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Emapthy by HeukYa Epilogue


"Toshiro, you know I like to hear you…"

Ichigo whispered as he licked the gnawed lip and as soon as his tongue touched the bruised petal, the lips parted and sensual mewls started to come out freely. Now that his ears are satisfied, Ichigo moved back down, light kisses trailing down from the lips, down the neck, chest, belly then the inside of the thighs. Toshiro had already come once but the member was starting to come back to life as Ichigo's fingers continued to move in and out of the tight entrance, his tongue running across the smooth, toned thigh.


The orange-haired boy didn't reply, but hidden between the two trembling legs, he was smirking, knowing what was bothering the poor boy. Ichigo moved his fingers in and yet again, deliberately missed the prostate only just. The dainty hands buried in his hair tightened as frustrated sigh left the small boy's lips.

"Mm… Kurosaki… if you…"

"…Hmm? If I, what?"

And just at that minute, Ichigo's fingers plunged in, raking across the spot, and Toshiro half-screamed at the unexpected jolt of electricity.

"AH! God… you are… so annoying…"

"And you love me for it."

Then Ichigo removed his digits from the tunnel that he now had to move in to satisfy the needs of his own lust, not to mention his twitching length. Ichigo was leaning down for a kiss as compensation for the unavoidable discomfort for his boyfriend when out of blue, something unexpected happen.


Ichigo was perplexed. This had never happened before. So why was he suddenly finding himself flat on his back, looking up at his princess when he should be torturing that hot, drop-dead-gorgeous body, especially when he had just finished the preparation for their last dance of the heated night? Toshiro smirked as he looked at the widened but lust-filled chocolate eyes, his own breathing as fast and shallow as Ichigo's


Again without answer, Toshiro slid down from Ichigo's chest where he had straddled until he was sitting on Ichigo's groin, his two small hands supporting him on Ichigo's chest. Wide hazelnut eyes got even wider if it was possible. Only one thought ran through Ichigo's flushed, incoherent mind.

This was not happening.

Toshiro smirked, even with empathy gone, Ichigo was too easy to read; his face was an open book. With little lick of his lips, he lied down on Ichigo's body and whispered into his dumb lover's ear.

"Yes, it IS happening."

Ichigo gasped as the seductive whisper tickled his ear, his hold on Toshiro's lean legs tightening out of reflex. Then Toshiro sat back up again and keeping his glazed turquoise eyes locked on Ichigo's, his porcelain cheeks tinged with red, he slowly lowered himself onto Ichigo's pulsing length. Ichigo groaned as he felt the tight heat swallowing his erection and small moan escaped the white-haired boy's lips as he scrunched his eyes shut, willing his tense muscles to relax.

"Shit… Toshiro…"

When there was only a little more left, Toshiro's strength gave out and his knees buckled as he slammed down. Two groans echoed around the hot, stuffy room, as two lovers tried to adjust to each other. Ichigo took deep breath in, reminding himself to cool down so not to come too quickly in this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Then he felt the dainty hands scratching his chest as they clenched and he looked up at his small lover with worries etched in his face.

"Toshiro… you okay…?"

Ichigo tried to sit up but Toshiro's hands pressed him down so he contented himself with rubbing Toshiro's lower back, keeping concerned eye on his lover who for some reason, had decided to give Ichigo one of the most memorable nights between them.

Hitsugaya clenched his teeth, not to hiss from the pain. Ichigo had fully prepared him before he suddenly changed their position, but putting Ichigo in himself with no support from the taller boy had been much harder than he had expected. On top of it, Ichigo felt even bigger than usual in this position and he was definitely penetrating him deeper than before. He took deep breaths to relax and opened his eyes, feeling the soothing rub on his tailbone. Then as his body adjusted, the pain started to dull, replaced by strong desire to feel the shocking pleasure that only Ichigo could give. Keeping his hands on Ichigo's chest for balance, Toshiro moved a little bit as a test drive and was more than pleased when he heard Ichigo groaning.

"Toshiro… what has…"

"Don't talk."

Ichigo held the boy's hip in his hand and tried his best not to slam into that tight tunnel that was moving oh so slowly. He almost had to close his eyes at the sight of his normally prickly boyfriend riding him in fear of coming; there were few strands of damp white locks on Toshiro's face which was completely flushed, cheeks blushing in deep crimson. Half-lidded teal orbs were glistening with pleasure and lust as they stared down at Ichigo and the soft pink lips were parted to let out those seductive moans. Ichigo's already incoherent brain almost switched off at that point, and he didn't even realise he was speaking his thoughts out aloud.

"Shit, this is too damn hot."

