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Chapter 5:

California, 1969.

Erin was frantically trying to fix her hair, it just wouldn't sit right. "Mom! Can you come up here and help me with this?"

Peg Hunnicutt heard her daughter's plea for assistance and walked up the stairs and into the bathroom where Erin was. "It looks fine sweetie."

"But it's got to be perfect. It's not everyday you graduate mom." Erin replied, still playing with her hair. It was quite long and was half up and half done. She and Peg had spent a lot of time working on it.

"It is perfect. Stop worrying." Peg reassured her daughter, "You'll be fine."

"Thanks mom."

Erin was dressed in a beautiful royal purple dress which reached just passed her knees. "What time do we have to be there?"

"10 o'clock." Peg noticed the look on her daughter's face, "Relax. It's only 9."

Erin insisted that they get going soon, because you never know how bad the traffic will be. Peg smiled at her daughter. She reminded her of her father sometimes. She only wished he could have been here on this special day.

At a quarter past nine Peg and Erin set off to Erin's school, where the graduation ceremony was being held. When they arrived they saw that many people were already there, this made Erin worry more. Peg reassured her though. They got out of the car and walked up to the hall where the ceremony was taking place.

When they arrived they spotted a few of Erin's friends and their parents. They went over and started talking.

"Erin you look fantastic." Alice commented.

"Thankyou. You look great too." Alice was wearing a light yellow dress. It matched her golden hair perfectly. "Shall we go and sit down?"



Not long after they had taken their seats the ceremony began. Erin noticed that some of her Dad's old friends from his days in Korea were there, it meant a lot to her and Peg that they could come because they both knew how much they meant to BJ.

Erin had been chosen by her class to present a speech for their graduation. It was now her turn to speak.

"Now Erin Hunnicutt will say a few words."

Erin walked up to the platform and began speaking.

"Well, we're finally here. It's been an incredible ride for all of us and I wish everyone the best for the future, but before I elaborate on the future I'd like to take you back to the past for a moment. Sixteen years ago, in 1953, when I was just two years old, my father was killed in Korea. He was a surgeon at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. My father was loved by all knew him, a gifted surgeon and a wonderful friend and devoted father and husband. I wish I had been given the pleasure of knowing this wonderful person.

When the war ended that same year and everyone had returned home mom and I received a telephone call from dad's best friend, Hawkeye Pierce, who is with us today, he told my mom all of the courageous things my dad had done whilst he was in Korea he also said that no one had ever meant as much to him as my dad did. When I was old enough my mom told me about this conversation and she told me everything about my dad. When I turned thirteen Hawkeye delivered a package to me. He had compiled it while he was in Korea. It was a list of everyone my dad had saved when he was in Korea, those papers mean the world to me, just knowing all of the good my dad did through medicine was enough to inspire me to follow is footsteps. So I will go to Medical School and become a doctor, just like my dad. No one was prouder than Hawkeye, well maybe except mom.

As it is the sixteenth anniversary of my dad's death I'd like to pay tribute to his memory.

Dear Daddy,

When I close my eyes, all I can do
Is think of you.
You were a part of my life before I can remember
Never did I imagine that I would never see you,
That I would never know you.

In my thoughts and in my heart
Is where your memory will rest
For now, for eternity
Which I think is best
Thankyou for your love and caring you showed me and your friends
Thankyou for being my Daddy.

All that's left for me to say,
Is that I hope one day,
When I join you,
That I can relive the same kind of happiness
I and shared with you,
When you were here with me
I love you."

Erin paused for a moment after she finished reading. Then she continued, "To the class of 1969, I say congratulations and I wish you all the best for the future. Good luck!"


After the ceremony had ended Hawkeye came over to Erin and Peg. "Hi kiddo. Well done with your speech. I'm sure Beej would be proud if he was here today. I know that Margaret and I are"

"Thankyou Hawkeye." She saw Margaret come up too. "And thankyou Margaret."

"My pleasure." Erin Hawkeye replied.

"Mine too." Margaret added.

The End.

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