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JD sighed softly, disturbing the soft wisps of baby hair atop Jack's head. He cocked his head to glance at the infant's features, chuckling as he found that he'd fallen asleep. The dark haired man rose cautiously from his spot on Perry's sofa and limped the short distance to Jack's nursery, placing the child down into his crib.

He turned on both baby monitors before plucking one of them from the dresser and sliding it into his pocket. He returned to the living room and had just plopped down onto the sofa when he heard the soft click of the door unlocking. JD turned his head to see Jordan walk into the apartment, placing her purse down on a side table by the entrance.

"Hey, manny," she greeted cheerfully, kicking off her heels. "Jack asleep?"

"Yeah, I just put him down," JD replied softly, turning on the television and setting the volume on low. "Carla carved out half of her turkey for you guys. It's on the counter." He watched her disappear wordlessly into Jack's nursery, wincing when the baby's whimpers emitted from the monitor before echoing out into the hall.

"Lost cause, DJ," Jordan said almost apologetically, bouncing the infant in her arms. "I'm heading over to my mother's for Thanksgiving dinner. You're off duty until further notice."

JD raised his eyebrows, giving her a curious look. "Doctor Cox following after you?"

"God, no," she snorted. She wiped at Jack's face with a hand towel, cooing when he shrilly voiced his discomfort. "I think his head would explode if he had to see my mother after an eighteen hour shift." She left Jack with JD before disappearing into the nursery again.

JD gave the child an apologetic smile as Jack whimpered and rubbed his eyes with his little fists. "Sorry about that, kiddo," he said softly, poking his tummy.

Jack yawned before curling into his side, his eyes fluttering closed again.

Jordan reemerged with Jack's baby bag and a black duffel bag slung over one shoulder. She gently plucked her sleeping son from JD's arms before moving towards the door, picking up her purse along the way. "Don't forget to wash the sheets!" she exclaimed cheerily as she breezed out the door.

JD rolled his eyes as he absentmindedly flipped through the channels. He glanced at the clock on the entertainment system below the television set. 7:06. Perry would be home in about an hour.

He turned off the television and pushed off the couch with some trouble, trudging into the kitchenette. JD rinsed the dishes that he'd left in the sink before putting them away in the dishwasher. He put the solution in and ran it before going over to the counter. He put a small pot on the stove and dug through Perry's cabinets, plucking a box of corn starch from one of the top shelves.

JD grabbed a teaspoon and one of Jack's bowls, measuring out two spoonfuls of the corn starch before dousing it with water and stirring it in. He turned on the fire and placed the mixture into the pot before opening the container of Carla's homemade gravy and pouring that in as well. He let it come to a simmer, stirring it occasionally as he made rounds between the kitchenette and the dining area, setting the table.

The apartment door opened thirty minutes later, and JD glanced up in surprise from the can of cranberry sauce he was opening. "You're early," he piped up cheerfully.

Perry paused in the living room, glancing at the table. "I didn't buy turkey," he commented wearily, glancing at JD. "You didn't go and decide to make better use of Rowdy, did you?"

"God, no!" the younger man murmured, aghast. "Plus, I think he'd be more of a jerky by now…" He smiled. "Carla carved out half of her turkey for us."

He nodded, pointing towards the bedrooms. "I'm just going to hop in the shower," he said, divesting of his jacket.

Perry emerged from the master bedroom fifteen minutes later, wearing an old white t-shirt and sweatpants. JD served him as soon as he sat down, blushing when Perry sent him a smirk when he passed him the gravy.

"Jordan doesn't even play housewife, Sheryl," he remarked, cutting into his slice of turkey.

JD merely shrugged, poking his mashed potatoes with a fork.

"I actually haven't had a Thanksgiving dinner in a long time," Perry said casually, avoiding the younger man's eyes.

He smiled around his forkful of stuffing, knowing that that was Perry's way of saying thank you. "I made eggnog!" he piped up gleefully. "Want some?"

"Now you're playing the housewife card a little too seriously, there, Newbie," the older man laughed.

JD took that for a 'yes', getting up and taking the concoction from the refrigerator. He poured it into two tumblers that he'd set on the counter, returning to the table with them.

They finished their dinner in a companionable silence before leaving the dishes in the sink and transferring to the living room with refilled glasses.

JD drowsily leaned into Perry as he switched on the television. "All the blood's left my head," he mumbled, his eyes fluttering closed.

The older man turned off the television and got to his feet, pulling the younger man with him.

"Don't wanna move," the dark haired man whined, despite the fact he was being dragged to the master bedroom.

JD collapsed on the bed as Perry pulled off his t-shirt, soon following after. The sheets were cool and the room was shrouded in a comfortable darkness, lights playing on the ceiling as the cars outside moved past.

The two men fell asleep, facing one another, their legs entangled.

JD awoke to a warm, comfortable weight pressed into his side, and an equally warm pair of lips pressed to his throat. He let out a soft moan as a tongue darted out to taste him before blunt teeth gently nipped at the skin just below his earlobe. JD's eyes fluttered open as Perry slid a hand beneath his shirt, tracing up his abdomen.

