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It was now five years since the day Harry confided his feelings to Hermione and two years after they got married. Last year was also a nice year because Ginny and Neville got married. Hermione bore a son, whom they named Harvey Joshua Potter. Harvey has a strong resemblance to Harry but he ha Hermione's brown eyes.

She's watching Harry and Teddy playing with Harvey in the seesaw. Teddy is with them as Andromeda Tonks died of dragon pox. They treated him as their own and gave the love his parents wasn't able to give. The seesaw went up and down and she can hear her son's innocent laugher. She is thinking about when the time comes when Teddy and Harvey will go to Hogwarts. They will find themselves in the busy and crowded streets of Diagon Alley. Then, they will go to Flourish and Blotts, Madam Malkins and to Ollivanders. She was imagining herself sitting on the spindle chair, nervous at the same time excited, as the pile of Harvey and Teddy's wands got higher and higher. She'll fell very happy when sparks will erupt from Teddy's and Harvey's wands. They'll pay 7 galleons and leave the shop for the ice cream parlor.

"Hey, I hope you're not thinking of dozing off" Harry said standing in front of her.

She didn't notice him get near her. She hit him on the shoulder and said " No, of course not"

"It's really nice that we ended up together, isn't it? I like it here watching Teddy being a big brother to Harvey and all. They look fine together" he said.

"Well, it has just been lucky on your part when I came to your compartment" she said jokingly

"Yeah, I remember how you treated Ron and I" Harry said knowingly. "I wish he and Luna would visit us. How are they anyway?" he as Harvey and Teddy were now in the swing enjoying themselves.

"They're going strong and they also are planning of settling down soon." She answered.

"Okay… Why don't you go play with Harvey and Teddy?" Harry suggested.

"No thanks… I'm contented watching you here in my place. Besides, you have more energy and tricks up on your sleeves" she said.

"Oh, Alright" he said then placed a quick kiss on her lips before joining the two in the swing.

She smiled as she watched her boys playing together. It was very relaxing and comforting at the same time. She retired from teaching when she found out that she was pregnant with Harvey. When Harvey turned 1, she started training as a Healer. She is now working at St. Mungo's. She gave herself a well-deserved week-long break to unwind. She had been stressed out lately. All she wanted to do now is to sit back and relax.

In these 7 years, there hasn't been any disturbances that has something to do with the Dark Arts. She hoped that this will continue for the years to come. For them, all was well.


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