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Tel Aviv, Israel

"Tali," Ziva called as she stepped out of her bedroom, wearing a formal dark brown pant suit her, hair tied back giving Ziva a severe look and called down the hallway, "Tali, we're already late. I thought you wanted to come to this embassy party?" Kate stepped out of her room, her grandfather following after her as she stood for a moment in the summer dress that she and her mom had bought in Quebec. "Well, that does look very beautiful on you Tali," Ziva smiled and walking over and kissing Kate on the top of her head. Kate turned to her Grandfather who nodded some encouragement.

"I can't do it," Kate said finally, "The dress is lovely, but I want to go home."

"Tali, silly we are home," Ziva took her hand, "Now let's go; we're already late for the party at the embassy."

Kate pulled her hand free as did the accent as Kate spoke now, "Mom, I want to go home. I want to see dad and I'm tired of you loving me as if I were Tali and not me." Kate burst into tears rushed past her Grandfather, who suppressed as large smile as he caught Ziva's shocked expression.

"Kate," Ziva gasped her hand to her mouth as she padded into Tali's bedroom after her daughter. Ziva found Kate laying on the bed sobbing uncontrollably, Ziva sat down on the bed next to Kate. "Kate, I love you so much," Ziva ran a hand through her daughter's hair as she spoke, "I have never stopped loving you. You are my daughter and always will be." Kate rolled over to look at her mom with red rimmed eyes, "This does mean I have to take you back to your father."

"I'm so sorry we lied but I wanted to spend time with you and Tali wanted to spend time with dad," Kate sat up looking at her mom, "I just wanted to be with you…I'm…" Ziva pulled Kate slowly into a warm embrace. Eli smiled to himself from the door; Ziva looked up at him pleadingly, as if she was wrestling with her emotions as she held her other daughter.

Eli didn't so much come to her rescue as he walked into the room, "Ziva, why don't you let me and Kate have a talk?"

"Thank you father," Ziva felt Kate release her. Ziva kissed Kate on the forehead before she rose, "We'll talk soon. I'm going to call the Prime Minster and apologize that I can't make it tonight." Ziva paused at the door to look back at Kate, "You're much more important to me Kate." With that Ziva disappeared out the door leaving Eli and his granddaughter alone.

"I had to be honest, Grandpa!" Kate half-asked, half exclaimed wiping the tears from her eyes. Now that she was no longer pretending to be Tali she had started calling Eli Grandpa. Not that Eli minded, it showed a difference in his granddaughters. He was just pleased to have Kate.

"Well my dear," Eli smiled as he sat down on the bed, "I think that was the right thing to do. I'm glad your mother knows that it's you now." Eli looked at Kate's face, "Something wrong?"

"If dad is going to marry this woman," Kate looked at her grandfather with concern, "Then mom is not going to attract him back. But you just saw what she was wearing, he's not going to be attracted."

Eli chuckled to himself, "I think we'll wait. She has to first deal with the fact that it's you here and not Tali. When she finally decides to take you back to Washington, I will help you make the necessary steps to help your mother look desirable to your father."

Kate sat up looking at her Grandfather, "Grandpa did you like Dad?"

"No, not originally," Eli sat there quietly for a few moments, "Kate, there was a time where all I would ever hear was DiNozzo this DiNozzo that in reports from your mother. Other times it was other Mossad agents in the US who would talk about your father. Then, he killed one of my men…"

"Dad would have done it in self-defense," Kate interjected.

"Yes my Kate, he did do it in self-defense, but I was too blind at the time to see that," Eli sighed and put his arm around Kate's shoulder. "I ordered your mother to come home to complete a job for me. She got captured; your father with Gibbs and your uncle Tim saved her. I went to Washington a year later, it was only after that trip that I finally saw what your mother saw in your father. Then…"

"Then they got married and they had us..." Kate started.

Eli laughed, "You will interrupt me Kate," Eli pulled his granddaughter into a hug, "Right, now your mother has to decide in her mind when to take you back to Washington we'll plan to get her dressing sexier and much more attractively when that happens. It sounds like this other woman is a handful."

"I like that idea," Kate giggled, "I can't wait to see the look on mom's face when you tell her."

Eli laughed again, "She'll react like she used too. Yelling and accusing. You know sometimes on the occasion I miss that with her it reminds me of your grandmother."


Washington DC, USA

The doorbell rang; Tony rose from the recliner cup of coffee in hand as he exited in the living room, the sound of the Good Morning America on the TV carried on out into the hallway as he reached front door. Tony opened the door, "Morning Boss!"

"DiNozzo," Gibbs nodded as the younger man stepped back to let him in "Where's the girl?"

