Disclaimer: Things I own: Kellie Parker, Zack Parker, Taylor Heath, Anthony Smith, lots of t-shirts, a brand-new hat, cute bows for my hair Did you see Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse on that list

Disclaimer: Things I own: Kellie Parker, Zack Parker, Taylor Heath, Anthony Smith, lots of t-shirts, a brand-new hat, cute bows for my hair…Did you see Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse on that list? Noooo. So that means what now? Oh, right. I DON'T OWN THEM.


Chapter Six

Kellie POV

I shoved Taylor out the door, despite her protests to being forced to leave. I had no choice, because if I didn't push her out and keep going, I'd be shoved by Edward who was right behind me. We took a shortcut through the flower bed and landed next to Edward's Volvo. He hopped in the drivers' side and turned the key.

"Damn!" he cried before I'd even gotten into the car, "Out of gas!"

"Take my car!" I told him.

"You have a car?" he asked, seeming surprised, "You're fourteen!"

"I'm fifteen, thank you," I said in annoyance, "And, yes, I do! Go grab the key from the kitchen. It's that one," I pointed to a green Honda. Edward ran into the house and was back within five seconds. He opened up the car and hopped into the drivers' seat of my car.

"Full tank! Yes!" Edward shouted, "Get in!" We all (and when I say all I mean all:Taylor had hopped in, too.) climbed in and Edward sped away.

It was completely silent in the car, and in my head, too. Edward was racing down my street and getting back onto the Interstate. After seven minutes of silence, I finally snapped, "Someone talk now, please!"

Obviously, no one did. God, it sucks being the youngest!

I sighed impatiently, "Fine. I'll plug in my iPod." I reached up and plugged it in. I'd put it on random, so it just played whatever it wanted to. In this case, it was a Bowling for Soup song, one of my favorites, 'My Hometown.'

This song goes out to my good friends,
Especially the ones I had before the Grammy nominations of 2003
And all the girls from back in high school,
Who actually spoke to me,
Even though I was a fat kid and a marching band geek.

I hope this song finds you well.
And I hope that you're doin' fuckin' swell.
I hope that you're back up if you've ever been down.
And I hope that you got the fuck out of our hometown.

Edward sighed, "You have very strange music tastes."

Haha. Someone was talking! Yay! I smirked triumphantly, "Yes, I do. I'm just weird like that."

"I totally agree," Taylor piped up.

I glared at her, and she smiled back jokingly. I laughed and rolled my eyes, then sang along quietly.

"Kellie?" Taylor said.

I looked at her in response.

"Where are we going?" she asked, "Who are they? Why did they order us like that? Why did you agree?" Her voice rose in panic before the end.

"Sh," I said quietly, and I pointed to my head. She nodded and understood because I'd told her about my gift.

What's going on? Taylor asked.

Do you remember what happened to my mom? I said.

An image of my mother surfaced in my brain as Taylor remembered, Yes.

I winced at the image, and tried unsuccessfully to clear it from my brain even after Taylor had moved on from that thought. I waited a moment to compose myself again before saying, My mom sent a…friend to find me.


I sighed. Of course Taylor was unafraid to be straightforward. I sighed and whispered, even in my head, Her friend has been instructed to take me back to her and have her…change me.

I looked over at Taylor. Her eyes had widened in knowledge and I heard, Oh. Into a…?


She took in a deep breath, Scary.

No kidding.

I closed the connection between us and listened to the song again. It was nearing the end to where the singer was talking about his big brother.

This song goes out to my big brother.
For putting up with me following you around.
And making me smile when things at home weren't great
And not getting pissed when I humped your girlfriend
For letting me take your car to the prom.
For beating up the guys that hung my bike in a tree
For hand-me-down down albums and guitars with no strings
For never beating the shit outta me

It reminded me of Zack, and I wondered if he was doing okay. Was he still at his friend's house? And if he was home, was he worried that I wasn't there? I looked down at my phone to see if I had any missed calls or texts. Nothing, so I figured he wasn't home.

That song ended and the next one started up. I immediately recognized it as Trapt's 'Echo.'

Close my eyes

Let the whole thing pass me by

There is no time to waste

Asking why

I'll run away with you by my side

I'll run away with you by my side

I need to let go, let go, let go of this pride

As the song said, I closed my eyes and tried to tune out the car going faster than it ever had and probably should. Edward had to be pushing 120 miles per hour, but I couldn't see since I was sitting behind the driver seat.

The song progressed to the next verse, which spoke of trying to get someone out of your head, and both Anthony and my mom flashed in my brain. Tears formed in my eyes, for both of them. Why did things always manage to get shitty for me and me alone?! Why couldn't my mom be one of those moms on a Disney channel show?! Always there, always cooking great dinners for their husband and son and daughter?! Those daughters never had special powers. Those moms never were vampires. And those dads weren't gone on business trips all the time.

And Anthony…I'd waited for forever to see him. And I finally do, he finally stays, and I leave. How frickin' ironic is that?! Just my luck, I tell you!

"Where are we going, Edward?" Bella asked quietly.

I glanced over at her. She looked just as scared as I was, but seemed like she there was some other kind of emotion I was missing mixed in there. The only way I could define it was déjà vu, sort of. Like she was remembering something that had already happened.

Edward still hadn't answered and I looked to the rearview mirror to see his eyes. They were focused on the road intently. Suddenly they flashed up to meet mine and he spoke. "I didn't really have a plan," he admitted, "I was just gonna keep driving south."

"Where's Derek?" Bella asked.

Edward looked toward Alice, who was sitting in the passenger's side back seat. "He's about 70 miles away in Naselle, Washington. He's on foot, so he'll reach Hicktown in two hours or so," Alice said.

"How far away can we get in two hours?" I asked.

"California, if we continue south at this speed," Edward answered, "Probably Montana or further going east."

"Who's Derek?" Taylor whispered.

I looked at her, "A vampire."

"Oh," she swallowed hard and took a breath before continuing, "And…please tell me that we're running from him because he has insanely bad breath or something like that?"

I looked down. I couldn't answer this one. Well, I could, I just really did want to.

Finally Edward took a deep breath and said, "No. We're running from him because he wants…" he paused, as if deciding whether or not to say, "He wants to kill Bella. And kidnap Kellie."

Taylor said, "Oh, great. Perfect time for me to choose to come over." I laughed softly. "I'm Taylor, by the way, to all the people in this car who don't know my name."

All of them except maybe Bella already knew your name, I thought. But I didn't send the thought to her. She didn't need to hear that. Did she even know that she was in a car with two vampires?

She didn't need to hear that either.

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