Drabble: Choice

Disclaimer: I wish i could own Chase, but i don't, and that's a shame.

Warning: Unbeta-ed, OOC in case.

Spoiler: During "Human Error"

Summary: Is House made the right choice?

"Fine." Chase said to House, and left his room.

House's eyes were wet, he could felt the first tears willing to leave his eyes, he wiped it quickly, and tried to occupy himself, after Robert Chase left.

He have been a father figure to Chase, and he wondered if he was a good father, probably not, as he remembered how the last he treated Chase, he covered his face in his hands.

He then took a deep breath, ready to leave the room, and could feel the rest of the crew waiting for him in the other side, disbelief to what they heard.

Did he made the right choice? House surely hope so.

But what if he didn't?