Ziva wrote in the darkness of the bullpen, the only thing guiding her was the screensaver of her computer.

She glanced over at Tony's desk and noticed something small but out of place, she turned on her lamp, half blinded by the sudden light and noticed that he had left his cell phone behind. 'Fritz' she recalled him referring to it as.

Finishing her paperwork of the 'Knight' case around 9:30. She exhaled deeply and looked at her watch

"I can still catch him, not too late" she said to herself during the deep breath. "Maybe I can even find out where the hell he has been all night."

Ziva pulled up her car outside Tony's apartment building, contemplating whether or not to enter. She sat in the silence of her own mind for a few minutes then opened her car door and dared herself to enter.

"All right, Jeanne," Tony said to his lover "tonight you are in for a treat" he leaned down into his DVD cabinet and pulled out a gloss coated platinum edition James Bond.

"And we can officially add James Bond, Casino Royale to our family of Bond films" Tony smiled as Jeanne laughed at his madness.

"I'll grab the chocolate"

"Another aphrodisiac, what are you planning Miss Benoit?" he smiled again, this time revealing his perfect teeth.

"Actually," Jeanne called from his kitchen "you're thinking more of truffles, kind of similar but not the same."

"Whatever you want to call it." He called back to her.

Ziva was still standing outside, the ongoing debate in her mind. Stay, go, stay, go.

She finally worked up the courage to knock on his door lightly, unsure of whether he had heard it or not, she tried again, this time louder.

Tony sat up to answer the door but was intercepted by Jeanne

"Don't worry about it," she whispered

Tony smiled at her and returned his arm to its former position around her shoulders and continued to become enticed in Daniel Craig's perception of the character he had loved his entire life.

Again, Ziva continued to knock on the door. Unsure of whether or not he was at home, she leant forward to see if she could see or hear any activity inside the apartment. Seeing nothing, she pressed her ear against the door, hearing gunshots and action music from the house she decided that he was home and knocked for a final time.

"Tony." She yelled through the wood "open up, it's Ziva!"

Tony sat bolt upright. 'Crap, what's the bet she'll ask questions about something or other' he thought to himself. Jeanne gave him a strange glare

"Umm darling can you please answer the door for me, I need a drink" Tony quickly said.

Jeanne rolled her eyes and leaned forward to pause the movie then stood up and walked to the door, confused over her partner's actions.

"Can I help you… Ziva?" Jeanne seemed jealous, her eyes thinned out and her lips tightened. Ziva, however, grew up in Mossad; she had been given every look anyone could give another, and had mastered the art of not taking anything personally.

"Yes" she started with a forced smile "I would like to speak to Anthony DiNozzo, please"

Tony cringed DiNozzo he thought. He popped around from the kitchen and walked over to his ladies. If looks could kill, he would be dead; and those were just the looks they were giving each other. Jeanne stood with her arms folded, staring daggers at Ziva, Ziva returned the gesture but with more force.

"Who?" Jeanne finally said

"Umm, Tony DiNozzo" Ziva was lost he's really hooked a dumb one this time "there he is." Both women turned to meet his gaze, Jeanne looking partly confused, partly angry and Ziva, warmly staring into his eyes, not thinking anything of the conversation she had previously partaken in.

"Jeanne, you can keep watching the movie, me and professor David have to discuss tomorrows staff meeting." Tony faked a very charming smile, enough to make Jeanne drop her guard and confirm to every part of herself that he felt nothing for this, Ziva.

He led Ziva back into the hallway and closed the door.

"What are you doing here?" He asked angrily

"Who is that?" Ziva asked referring to 'that' as the woman who kept her up all nights, worrying about Tony, envying whoever this person was or claimed to be, the one who had the power to sway Tony's emotions, her emotions.

"Her name is Jeanne, if that's who you're referring to." He said, not focussing on the conversation.

"What are you so worked up about?" Ziva changed the subject again,

"I'm not worked up about anything. I'm fine." He denied. She had to find out about Dinardo sooner or later, should he tell her now? He didn't know the answer to this. All he knew was that if she stayed around any longer, she would find out. And he didn't want her to get involved with the frog.

"I'll walk you to your car." He finally let out. Hoping this would help them walk away from the odd conversation that just took place.

Ziva rolled her eyes in the direction of Tony.

Temptation. Temptation to tell her what this whole thing was about. Why he didn't want her to call him DiNozzo, why he spent so long in the director's office. What he had discovered yesterday afternoon. It was too much. He couldn't tell her.

"Ziva," he began to sweat "you can't come around here anymore." He knew that the frog had someone following him. What if he got the wrong impression of Ziva? What if he did something to her?

Ziva's face dropped, she stopped and spun around to face Tony who was standing aimlessly, with a look of distraught on his face

"What?" She asked

Tony stood in silence for a few seconds; re-thinking wether or not this was what he wanted 'it's either this or endangering her life by telling her the truth' he convinced himself he was doing the right thing.

"I said you can't come to my house ever again, okay? Thankyou for bringing my cell to me but you can't come here." Tony made up his mind; he would not have her harmed.

"Where has this come from?" She went from pissed at Jeanne to pissed at both of them in less than 1 minute.

"Ziva, I can't tell you. But believe me when I say it's a very good reason." The daggers that Ziva's were throwing back at him intercepted Tony's pleading eyes. He re thought whether he was doing the right thing. He would prefer for her to hate him and be alive than love him and be dead.

"Whatever, DiNozzo" She rolled her eyes and turned around, a tear slipping down her face as the opened her car door. She started her engine and sped down the road, leaving a helpless Tony standing and trying to stop her from leaving so angrily.

"Ziva! I'm sorry!" He called one final time into the darkness

As Ziva sped onto the road she pressed down on the gas petal, all her anger came out in the form of speed. As the upcoming light switched to orange, Ziva sped up, she was not stopping at the height of her anger. By the time she reached the once-orange light it was red. Refusing to stop she pressed down further onto the gas pedal surging the car forward and into oncoming traffic. She looked to her right and saw a large black sedan coming at her, she swerved left but the slipperiness of the night sent her mini skidding across the road. She tried to re correct herself but came to a sudden stop at a light pole.

Ziva opened her eyes to people surrounded her, sirens sounding and lights flashing. A paramedic leant across from the passenger side.

"Don't move your neck." He said sternly. Ziva knew he was very serious about this. "Can you tell me your name?" he then asked in a kinder tone.

Her throat pounded as though it was buried under a ton of bricks.

"Ziva" She managed to rasp out. "Why—"

"Don't worry." The man interrupted "You've just had a bad accident, you'll be okay once we get you out"

Ziva wanted to know so badly why they couldn't take her out yet. As the paramedic put a neck brace on her she dared to look down. She lifted her eyes and used her hands as a slight support to sit up. Once she reached her desired angle she glanced down at her stomach.

The steering wheel had gone through her stomach and pinned her to the chair. Of what she saw there was not a lot of blood loss. Well, not as much as she was expecting but the sight of her mutilated stomach made her light headed, as though she was to pass out.

"Tony." She winced out before everything went completely black.