"As far as I know still asleep in bed," Tony sighed as he took a sip of his steaming coffee, "Do you know, I walked in on her playing with Artie on the bed last night? I thought that dog hated her."

"So did I," Gibbs smirked to himself.

Tony headed toward the kitchen Gibbs following, "You want a coffee boss?" Tony grimaced for a moment as a hand connected with the back of his head.

"When you start making better coffee I'll answer that question," Gibbs shook his head.

"Sorry Boss," Tony muttered before he cringed as he went into his automatic reaction when Gibbs would swat him on the head for apologizing.

"I gave up trying to correct that long ago DiNozzo," Gibbs walked to the fridge pulling the orange juice out and pouring some. "Got a call from Abby asking if I'd come into the lab today. Thought I'd take Kate in with me if that's okay?"

"Yeah, sure" Tony nodded before shrugging; "I mean, I'm still on my annual leave, plus I'm meeting Jeanne for lunch. Tony took a sip on the coffee in his hand, "You know Kate hasn't been talking since I told her I was getting married."

"Girls are like that," Gibbs smiled, "I think she may have learnt that from her Abby. It sounds very much like something she would do."

"Well, you can take her with you today. She's not exactly very happy with me at the moment." Tony pulled a bowl out of the cupboard, "Besides it would be nice for her to do something. She's been reading books the last two days. I thought she hated reading. She can't have become someone I hardly know so quickly surely. It makes me feel like Brian Keith from the Parent Trap or something."

Gibbs grinned to himself, "I doubt that DiNozzo."

"I guess your right Boss," Tony sighed as he filled the bowl with cereal.

"I'll go and wake Kate," Gibbs turned heading out of the kitchen, "The quicker I get to Abby's lab the quicker I can tell her what I've learned so far."

"Are you playing the PI again?" Tony called after him, "What's Jenny gonna think?"

Gibbs ascended the stairs quickly ignoring Tony's last comment and walking towards Kate's room where Tali was sleeping. Gibbs opened the door; the first thing he noticed was the bed covers were all over the place. Tali sat on the window seat looking out over the city. She turned for a moment to glance at Gibbs before she turned back to look out the window. "I can't do it anymore Gibbs," Tali said still looking out the window as Gibbs sat down next to her watching her face intently, "I can't be Kate anymore. If I don't tell dad soon I'm going to scream."

"Looks like you've made that decision already Tali," Gibbs stated, Tali looked at him shocked, "Well if that's the way you feel then let's go and tell your dad. I'm sure he'll happily call your mom and they'll sort it all out over a video conference or even better over the phone."

"Gibbs!" Tali exclaimed.

"What?" Gibbs face remained impassive, "Your dad is going out to lunch with Miss Beniot. Wouldn't it be a good time to tell him?"

"Gibbs!" Tali hit him in the chest lightly before hugging him, Tali began to sob. "I just want to be me!"

"Hey," Gibbs voice soothing as he spoke, "You will be soon. Just remember you told me everything so that this wouldn't happen. Trust me when I say we need a few more allies. Particularly when it comes to your Aunt Abby and Uncle Tim, Even Ducky could be useful help. So let's get dressed and come with me to Navy yard." Gibbs let Tali pull away before he kissed her on the forehead.

Gibbs left Tali to shower and dress making his way down to the kitchen again as Tony finished his bowl of cereal. "I think she'll be fine now," Gibbs smiled, "She'll be with me all day. I bet she was just getting bored of the house."

"I guess you're right," Tony nodded, before he smiled "Hey! There's my girl. Have a good sleep sweet-heart?" Tali ignored her Dad, he shrugged, "I guess I'm still in the dog house."

"Come on Kate," Gibbs shook his head, "Let's go see Aunt Abby. We'll leave your Dad to get ready for Miss Benoit turning up." Tali nodded quickly following Gibbs out of the house.


Gibbs left Tali sitting in her father's office under the watchful eye of his secretary Cynthia. He made his way down into the bullpen to talk with McGee.

"Where's McGee?" Gibbs as he entered the bullpen turning to Michelle Palmer who was sitting at what once was Ziva's desk when he was still in charge of his team in this same bullpen.

"He's down with Abby in her lab, Agent Gibbs" Michelle answered automatically. Gibbs didn't even wait to correct her on calling him 'agent', he was heading toward the elevator before she realized.

Gibbs stopped off at the Caf-Pow dispenser before he returned to the elevator and it stopped in front of the door leading into her lab. The elevator chimed before the doors opened and he stepped out into the familiar hallway leading to Abby's lab. Grunge music was blaring loudly out the door as he entered; Abby was excitedly discussing something with her husband. "What have you got Abs?" Gibbs grinned to himself; it was very rare for her to hear those words nowadays.

