Hi everyone,
this is the first chapter of my newest MASH fic. Thanks Maggie for the title idea and giving me the encouragment to go ahead and write the story.
This story is dedicated to my grandfather, who sadly passed away in the early hours of the 24th of September. R.I.P Poppy.



Chapter 1:

The rain hitting BJ's arm felt like sharp pins being driven into his skin, it was hard and there was plenty of it. He stood still for a moment before he made a mad dash to run through it to the jeep which had his next patient in it.

When he reached the jeep he quickly assessed the soldier's injuries, he had a stomach wound and some skin abrasions on his face and arms. "Okay, help me bring him in." BJ instructed the other doctor. The other doctor ran around to the other end of the stretcher and helped BJ carry it over to a stable surface, which in this case was a makeshift table sitting under the canvas enclosure which was Battalion Aid.

BJ and doctor Jerry Harris sat the stretcher on their makeshift table. BJ quickly looked around and pulled a tray, which had some surgical supplies spread out on it, over to his side. He called for gloves but he received a response of "Sorry doc, but we ran out." from one of the two corpsmen present. BJ cursed the war under his breath and said, "Okay, we'll have to make do without them." He then began his task of putting this young soldier back together.

As BJ was pulling some pieces of shrapnel from the young soldier's body he heard the unmistakable sound of shelling going off. He could tell that it wasn't far from their position and this scared him. He found it remarkable that everyone else didn't even notice it. The noise became louder and more frequent. "They certainly are getting impatient." BJ remarked to Jerry. His voice was slightly shaky when he spoke.

Jerry seemed to be un-phased by the noise. "It has to be practically on top of us for me to notice."

"Pass me a clamp." BJ said. He was trying to take his mind off the shelling, which he was convinced was becoming louder and closer. 'Geez I'm starting to sound like Margaret.' He thought.

Jerry passed him the instrument and BJ clamped off the bleeder. "There, that should hold until I can get back to it."

"Remember doc, stabilise and then move on. This isn't a MASH unit." Jerry pointed out, he saw that kind of attitude from all of the doctors that had passed through Battalion Aid, he understood how BJ felt.

"Sorry." BJ felt helpless about not being able to do more. The two doctors then finished stabilising their patient. "Corpsman! This one's for the 4077th." BJ called.

The corpsmen then came over and carried the soldier to the ambulance which was bound for the 4077th MASH.

BJ stood and watched the ambulance drive away, he knew the patients would be getting the best care when they arrived at the 4077th. He smiled at this knowledge and walked back over to Jerry, who was sitting on one of the bunks. "You look like you could use some rest. When did you sleep last?"

Jerry looked up at his fellow physician, "Two days ago."

"You can go hit the sack and I'll be the look out for a while, how does that sound?"

"Thanks BJ. Goodnight." Jerry answered, laying down on the bunk.

BJ said goodnight and walked over to a bench which sat against the canvas wall. He pulled out a photo of Peg and Erin. (Peg had sent it to him last week.) While he was starring at the photo he heard some explosions go off in the distance. "Just what I need." He remarked.

The sounds of exploding shells or mines, no one could be sure which one it was, became closer. BJ was staring to worry, more than before. Then he heard one go off it sounded like it was practically on their doorstep; it was even enough to wake Jerry. "Close enough for you?" BJ said, trying to lighten the tense mood, it didn't work very well though.

"Grab your helmet." Jerry said. And BJ did.

BJ got up from his stool and went over to join Jerry. As he passed the opening of the canvas enclosure he saw a soldier stumble out of the bushes. "There's a wounded man out there!" BJ ran out to the soldier, he was indeed wounded, in the leg. A piece of shrapnel had lodged itself just below the soldier's knee.

Another shell exploded. BJ's heart was now in his throat. "You're gonna be okay soldier. I just need to get you inside." BJ used what strength he had to pick the soldier up and help him back inside. As they began their walk, another shell exploded, this time it was too close.

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