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"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Jeanne." Came a familiar voice from afar. Jeanne, Tony and Ziva turned around and found Gibbs standing between a few boxes; backed up by McGee, their guns aimed directly at Jeanne.

"What would you know, old man?" Jeanne spat at Gibbs, her eyes still fixed on the spot of Tony's skull she intended to shoot in spite.

Gibbs rose to his feet, he methodically walked to Jeanne, careful not to make any sudden movements or gestures to scare her. He had been in too many of these incidents to make that mistake.

"I've been divorced 3 times. I know what you're going through." He began, waving his arms lightly up and down, as if to calm her down. "Now just put down the gun and you can still get out of this."

Jeanne lowered her weapon and handed it to Gibbs, he received it and flicked it onto safety, at the same time lowering his weapon.

Ziva quickly untied herself just enough so she wouldn't be spotted untied but she could still escape.

Tony and Ziva exchanged glances; unaware Jeanne was watching them.

"You bastard!" She screamed, pushing Gibbs away. She jumped onto Tony and held his head in a venerable position.

"Ziva!" He wheezed out, giving in to the pressure against his throat. He threw her his handgun.

Ziva caught the gun, releasing the grip her ropes had on her.

Jeanne healed her right hand firmly underneath Tony's chin and her left hand on top of his head. She pulled back slightly, the pressure of her arms against his neck, getting harder, harder, his neck about to give in until it stopped. He pulled away from her light hold and moved away. Jeanne fell to the ground, two bullets in her side.

Tony stood over Jeanne, her body lifeless and limp, her face still had the same gentleness it always had. She seemed totally incapable of the crimes she had just committed.

She walked over to Tony. His eyes again speaking for him. Thanking her.

"Hey!" interrupted Gibbs, ruining the moment.

"Yeah, Boss." Tony turned to face his mentor. Ziva following.

"What are these pictures about?" he asked holding up the shots of Tony and Ziva… Together.

"Ah those are… ah" Tony stuttered, searching for the right words

Gibbs smirked. "Just keep it out of our faces, Okay?" He tried to sound profession but inside he was happy for the two. He'd known from day 1 that this was going to eventuate.

"Yes Boss." They both agreed.

"Hey guys, I just got off the phone to Ducky and uh-- umm.." McGee's voice trailed off at the sight of the pictures.

"Yes McGee," Gibbs began, "you were saying something?"

"Ah, um... Yeah. Uh... Ducky's uh, Ducky's headed down with the ah van... I'm gonna go wait for them." He shot off in the direction of the front of the warehouse, unsure if the pictures were real or not. He had always known this was going to happen but it still came as a shock.

Tony smiled at Gibbs who gazed back in a way that he wouldn't usually, allowing the two to see inside of him. Inside, he was smiling.

"Well, I'm gonna go wait for Duck." Gibbs said; his voice contained a slight hint inside of it.

As he walked away, his back turned on the pair; Ziva moved closer to Tony.

As she walked past him she squeezed his hand for comfort. Their eyes locked, Ziva's apologetically, Tony's thankfully.She released her grip on his hands and left the warehouse, closely followed by McGee and Gibbs.

Ziva sat on her couch staring at the wall parallel to her. A knock at the door pulled her out of her warp.

She looked through the peephole and quickly unlocked the door on realising who was on the other side.

"Tony?" She asked more that stated, "What are you doing here?"

"I just realised that I never properly thanked you for saving my life" He said.

Ziva smiled "your welcome" She said. "Come in."

Tony walked into her apartment, it reminded him a lot of Ziva, simple beauty.

Ziva turned around and faced him, "I'm sorry, Tony. I know you loved her." She said, leaving to give him some privacy.

He leant forward and grabbed her hand as it swung back and forth from her walk. She turned around to face him,

"You have nothing to apologise for." He said in all sincerity "She was just a mission." Tony smiled, pulling her in close enough to feel her heart beat against his. Ziva beamed at him, moving her face closer to his, her arms wrapped around his neck. One of Tony's hands caressed the small of her back, the other still holding onto her hand. He leant down into her and their lips met, the familiar feeling of butterflies emerging from the pit of his stomach to the centre of his heart.

As they broke off from the kiss, Tony smiled again.

"What?" Ziva asked, also smirking

"Nothing," said Tony, still smiling. "Just butterflies."

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