"Gibbs!" Abby raced over to him wrapping her arms around his neck nearly choking him, "How I've missed you."

"You see me just as much now," Gibbs shook his head, "What's different?"

"How about being the 'Fearless Leader' or "He who is to be obeyed' or something like that," Abby sounded excited, "I miss the games we have of you appearing and disappearing like a ghost. Timmy never does that!" McGee looked hurt before his wife walked over with her pretend pouty face and kissed him, "I love you still!" Abby turned back to face Gibbs. "Now say that again?"

"What have you got Abs?" Gibbs grinned placing the Caf-Pow on the bench.

"What's that for?" Abby looked at the Caf-Pow dubiously, "I haven't had one of those since I gave birth to Trent."

McGee watched Gibbs for a second, "I think you'll most likely need it after you tell him what you've discovered."

"Spill it," Gibbs ordered like he used to.

"When Callum got home from camp he said that he had seen a look alike Kate," Abby started, "His boys camp went over to the girl's camp that Kate went to this summer. They danced and stuff. A fight happened to break out between Kate and this other girl. Callum said he was in the middle of it at the beginning. He said it was like seeing double."

"Kate was fighting with herself," McGee said earning a look of confusion from Gibbs.

"Explain McGees?" Gibbs looked at both Abby and Tim.

"Callum encountered Kate and Tali together, that would have been a mind boggle for him as he's never known about Kate and Tali," Tim McGee said, "Which means…"

"Which means that Ziva is back in the United States," Abby interjected squealing excitedly, "So she can stop the wedding? There is a chance that Tony will drop everything to get her back again."

"She's not back," Gibbs replied. Abby's excitement disappeared; she eyed the Caf-Pow sitting on the desk. "The girl up in her father's office is not Kate though."

Abby stood still eyes wide she turned to look at McGee who stood there with a confused look on his face. "Gibbs what are you saying?" They watched as the smile widened on his face, it looked like he was enjoying their confusion.

"The girl upstairs is Tali!" Gibbs replied quietly.

Abby's eye grew wider with surprise as the revelation of what Gibbs had said struck her in the chest. She reached the Caf-Pow sucking crazily at the straw as McGee let the shock wash over him.


Tali sat at the desk reading Thom E Gemcity's latest book. It had been sitting on one of the shelves in the office. She had fallen in love with Agent Tommy DiNardo and Officer Lisa Dovitz. A year ago she'd wanted to read the Hebrew translated version series after she had watched one of the morning shows promote the original book in the series Deep Six. She had consequently gone and borrowed it from the library and started reading it as soon as she had gotten home. Ziva had found her engrossed in the book that afternoon after she had gotten back from work, she'd been about to read the scene where Tommy was dreaming about Lisa naked on the beach with him. Ziva had almost immediately confiscated the book, Tali and her mom had argued about it for days. Tali at the moment couldn't believe that Tommy and Lisa had gotten married. She wanted to scream with ecstasy, they still seemed to fight but their love for each other seemed so strong even after the revelation that Tibbs was retiring and marrying Penny Peppard. Tali looked up suddenly as the door to the office was flung open, "Aunt Abby!"

"Tali," Abby was around behind the desk in seconds and the chair was being whirled so that Tali faced her. Abby bent down tears brimming, Abby placed both hands on Tali's face. "You're so big and…" Abby pulled Tali into a hug before she was sobbing with delight.

From the doorway Gibbs and Tim McGee looked onward. Abby had hurtled out of her lab upon realizing that Tali was here at NCIS. Both Tim and Gibbs had followed after her. Tim moved from the door way to the desk, "Hey Tali."

"Hi Uncle Tim," Tali smiled, looking over toward Gibbs.

Abby pulled away, "You know the last time I saw you, you were this big." Abby held her hands apart. "Wow, my niece is here."

McGee turned toward Gibbs, "Boss, I'm guessing Tali being here isn't a mistake. Is it?"

"Nope," Gibbs shook his head, "The girls agreed to switch, in an effort to get their parents to see each other. Now they weren't counting on Dr Benoit getting in the way." Gibbs watched Tim and Abby as they turned back to look at Tali.

"I know this sounds weird but I get the feeling that she's up to something," Tali spoke, "I don't think it's really bad. I just think she's after his money and she'll shuttle me or I should say Kate off to a boarding school or something after she and dad are married. I just feel…I don't know…I feel it in my…"

"Gut," Gibbs finished.

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