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After her talk with CoHarr, where the Chief had thanked her continuously for her help in saving his people, Martha made her way back to the hut where she had left the Doctor after giving him the Shaman's 'sleeping' potion. He needed the rest; the Doctor of course, hadn't known that it would make him sleep. She was certain that he would be cranky and annoyed with her when he woke, but surprisingly he wasn't. She found him sitting up in the bed, with one of his hands rubbing the back of his neck, wincing at the touch.

"Are you alright?" asked Martha, concern written across her features.

"Yeah, I'm fine…" he continued to rub the back of his neck, "although I do feel very achy. And I've got a rather annoying head ache. Though I suppose that is a given since I was chucked around like I was a piece of meat. Nearly having my neck broken wasn't a pleasant experience, and certainly not one I would want to repeat in future."

"Here, let me look," said Martha, walking forwards, intent on examining him, just in case Arrein had done some damage to his throat.

"I'm fine," he replied trying to assure his companion that he didn't need her to examine him.

She crossed her arms, glaring at him. "I am training to be a doctor of medicine. You nearly had your neck broken. I did notice that you were struggling to breathe while you were lying on the ground. I need to make sure that you haven't got any lasting damage. You may be an alien, but you are still my patient."

The Doctor rolled his eyes, but relented, allowing his companion to examine the back of his neck. It hurt as she prodded the skin, but he didn't make a sound, determined to make her think it was nothing.

Delicately, Martha placed two fingers on the back of his neck, slowly applying pressure. "Tell me if it hurts," she instructed, though she didn't expect him to make a sound over her administrations. She was right; he didn't flinch or hiss in pain while she worked. "There, all done. As far as I can tell you have sustained minor injury. The muscles in your neck are healing from the pressure – you've just got a few bruises that have formed underneath the skin. It should go down in a couple of days."

"Good," he said, "and it did hurt when you were prodding." He rubbed the back of his neck, smiling weakly at her. "Thanks."

Martha raised her eyebrows. "For what?"

"For saving me," he explained, before getting to his feet, reaching out for her hand with his left one and clasping her slender fingers within his own. "Come on."

A couple of hours late they were back in the TARDIS; the Doctor dancing round the Time Rotor, setting the co-ordinates for their next destination. Martha st in the pilots chair reminiscing over what Kaza and CoHarr had said to her before the Doctor had whisked her away from Maralus.

"You are forever a legend among our people, Martha Jones. Our world is forever in your debt."

She had blushed at that statement, feeling that she didn't deserve that particular honour. Never before had anyone considered them-selves to be in her debt, not even the patients she had saved during her time at the Royal Hope. They had been grateful to her, yes, but not in the way that CoHarr and Kaza meant.

The Doctor had graciously accepted the invitation to attend the feast. Despite wanting to leave the planet, he couldn't deny Martha the chance to participate in the beginning of a new era. The ceremony unified the two tribes, with both Kaza and CoHarr speaking about their hopes for the future and how they planned to rebuild their planet. After many speeches made by the Shaman and various warriors of the tribes, dance and games began, in which Martha participated, with the Doctor watching her from where he had sat. She had tried to get the Doctor to join in but he had refused claiming that he didn't dance. It had been a fun evening.

Now they were back in the TARDIS after saying farewell to the two Chiefs who had stated that Martha was welcome whenever she desired to visit. She hadn't promised to return but it was something that she could consider doing, providing the Doctor set the co-ordinates right.

"So, Miss Jones," the Doctor turned to face her, a big grin plastered across his face. "I didn't see you begging to stay on Maralus. I guess I lose the bet."

Martha looked at him, confusion evident on her features. Then she remembered. Before everything that had happened and they had discovered the existence of the creature, the Doctor had said 'that she would be begging to stay when he said let's go' and if she hadn't been begging he would do anything she had asked.

"I remember saying that you could take me to a haunted house, and not the rubbish ones in Disneyland. A real one," she hastily added.

The Doctor moved towards her. "I seem to recall you requesting something else first…" he said, his voice rather low and husky. Before she could react, he was kissing her, full on the lips. He pulled away from her, eye brows raised, searching her expression, a hint of a smile pulling on his lips. A blush spread across her face and she turned away. She had requested a kiss from him, but she had claimed that she had been joking so as not to terrify him. She hadn't expected him to remember that, especially after she had mentioned going to a haunted house and he had jumped at the chance to say that he loved haunted houses.

"Your second wish was to go to a real haunted house?" he asked, breaking the silence that had fallen between them.

She nodded, still in awe of what he had done. She would have to ask him about that later. It had been completely different to the 'genetic transfer' at the Royal Hope.

"Your haunted house is just outside those doors," he said, pointing to the exit. He moved forwards and took hold of her hand, squeezing it softly. "Come on!"

They ran out of the TARDIS, the Doctor pulling her along to adventures anew.


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