Title:Sleeping Arrangements

Rating: K

Warnings: none

Spoilers: AHBL 1&2

Disclaimer: i own em, they just like to come over and hang out.

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They started sharing a bed. Ever since Dean made the deal, the one that gave him his baby brother back but drastically shortened his lifespan. Neither one knows who it began with, but then, neither one cares. Neither one is the least bit uncomfortable. hell, they've shared more beds than they can count, whether because Sam had a nightmare, lack of space, or what-have-you.

They both understand why too. They need to know that the other is still there. That they're still breathing, living, will be there the next day with a laugh, a smile, a frown, an argument, whatever. Because it's those things during the day that let them know that their still beside them, ready to take on whatever the world may throw at the two of them . At night though, it's the warmth of skin, the steady beat of a pulse, the rise and fall of a chest that provide them reassurance. So they share a bed, no words of explanation needed.

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