He turned his head as Perry withdrew slightly, carefully turning his body towards the other man, his hand reaching out to touch his forearm. Perry closed the distance between them again, snaking his arms around his waist as he pressed his lips to JD's fuller ones. The younger man wrapped his arms around Perry's neck as he was ushered onto his back.

Perry moved on top of him, grinding his hips into JD's as he bent down for another kiss. JD gasped against his mouth, arching towards him as his hands found their way to Perry's unruly curls. They quickly divested of their clothing, Perry pulling back to help the younger man out of his pants.

The older man returned to him, pressing himself against JD. They both gasped at the contact, their hips gyrating. Perry pulled back some, allowing him room to slide his hand between them.

JD gasped as Perry's warm hand enveloped his erection, his thumb rubbing over the tip before he began to stroke him slowly. He arched into his hand, throwing one arm around the older man's neck as the other hand clung to his lean forearm.

Perry kissed him feverishly, sucking on JD's lower lip as he threw a hand out to reach for the bedside table on his left.

JD whimpered as he abruptly pulled away, leaning forward to dig through one of the drawers. He produced a small, clear bottle and a condom, placing the latter on the pillow beside them before flicking open the bottle cap.

"Your leg," Perry said softly, nodding to his right leg.

"It's fine," JD whispered. "Get back down here."

The older man smirked as he squirted a generous amount of lube into his palm, rubbing the liquid between his hands. JD kept his eyes on Perry's intense gaze as he wrapped his slick fingers around the younger man's erection, pumping slowly. He bit his lip as Perry moved forward again, settling between his thighs. Perry kissed the side of his mouth before moving down to his chin, kissing a trail down the side of JD's neck as his slick fingers traced over his puckered entrance. JD moaned softly as Perry suckled at his neck, his index finger massaging the ring of muscle before he gently sheathed it into him.

JD gave a shuddering gasp, his eyes fluttering closed.

"Okay there, Newbie?" Perry asked as JD's inner muscles clamped around his finger.

The younger man released a breath, relaxing as Perry gently nipped at his earlobe. He nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine."

Perry moved his finger tentatively, sliding it in and out before adding another. He halted as JD gasped, and he pressed his lips to the younger man's, darting his tongue against his lower lip as he gently scissored his fingers. JD whimpered at the sensation, allowing Perry to slide his tongue into his mouth. The younger man met him halfway in earnest, pressing his lips to Perry's as their tongues brushed against one another intimately.

Perry thrust his fingers at a quick pace before curling them upwards, stroking them against JD's walls. The younger man cried out, his hips surging forward to meet them.

"Oh God, Perry," JD sobbed. "Please…"

Perry pulled his head back a little to watch JD's face as he slid in another finger, scissoring and thrusting them before curling them upwards against that very spot that made his younger lover writhe and moan.

"Now -- I need you now," JD gasped abruptly, digging his fingers into Perry's forearms.

Perry nodded with a grunt, withdrawing his fingers carefully before reaching for the condom. He ripped the packet open before sliding it over his erection, grabbing the bottle of lube again and lathering a gratuitous amount over his cock.

Perry positioned himself between his legs, pressing the head of his penis to JD's slick opening. His hand wrapped around JD's erection, squeezing his fingers around the base of the younger man's cock as he slid into him with one thrust of his hips.

JD cried out, tightening around him. He closed his eyes, taking a breath before tentatively wrapping his legs around the older man's waist.

Perry pulled out slowly, surveying JD's features as his brows pinched a little. He began to move in slow, shallow thrusts, grinning when he felt JD relax beneath him. The younger man suddenly tightened his legs around his waist, his right leg trembling with the effort.

"JD?" Perry murmured.

"Perry, move, please," JD begged, flicking his hips forward.

The older man smirked, pulling out completely. JD cried out as he plunged back in, brushing over his prostate. Perry repeated his ministrations, his hand still squeezing the base of the younger man's cock as he continued to tease him until JD was a trembling, whimpering mess beneath him.

JD gasped as Perry's movements became feverish and erratic, the large, calloused hand wrapped around his own cock tightening around him. "Oh, fuck," he whimpered, waves of pleasure radiating from his spine all the way down to his toes.

The younger man let out a strangled cry as he felt the pleasure coil through his loins and his belly, and he came hard, his hips flicking up to meet Perry thrust for thrust. Perry followed soon after, thrusting upward hard, his hips gyrating and twitching as he rode out his orgasm.

Perry collapsed onto him breathlessly, pressing a searing kiss to his lips. He gently pulled out, peeling off the condom and dropping it into the wastebasket by the bed.

JD sighed contentedly as Perry gathered him to his glistening chest, wrapping his arms around the older man's waist. "I like sex," he muttered intelligibly against his skin.

Perry laughed, his arms tightening around him.

Perry wandered into the living room as he toweled off his hair, a red flickering light on the answering machine drawing him nearer. He pressed the button above it, and Jordan's voice echoed through the silent apartment.

"Hey, Per. Change of plans. I'm gonna be staying at Mom's for the rest of the week. Yeah, I know, real bummer."

Perry grinned, dropping the towel onto the couch as he sauntered back into the bedroom.