice range/ Ironhide replied. /Maggie's offline right now./

/----would you please try to not exhaust our mate, Ironhide, and return soon?/

/Hmph. Not going to, and we will. Eventually./

/Thank you... /

/Welcome/ Ironhide replied, sounding entirely too pleased with himself.

"Hmph," Ratchet muttered, copying Ironhide, as he put his tools away.

"Hi, Sam."

"Hey, Mikaela," he answered, glancing away from The Fast and the Furious playing on the t.v.. Jazz really liked those cars. "Hey, Bee."

"Hello, Sam."

"Can I ask you a favor?" Mikaela asked, smiling as she sat down next to him and Jazz in front of the sofa.

"Uh... Ok.." Whenever she gave him that look, it was usually a big favor.

"Could you show us your special technique?" Her smile was directed at both of them now. "Ratchet mentioned it to us."

"Oh...Uh..." Sam looked over at Jazz, who smirked.

"I got no problem with that, Sam. Besides, it's not quite the same as having sex, right?" Jazz said, deciding not to tell him about what Optimus had said.

"Huh? But I heard.." Mikaela broke off when Jazz made a small gesture with his hand. She shrugged back; If he wanted to wait out the rest of the thirty days, it was his choice. "So what do you say, Sam? Will you show us?" she asked, employing that smile again.

"Ok, sure." Anything to get out of watching F&F again, he thought, and stopped the dvd. "Get ready, Jazz."

"Sure thing, Sam." He moved over a little, away from the sofa, then lay back and opened his chest armor. Sam climbed up onto Jazz's legs and scooted forward, stopping just short of his exposed chest. "You two might wanna come over here and watch?" Jazz told Bumblebee and Mikaela.

"What is he..Is that safe, Jazz?" Bumblebee asked, apprehensive, as they both came closer for a better view.

"Oh, sure. As long as he doesn't touch my spark, or break any of my wiring."

"Which I haven't yet," Sam said with a grin. "Just watch." He shifted for a better angle, then worked both hands into Jazz's chest. His fingertips flicked over the wires, and Jazz groaned, arms and legs twitching.

"That's... Wow..." Mikaela watched avidly.

Bumblebee's optics widened. "--does that cause pain, Jazz?"

"Only the...good kind.. Keep going..Sam..."

"No problemo." He rubbed his thumb across the wires, then plucked them, two at a time. Jazz shuddered, his armor rattling loudly.

"I think I get it," Mikaela said, and grinned up at Bee. "What do you think, Bee? You up to trying something new?"

Bumblebee hesitated for only a moment. What Sam was doing sure had Jazz's circuits buzzing. "Let's do it."

"Great." She took a step back, watching as Bumblebee pulled open the armor from the center of his chest before laying down on his back. His head turned slightly, and he fixed his optics on her. Mikaela carefully climbed up, getting into a comfortable position by straddling his midsection. Behind them she could hear more groans from Jazz. "Ready?"

Bumblebee nodded. "I'm ready, Mikaela."

"Okay." She leaned forward, getting a good look at all the wires and cables, and Bee's spark, pulsing a bright blue color. Her fingers reached into the narrow space, and she stroked a bundle of wires.

"Mi-kaela..." Bee moaned, shivering underneath her. "That does feel g-good."

She smiled up at him. "This should feel even better, then." She turned her hand a bit, and dragged her fingertips over the wires, making them vibrate.

"Yes..." A loud groan broke from him, and he lurched up, almost unseating her.

"Ok, maybe too good!" Mikaela grabbed hold of the edge of Bee's chest armor.

Sam laughed. "No such thing as 'too good', Mikaela. Just ask Jazz."

Mikaela looked over at them, then laughed, too. Jazz looked totally out of it now. "I don't think Jazz is up to answering any questions, Sam."


Still laughing, Mikaela turned back to Bee, plucking the wires just as Sam showed her to.

"Primus!" Bee lurched again, both arms flopping out to his sides. Mikaela was ready that time, keeping her seat as she continued plucking, drawing more loud groans from him. He really was capable of a wide range of sounds.

Sam glanced over at the living room door when a vehicle drove past it, fast. "What--who was that?"

"Ratchet, going to the practice range, I bet." Mikaela chuckled mischievously. "They are kinda loud, aren't they?"

"Uh-huh. It's great!" Sam said with a wide grin. This has got to be what getting high feels like.

"Oh, 'kaela?" Sam called out a few minutes later, over Jazz's groaning. "Another thing you can try is the spark casing. Push on the outside of it, just a little bit. It kinda squeezes their spark. Watch."

Mikaela looked over at them just as Sam reached further into Jazz's chest.

The silver Autobot practically shouted, a huge shudder making his metal body shake, then he dropped down with a loud thud. "...Primus...Sam..."

"Whoa..." she breathed, turning back to Bee and leaning in, closer to his spark. It was so interesting, the way it pulsed, almost like a heart. She tried something else and lightly blew on it. The spark flared brightly under her warm breath and Bee arched up, growling out something in Cybertronian, before sinking back down, going limp beneath her. "What...what was that?"

"I...need to...recharge," Bee said, his voice sounding strained, as his optics slowly closed.

"...me, too..." Jazz commiserated. "Recharge.."

"Go ahead, Bee," Mikaela urged, stroking the outside of his spark casing. Another shiver ran through him, smaller this time, then he went still, going into stasis. "Oh. He forgot to close his armor, Sam."

"So does Jazz. A lot." He shrugged, smiling smugly as he climbed down from Jazz. "Guess it doesn't matter; we're all safe here."

