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Gia smiled as her younger sister Neela ran out the gate and straight into her open arms. Gia picked the seven-year-old girl up and swung her around before placing her down on the ground again.

"Gia, Neela."

The two girls turned and smiled to Sashi as he leaned against his car. Gia turned to her sister again.

"Is Baldwin ready?"

"Teacher is talking to him again."

"Oh no. Starbolts?"

Neela just nodded.

"But it wasn't his fault. Paul was bullying me and when he ran to my rescue he acted before he thought."

"As he always does. Go and sit in the car Neela."

The girl nodded before walking to the car and getting in. Neela looked just like her mother, with violet hair and eyes, and her skin was a much lighter shade of green than Sashi and Gia. Gia and Sashi shared a look before Gia turned and walked in to the school.

As she walked past the big mirror that followed the hall she stole a short glance of herself. She still had a slightly tomboyish appearance, but it had gotten a more feminine look when she received her forms. Her skin was almost as dark as her fathers and her hair, which was both green and blond, had grown to just above her butt.

She turned the corner and her heart melted as she saw the boy sitting on the bench. He was eight months younger than Neela, and had just turned seven. He had his father's unruly black hair and his mother's big green eyes. His skin was just slightly orange and he had his father's body form. He looked up at her and almost started to cry.

"Gia. I didn't mean to…"

"It's okay Baldwin. Neela told me what happened."

The door opened and Mrs Hawk peered out. Gia had always that named fitted her well.

"Ms Logan. I guessed I would see you about this time. I trust Neela told you what happened."

"Yes she did. She told her Paul was bullying her when Baldwin came to her rescue. Was he hurt?"

"More startled than anything. But he can't go around attacking people even thou they deserve it. You know this Gia."

Gia nodded, and Mrs Hawk sighed and gave them permission to leave. They walked down the corridor in silence, but just before the front door she stopped and turned to him.

"Baldwin you know that what you did was wrong don't you?"

The boy nodded. He didn't even look at her.

"You know you shouldn't have shoot at him, but gotten a teacher or protected her in a way that didn't endanger his life, right?"

He nodded again. Gia grabbed his face and made him look at her and her smile.

"But thank you for protecting her."

This lightened his mood, and when he got seated in the back of the car he even had a small smile on his face. Sashi looked from the boy and girl talking in the back to his sister in the front. She looked back and smiled to him.

"You always save the world on your birthday?"

"You know I do Sashi."

Sashi stopped the car outside the mall.

"Okay. Now just a quick stop at the post office to get Gia's presents. Is that clear the two of you?"


Baldwin and Gia shared a look and both started to laugh. Out of the corner of her eye could Gia see that Neela was rolling her eyes, but she wasn't offended neither of that or her brother tone. She was more lively that her siblings, with both the ups and downs that included.


Gia was dancing and singing down the hall with Baldwin shooting in now and again. Neither of the other three could sing, but when Gia shoved her hand holding the pretend microphone all of them sang. Even Neela, who had inherited her mothers voice. Sashi wasn't so bad, but still horrible, and Baldwin's problem was that he had no control over his voice. Gia was actually a good singer, and she never let an opportunity pas her up to do just that. She loved music.

Gia's smile dried when she suddenly saw a face on the other side of the huge room. The blond head was looking straight at her, and Gia stopped in her tracks and her hand went in shock to her mouth. Suddenly the blond head was gone, but Gia was still standing there. Having problem breathing correctly.


Gia turned and looked at her brother, and he didn't even need to be empathic to know that she was terrified.

"What is it?"


"Mom's here?"

He moved the bags with the gifts to one hand and started to look for her.

"No Sashi. My mom is here."

He froze, just like she had done.

"I'm eighteen today."

"Neela, Baldwin, we are leaving."



Gia felt someone grab her arm, and let herself be led. She hadn't thought about her biological mother in years. Strange, but true. And the thought that she would come back now that she was eighteen hadn't even entered her mind.

She hadn't seen her mother since she was eleven and had to stand in court and tell everyone about her. After that she had been living with her father and stepmother in the Titan tower. Gia had grown to a happy, intelligent, kind woman with a surprising control over her powers, especially her maternal one.


Gia was sitting Indian style on her rock and meditated. She could feel her powers pound under her skin, and knew it had to do with seeing her mother. Small rocks around her flew up, but this always happened when she meditated. She was so deeply concentrated that she didn't hear the man come closer before he uttered her name.


She fell backwards with shock, but the shock was exchanged with joy when she looked up at her father. She jumped up and threw herself around his neck. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Happy Birthday Gia."

"Thanks dad. Mom said you where out fighting, I'm so happy you made it to the party."

"You think I could miss my child's eighteenth birthday? No way."

He placed some hair behind her ear. He had done it since she was ten, and Gia knew he would do it until he couldn't move his fingers anymore.

"Gia, what is it?"

"I saw mom."

His eyes hardened.

"You sure?"


He pulled her into a hug, but Gia didn't know if he hugged her for her sake or his own.


Gia woke up with a silent scream on her lips. Her rock samples had flown around the room, and as she sat up they fell to the floor, regardless of were. She turned and faced the room. It was dark, and the full moon outside gave a ghostly look in the room.

She placed her naked feet on the wooden floor, and didn't even feel how cold it was. She was numb over her entire body as she walked over the floor, and it was the sound and not the feeling of her kicking it, that made her look down.

