A Place in the Clouds - Rewrite
By: Trivette Lover Heather

Rewritten for your enjoyment. 9/25/07


" Bobby?" Nick squinted his eyes, looking confused. Could it be his son? Is this a dream?

" Yes Dad." The voice responded assuring Nick that it was his son.

" It can't be...you're... you're..."

"Dead? I know dad… I know, this is a little scary, but it will make sense soon…"

With a gust of wind, the two arrived Nash's apartment, he was standing out on the balcony looking out, his head buried in his hands.

" God, I'm gonna miss you Nick." He shook his head.

Nick started to approach him. " Nash? I'm right here, son. "

Bobby followed close behind. "He can't hear you or see you."

Nick suddenly realized what had to be happening, it wasn't a dream. "Are you telling me that I'm... dead?"

Bobby nodded and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm afraid so."

He shook his head. "No, I can't be, I just got done eating dinner and went to sleep."

" You had a heart attack in your sleep Nick, Nash heard you and tried to get you to the hospital but he lost you on the way there."

Just then Joe walked in and headed toward the kitchen calling Nash's name.

" Nash man?"

" Yeah Joe, out here." He cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes a bit.

" Hey Bubba, how you holding up?"

" Not too good man, I just can't come to terms with it."

Joe approached Nash and put an arm around him. "I know bubba, I know."

Nick looked on shocked. " I cant believe this is happening."

" It was your time, you know how the cliché's go."

" I don't want to leave him alone." Nick replied watching the two men grieving.

"You aren't dad, I could have brought you back at any time but I chose now so you could see that he won't be alone. Nash is tough Nick, he always has been."

"Do you know when he will be with us?" He asked wondering if Bobby somehow knew.

" Someday… but not for a long time, not for a real long time."

Nick smiled. "I'm really going to miss him."

" Well, I'm giving you a chance to say goodbye."

Again, the wind picked up and Nick was in Nash's bedroom as he slept.

"Hello son, well I guess this is it, the last time we or well I'll talk with you for a while at least. God, I love you so much son, I'm gonna miss you so much, and Cassidy, you take care of her, oh why am I telling you that when I know you will. Don't you worry about me Nash, I'm with your brother and everything is just fine. I love you son, good bye."

" You ready dad?" Bobby asked approaching quietly.

" Who is ever ready?" Nick replied looking back at his son.

" Just one more stop." Bobby pointed.

" Where now?"

" You'll see."

Nash awoke.

"Nick?" He looked around the room, then skyward with a smile. "Goodbye Nick, I love you too."

The two arrived in a Sailors bar.

" What are we doing here?"

" Does this place look familiar at all?"

" Yeah, this is the place where I met your...Oh my, your mother."

" I'll see you when you get back dad."

" What? Back where?" Just then Bobby was gone.

Just then a woman approached Nick.

"Been a while eh sailor?"

" Too long." Nick smiled.

They embraced. Tears flowed from their eyes. The two talked for what seemed like an eternity and headed back to the home they raised their children in. They would all be a family again, soon enough.

In their place in the clouds.



As Always, Till Next Time,