Mikaela nodded in agreement, swinging a leg around and sliding off Bee. "How long do you think they'll take to recharge?"

"Oh, an hour. Maybe two." He grinned. "And they'll be begging for more."

She laughed. "Jazz begging? Now that I've gotta see."

"You will. Just wait."

"I have no doubt that that is true."

They both turned to see Optimus standing in the doorway, surveying the scene before him.

"Hey, Optimus. How're..." Sam broke off abruptly, an idea popping into his head. It was totally outrageous, which made it way too hard to resist. "You wanna give it a try?" he asked Optimus, giving the briefest of winks to Mikaela, who stifled a grin.

"What?" Optimus' optics blinked in surprise. "Of course not. Not at all."

"Not at all?" Mikaela managed a pout. "You're not afraid of us, are you?"

"Afraid?" He frowned now. "Why should I be afraid? Ratchet assured me that your method is safe."

"But you still don't want to..." Sam looked crestfallen. "Bummer."

"I don't understand why," Mikaela sighed. "I mean, we Munchkins can't possibly hurt you, right?" She held up her hands, tiny compared to Optimus'.

Optimus was silent a moment, looking down at them appraisingly. He was extremely curious, he had to admit. Still mulling it over, he glanced at Jazz and Bumblebee.

"I'm pretty sure Bumblebee won't mind," Mikaela said, noticing his hesitation.

"I know Jazz wouldn't."

"Very well," Optimus said, slowly, accepting their challenge. "But only this once. Is that understood?"


"We understand," Mikaela added, thinking, Oh, my God! I can't believe we actually going to do this!

"Good," Optimus said, looking around again. This little experiment required him to be in a prone position, and the other two Autobots were taking up most of the floor space. "But not here. In my storage room."

"Sure, Optimus." Sam found himself holding his breath as they followed him there. He was actually going to let them? He was! Optimus stretched out in the center of the room and lifted his hands to his chest. A little nervous now, he watched Optimus slowly pull apart the large plates of armor. This was the mighty leader of the Autobots, after all. What if it doesn't work as well with him? The last thing Sam wanted to do was screw this up for him.

"Okay.." He walked over to Optimus, with Mikaela one step behind. They circled around him, trying to figure out how to climb up without falling and going splat; he was a lot bigger than Jazz and Bumblebee. "Uh..."

"Allow me." Optimus picked up Sam and Mikaela and set them down on top of him, just below his chest.

"Thanks." Mikaela found a secure, semi-comfortable spot and lay down, getting a birds' eye view of the inside of Optimus' chest. Sam settled down next to her, and she let him have the first turn. He flexed his fingers, then dove in, strumming his fingertips across the mass of wires. That definitely got a reaction.

The spark surged, almost crackling in intensity, and Optimus' groan was thunderous.

"Whoa..." Sam marveled. Is he repressed, or what? He waited for Optimus to settle down before strumming some more. They both hung on tightly as Optimus lurched upward. It was a good thing there weren't any windows in here, or his deep howl would've had them rattling like crazy.

"My turn, Sam," Mikaela said, once Optimus was quiet again.

"Be my guest."

"Thanks." Instead of strumming, like Sam did, she rubbed her fingers along the entire length of the wires, down, back up, then down again, several times.

"Please...do that..again..." Optimus groaned, hands clenching into fists. His sensors were vibrating from the powerful stimulus, as were his processors. It was no wonder his Autobots were so... Enamored was the human term.

"Yes, sir!" Mikaela repeated the caresses, ending by lightly pinching five of the wires. That produced another howl, which almost hurt her eardrums. "It's your turn now, Sam," she told him, sitting back.

"How 'bout together?" he suggested.

"Okay.. Yeah, sure." They both leaned forward again, into the chest cavity. Sam worked the top half of the wires, Mikaela the bottom half.

After nearly ten minutes of this, Optimus was practically begging. "...finish..it.." he growled, his systems very close to going offline to recharge.

"You're the boss, Boss." Sam couldn't help but make that crack, and Mikaela gave him a look. "Sorry."

"That was really bad, Sam.."

"Yeah, I know." He shrugged, mainly at himself, then leaned in further, showing Mikaela where to place her hand on the outside of the spark casing. "--better close your eyes," he warned.

She nodded, eyes tightly shut as they squeezed the casing between their hands. The spark surged so brightly they could see the blue flash through their eyelids.

The resulting shudder almost lifted Optimus right up off the floor. He dropped back down, his metal frame crashing against the hard floor.

"Optimus? You ok?" Sam asked, hoping he didn't knock anything loose, or dent himself.

"Yes... I am...very well..." Optimus' optics flickered, then closed, as his systems began going offline. "Thank you, Sam...Mikaela."

"You're welcome," they both said, at the same time.

Sam leaned down, listening, then sat up again. "He's recharging now," he told her, before sliding off and turning to help her get down.

"That was awesome," Mikaela murmured, feeling a little buzzed as she leaned against Optimus' side.

"Tell me about it!" Sam dramatically wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "We'd better get back to Jazz and Bumblebee now."

Mikaela grinned, then impulsively hugged Optimus' head before heading for the door.

Sam chuckled at that funny-looking sight. Her arms could barely fit around that one side of that huge head.

"Oh, hush."

"What? I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it," she grumbled, getting another laugh from him, which she steadfastly ignored.

"Well, today was a total win, I think," Sam quipped when they returned to the living room, looking at the Autobot-covered floor.

"Oh, definitely," Mikaela laughed. "We've got another hour or so before they 'wake up'. Let's watch a movie."

"Great idea." Sam whistled to himself as they picked out a movie to watch in the meantime. One that didn't involve racing cars.