A red rock. With her powers she made it levitate up in her hand. She remembered when she had gotten that rock quite well. It was the summer three years ago. The entire tower had gone on vacation to Australia and a local boy working as a guide had swam down and gotten it for her at the bottom of a pond. She didn't tell him she could easily have gotten it herself because, thou she knew it was just his job, had she liked the attention.

Her fingers closed around the jagged rock, and it cut into her skin. She opened the window, she had been quite thrilled when she just years earlier had learned she could control glass as well since it's just melted sand, and morphed into a hawk. With the rock in her claw she flew out of her room and landed on her special place down by the seashore before morphing back into human form.

As hard as she could, without using her powers, she threw the rock into the sea. Then she picked up another rock and did the same thing with that one. Again and again she threw rocks into the sea, before she finally screamed from the top of her lungs and fell to the ground. Shaking all over her body.

Suddenly she felt familiar arms around her, and like when she was ten she buried her face into Raven's shoulder.

Carefully they rocked back and forth, and soon Gia's tears stopped falling down her cheeks.

"Thank you."

"Come. You want some tea?"

Gia only nodded, not trusting her voice, and let her mother help her up and lead her up to the common room.

"What time is it?"


"I'm so sorry for waking you."

Her mother smiled as she placed a cup with freshly brewed herbal tea in front of her and sat down with her own.

"Don't think about it. Your father was snoring so loud I was up anyways."

Gia couldn't help but laugh, and Raven smiled.

"Now that is the smile we missed yesterday."

The smile dried up.

"I'm so sorry if I ruined the party mom."

"It was your party Gia, so it was yours to ruin. But I don't think anyone thought that."

"He told you?"

Raven nodded and Gia looked down.


A loud knocking interrupted her and made both women look surprised at one another.

"Who could that be at this hour?"

They walked down to the front door and opened it.

A boy. No more than three years old was looking drowsy at them. He had dark brown hair that was standing up like he had just been sleeping, and half closed blue eyes. On his back a rug backpack that was much too big for him.


The boy looked from one to another before grabbing Gia's hand.

"Who are you?"

"Adam. I'm tired."

Gia looked confused at her mother, who crunched down beside the boy.

"Hello Adam. I'm Raven. Where are your parents?"

"Mummy said I had to be a good boy."

"Yes, but where is you mommy?"

Adam raised his hand and pointed out into the city.

"How did you come her?"


The boy yawned and put up his hands towards Gia.

"Up. Up."

Gia looked confused at Raven.

"Pick him up."

Gia bent down and hoisted the boy up to her hip. He placed his head on her shoulder and yawned again. Raven looked from side to side, but the three of them were alone.

"We better get him inside. I'll call the others. Go to the common room."

Gia nodded and carefully carried the boy to the common room. She carefully slipped the backpack of him and placed it on the floor before she sat down on the couch. Suddenly Sashi and her father came in yawing. Closely followed by aunt Starfire, uncle Robin, and uncle Cyborg. Starfire was almost sleepwalking, but when she saw the tiny boy she immediately woke.

"Why hello friend. What is your name?"

The boy looked at her before he hid his face in Gia's shoulder.

"Rae wasn't joking."

"Do I ever?"

Raven came in and sat down next to Gia. Robin sat down on her other side.

"And he was just standing there."

"He even knocked."

"Why didn't my censors detect him?"

Cyborg turned to his arm and started to check his computer.

"He was wearing that backpack."

Everyone turned and Beast Boy and Robin walked over and picked it up.

"Maybe it has a name or something."

"His name is Adam Sashi."

Sashi looked at her before he turned his face away. Gia thought this was a funny thing to do, but soon forgot everything about it when Adam yawned again.

"Can we put him down somewhere?"

"He can sleep in my room."

Their parents just nodded as Sashi, Gia and Adam left. Without saying a word he led her down the hall and opened his bedroom door. Gia walked in and placed the now sleeping boy in the lower bunk. She looked at him and smiled before turning and walking out of the room.

"Thank you."

"Don't think about it."

"Pardon me, but what is your problem?"

Sashi stopped, but didn't look at her. Gia could hear a summing nose from the lightbulb over her, telling her he was loosing control over his feelings and decided to just forget it. If he wanted to be rude, that was up to him.

She walked past him without looking at him and opened the common room door. As she did five pairs looked at her. Her father was angry. Robin and Cyborg was thinking. Starfire was crying and her mother was clearly upset and angry.


Then her eyes fell to the table in the middle, and it's contents. The backpack was in the middle, and there were also a brown teddybear, a green blanket, a birth certificate and a pair of glasses. Gia's hand flew to her mouth and she took a step back. She remembered the glasses well. She had several times begged her mother to play with them, and she had always declined.

She turned and looked straight into Sashi's eyes.

"Did you know?"

"I swear I didn't, but I did feel something that reminded me of you."

Gia turned and looked at her mother.

"And you?"

"I didn't know, but I guessed that was the case. He has her eyes."

Her brother. He was her brother. Was that why he had felt so comfortable? She looked very much of her biological mother, Gia knew that. Her head started to hurt, and she had problems breathing. She bowed over while trying to breath.


She felt someone take a hold of her before a pair of metallic arms carried her and she was placed on the couch. She was crying and gasping for air as only four words were ringing in her ears. He was her brother. HE was her BROTHER. Suddenly she felt a pair of cool hands on her forehead, and her mother's gentile voice whispering inside her mind.

Go to sleep Gia.

Soon Gia's head got empty, like when she was meditating, and a calm darkness surrounded her.