Sashi was sitting on the roof. Legs crossed. Pretending to meditate. He would have fooled everyone. Except his mother. Raven came up behind him, and he opened his eyes.

"Was I really this threatened by Terra?"

He turned his head and raised one eyebrow. She sighed and sat down on one of the wooden chairs.

"You know he isn't a threat. He can't take your place in Gia's heart."

Sashi turned his head away from his mother again.

"You remember what you told me before the incident and Gia moved in."

He didn't respond.

"Why do you care about her, you didn't carry her. You carried me. I'm you child, not her."

Still he didn't respond, but inside he was wondering if he really had said that.

"You were afraid that I couldn't love both of you."

She rose and walked over to the edge and looked down. Out of curiosity he walked over and looked down with her. He soon regretted it. Gia was playing in the sand with Baldwin, his younger sister Mary, a spitting image of their mother, and Adam. Sashi felt his jealousy overwhelm him again and had to turn away.

"Just like I can love three children Sashi, will she be able to love two brothers."

Raven walked passed him and gently caressed his face.

"But don't force her to choose."

Then she turned and left him alone with the salty air.


"It was a girl."

"How exciting dad. How is aunt Bee?"

"Their both fine. Cy is walking around like a crow."

Gia laughed and shifted position so she could see Sashi and the children.

"And that she is premature?"

"She is fine. Might become asthmatic when she is older, but she is breathing on her own and is perfect. She looks just like Bee."

Gia's smile froze.


"I'm here. Send my love to everyone."

"I will. We'll be back tonight."

"Bye dad."

Gia hung up and walked over to the others. Mary jumped up, closely followed by her brother. Adam rose just so he wouldn't be the only one seated.


"Boy or girl?"

"A beautiful baby girl."

Mary screamed in joy and clapped her hands. Gia looked over the room at Sashi and Neela. Sashi had ignored her for two days now, and even Neela had pulled more away from her. Gia looked at Neela, then at Mary, who was talking with her brother, and then down at her own hands.

"Up. Up."

Gia looked down at Adam and smiled as she picked him up. He laughed and grabbed her blond and green hair.

"Aunt Bee and uncle Cy's girl looks like Bee. Just like Mary and Neela looks like their mother."

It was only a whisper. Only to him.

"I guess among the titan children girls resemble their mother."

She looked over at Neela and Sashi. They looked like one another. You could tell they where brother and sister, even without the green skin.

"Which means I resemble our mom."

Gia looked down at the boy and couldn't help the tears in her eyes. The boy moved his stubby finger over one of them, like he was trying to dry them of.


"No Adam. Bad. Our mother was a bad person."

He looked at her with big eyes. Gia smiled sadly and moved some of his hair behind his ear.

"Like I'm going to be."


"Because it's in our genes."

She looked over at her siblings again and for a short moment her green eyes met his before he looked away.

"Why else would he hate us so?"


Sashi woke up gasping for air. Sweat all over his body. The dream had been so vivid. Gia had been standing next to him telling him she cared too much for him to make him unhappy. He shifted his weight when he realised something was wrong with his right hand. He pulled it up to his face and in the moonlight he could see it was. A stone. He puzzled over this as he turned it over and saw the big G covering one side. He swore as he phased through the floor, not caring he was only wearing his blue boxers.


Gia smiled down at the drowsy boy before she pulled her mother's old glasses over her head, just over her eyes. She was sure about what she was about to do. She turned and picked up her bag.


She turned and to her surprise was Sashi leaning against the wall.

"Aren't you cold?"

"Are you leaving?"

Gia was hurt, but didn't show it. Thou she knew he knew. She just smiled and put her backpack on.


"So you do love him more than us?"


Her voice was suddenly shaking with anger, and Adam started to cry. She turned and smiled to him before hoisting him up to her hip.

"How can you think that Sashi?"

"Because you are leaving. With him."

"I don't belong here. That is why I am leaving."

She turned and started to walk out the door when he suddenly appeared before her. She sighed and put the boy down again.

"Sashi let us leave. Please."

"Why? We where doing fine before he came. Why do things have to change?"

"Because they do. And his name is Adam."

The room was shaking and Gia quickly looked around at it before looking at him again.

"He needs me."

"I need you."

He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his naked chest.

"Look at us. There are four people in the world that has green skin. Dad, Neela, you and me. You belong with us. You look like us."

"Really? Look at my nose Sashi. My lips. My face. My hands. I look more like him than I do you. And I won't hurt people any more."

She forced her hand out of his grasp.

"You'll hurt more people more by leaving."

"I was never meant to be here in the first place. I'm evil."

Sashi laughed, and Gia took a step back. Hurt he was laughing at her.

"You evil?"

"I am. I resemble my mother and she is the most evil person in the world. I won't hurt people the way she hurt them."

"And you think running away will help."

Gia's eyes glared at him.

"I won't leave him. He needs me. But I can see how that pains you. How much he pains you."

Sashi stopped laughing. Something changed, but Gia couldn't tell what it was.

"So he really won."

"This isn't a contest."

He looked away, and she carefully came closer.

"If someone asked you to choose between Neela and me. What would you choose?"

He looked at her.

"I can't leave him. He needs me."

"And you are the evil one?"

Gia looked down as Adam grabbed her hand.

"He looks like you."

To her surprise crunched Sashi down at his level.

"More than you and me."

He looked up at her, and to her surprise had he tears in his eyes.

"Forgive me."

They where only whispers. But she heard them. She bent down and wrapped her arms around him.

"You thought I wouldn't?"


Beast Boy looked with pride at the three people as his wife slithered her arms around his waist.

"How is it going?"

"We have some nice children Rae. What ever have we done to deserve that?"

"You mean besides saving countless of lives?"

He laughed and turned around so he could kiss her.

"Did you talk to her?"

He stopped laughing.


"And she signed the papers?"

"She didn't read it. Just place her x at the bottom."

Raven smiled up at him.

"You have stopped hating her."

It wasn't a question. It was a statement of fact.

"I felt sorry for her. She is completely lost. It's a wonder she has been able to take care of that kid for so long."

He looked over her shoulder. At something or someone that wasn't there.

"You still care for her."

Another statement.

"No. I care for the person she used to be. The good things about her that I see in Gia. But not that person has been gone a long time now."

He looked at his wife again and kissed her lovingly.

"And you don't mind adopting Adam."

"No. He needs Gia, and in some way I think Gia needs him. Needs so know that having Terra as her biological mother doesn't make her less than other people."

He nodded.

"What Terra did all those years ago was horrible but…"

They turned as Gia's voice filled the room. Sashi was holding Adam in his arms and Gia was standing next to them, singing Adam to sleep. Beast Boy laid his arms around his wife, but kept looking at three of his children.

" in some ways I'm glad she did it. Because I really think the world is a better place with her in it."