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Eternal Snow


kag/sess story


A girl that was suppose to die was given a second chance to live by

An unexpected savior. But neither wanted it.

Where would this mistake take them?

Chapter 1: Curiosity killed the cat

One cold night, while the owls sang and the birds slept. Where strange things happened, a raven-haired girl at the age of 17 stared, with longing in her eyes, outside the window. Thinking of how much time she has yet to live. Years? Months? Days? Or maybe minutes. She couldn't tell and she didn't want to know. But with her merely positive thoughts comes a very negative one – the news his doctor said when she was younger 'you are one lucky girl, for a human with your disease to be able to live for 16 years. That is mere luck. But I don't want you to get your hopes up. Remember there's always a downside to your situation, the longer you live and resist it the more pain you'll have to expect. We don't know whether you'll be able to see the snow that you wanted.'

Yes, kagome dreamed of seeing that snow..not just any other snow but the snow she first experienced on the day of her birth – the snow that not only told her birth but her death as well. The snow that he told her about.

Kagome shivered. It was late at night and the night's breeze turned colder by the minute. So she decided it was time to rest and was about to go to her bed when she thought she saw a shadow. Her interest sparked. She also felt afraid but with her curiosity and the thought of never having to find out what that was before she died irked her. Curiosity killed the cat – the best phrase to describe the situation she is currently in now. Not wanting the 'shadow' to get away, she got her sweater-jacket from the chair beside her and quietly sneaked through the corridor to the door. It was yet another of her luck that her room is on the first floor of the hospital where there were less nurses roaming around at night.

Once outside, she continued to look for signs of a person's presence, maybe a sound or a shadow. After a while she heard something from the bushes. She went nearer, and from behind the bushes saw a man with silver hair shimmering from under the moon light covering half of his face. He's eyes closed, wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Afraid that the man might be dead – even though she was already convinced that the man was dead. She went to the man and kneeled beside him. Unable to stop herself, she let her hand move impulsively. She was going to move his hair away from his face to see what he looks like. Unfortunately, just before she could touch his hair the man stirred and opened his eyes. Letting kagome notice that the man possessed golden orbs bright as the sun with slits much like akin to a cat's. It showed no emotion but coldness, she felt shivers run up her spine. She was frozen with fear that her mind blacked out causing her to forget to move her hands away from the stranger. Well, it's not an everyday event for a sick girl to find a handsome stranger with scary and mysterious eyes. Before she could do anything, the man stood up, turned away from her and started to walk the way leading to the forest. She involuntarily grabbed the man's shirt. Oh, that was a wrong move. The man pulled his shirt away and ringed his hands on her neck pinning her to a tree.

"Never touch me."

Not knowing what to say. She blurted.

"W-what's your problem, I was just trying to find out if you're okay." Another mistake.

The grip became stronger. "Never speak to me that way, for this sesshoumaru is much of higher place than you are. Wench."

Sesshoumaru, so that's his name. but wait! He said-

"H-how dare you say I'm weaker than you! I may have an illness but I'm strong enough to protect my dignity." She blurted out and clutched the hand of the man, digging on it with her nails. This got him to loosen his hold but it made him much angrier. Unable to stop himself he threw her to the ground. The impact made her cough blood. That made all things worst.

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