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Twelve Years earlier, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Honeymoon

Anthony DiNozzo sighed as the bell boy held out his hand for his tip. Tony pulled a roll of bills from his jacket pocket and pulled a ten dollar bill from his roll. Tony placed the bill in the hand of the bell boy, who had brought up the three suitcases, which now sat on the floor by the table? The hand remained where it was. Apparently I have to tip this guy more than he's worth! Tony sighed again as he placed another ten dollar bill into the hand of the bell boy.

"Thank you, sir. Have a nice evening!" The bell boy said as he departed the room.

Tony closed the door behind him. His eyes were alight as he turned towards his newlywed wife. "So, what do you think? Hawaii, home of Magnum PI!"

Ziva Esther David-DiNozzo walked in from the balcony. She looked strikingly beautiful this evening, wearing a revealing green dress that Tony couldn't keep his eyes off, and accentuated every part of her. "Not bad, I suppose!" Her words however didn't match her voice which hinted at something entirely differently.

"Not bad, she says." Tony grinned broadly at her. "As she walks in from the outdoor patio, past the fax machine and the mini bar…" Ziva walked over to the basket of fruit. She pulled a grape off as Tony continued, "…To the complementary basket of fruit. This is a perfect way to spend a honeymoon, sweetheart!" Ziva smiled as she watched her new husband walk towards the TV.

"Well, I hope it will be more than us watching movies," Ziva said seductively. "I was hoping for something a little more active!"

Tony was no longer paying attention as he opened the cupboard that housed the TV and pay TV channels. "Come on, big screen TV!" Tony said enthusiastically. "Wow, two hundred channels. Look at this. HBO, ESPN…"

Ziva closed the cupboard quickly. "You didn't hear a word I said, did you?"

"History Channel, classic movies…" Tony's mind was still focussing on the TV channels. Ziva grabbed him by the arm, pulling him along. "I take it you're not interested in the premium channels?" The way that Ziva was leading him towards the bed and the way she was looking at him answered his question. You idiot, here are you worrying about movies and she wants more.

"There only one thing I'm interested in right now," Ziva whispered seductively. Even as she said it, Tony felt her hands guide him to her face. He bent in and kissed her. Ziva responded in a second. They locked together in an embrace. "Don't let me go, Tony!"

"Why the hell would I?" Tony whispered as he dropped the green dress to the ground and pulled her close. "It's…damn, Mrs David-DiNozzo, you're hot."

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