Soon the speed started to pick up, Toshiro's petite hands scratching Ichigo's chest as the taller one started to buck up into the sinful hole that was driving him mad, and then it started to get hard. The pounding got rough and lust-filled moans grew louder, Toshiro's hip slamming down at same time as Ichigo plunged in to hit that spot. The emerald eyes scrunched shut at the sensation as Toshiro continued to get filled up by Ichigo and in the end, his thin arms could not support him anymore in the waves of hot, passionate heat coursing through his body.

Ichigo quickly linked his arm around Toshiro when he fell on top of him and pressed the boy flush against him as he kept slamming in. Ichigo could feel Toshiro's hard member rubbing between their tummies, giving another stimulation to the boy on top who was whimpering right into his ear.

"Ngh! Ichigo… harder… I'm… god, aah…!"

"Toshiro… so… damn… good…!"

It was complete frenzy, they were lost in their pleasure-filled world, only aware of the other's body as they clung tightly to each other. Ichigo's hands moved to grab Toshiro's hip as he started to plunge at erratic rate, the exploding climax nearing every second. He could feel the muscles tightening around his erection that was screaming for release and Toshiro barely managed to prop himself up on his elbows placed on either side of Ichigo's head as his body moved in synchronisation with the taller one's. Half-crazed emerald eyes locked their gaze with the lust-filled brown ones and Toshiro shook his head, his lithe body trembling, as he moaned and whimpered with Ichigo's every move.

"Ichigo… I'm…"

Just at that moment, Ichigo slammed in with particularly strong force as he bit down the erogenous shoulder and Toshiro came with loud scream, which Ichigo barely made out to be his name. Ichigo, who had already been precariously close to orgasm, soon followed with last deep thrust into his lover's tight body, tensing muscles milking him dry.

Lost in the blissful high, they stayed like that without even stirring, their harsh, irregular breathing echoing in the darkened room. Toshiro laid still on top of Ichigo, his energy now exhausted and his limbs refusing to move against his command. Ichigo still had his eyes closed, not believing what had just taken place. They could practically feel each other's heart beating, no, thumping hard against their pressed chests. Ichigo's arms were still wrapped around the slim waist and it was another however many minutes (how could he know how many minutes had passed when his brain was fried?) before he realised he was still buried in his lover who was either asleep or too tired to move.

Moving his hands down to grip the firm but soft buttocks, Ichigo gently pulled out of the heat and quickly rubbed the boy's back when he heard a small whimper in his ear. Then after another however many minutes, came another whisper.

"………I can't move."

Ichigo chuckled, knowing full well Toshiro couldn't even slide off him at this moment let alone smack him. When he heard an unhappy grumble, he gently moved the boy, rolling him so that Toshiro wasn't going to have his face buried onto the mattress. When he managed to get the fatigued boy on his side, Ichigo turned around to face him and kissed the end of the nose.

"What on earth was that for?"

Reply was simple.


Ichigo smiled as he ran his hand through the damp snowy mane. With their linked reiatsu, it had taken surprisingly short time for full recovery and tomorrow, his boyfriend was returning to the Soul Society, to his duties as a captain. Tonight was going to be the last night they share a bed until next time they meet which neither of them could tell when it was going to be. Hitsugaya was sure to have much backlogged work to do after having left his division on its own for such long time despite Matsumoto's weekly reports. On the other hand, Ichigo was facing his usual chaotic human life; his family, friends, school, exams and part-time hollow eradication.

"This is going to be hard."

Toshiro managed to open his eyes and look at Ichigo, his eyes asking the reason. Ichigo gently ran his hand through the snowy mane and chuckled.

"I've been spoilt too much with you always next to me in my bed."

Hitsugaya smirked.

"Yes, you have been spoilt too much."

Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"You could have been nice and say something like, 'I'll miss you, too'."


Ichigo laughed and kissed the pouting lips, letting his tongue gently slide across those warm petals. How he was going to survive the days without his daily dose of this icy drug, he really did not know.

"I'll come and see you."

There was a little tug at corner of mouth for a second before Hitsugaya frowned.

"Don't get caught by Matsumoto. I don't need her running around the whole Seireitei squealing."

"I'll try but you know what my control's like."

"Then at least let me know before you come so I can send her off on a mission or something."

Ichigo laughed, his boyfriend REALLY did not want his vice-captain around to see them together. Frankly, Ichigo understood it to a certain extent; Rangiku-san could sometimes be……… little relaxed with secrets and private information when alcohol had date with her brain and that happened quiet often. And her squealing……… Well, all of the thirteen division offices probably could hear it once she starts.

"Well, I'll go with her when she's drinking and stop her before she says anything."

"If you go with her to all her sessions, you won't have a single minute with me."

"So you DO want to see me?"

Hitsugaya glared half-heartedly as he gingerly moved his arm and managed to smack Ichigo.


Ichigo's happy laugh resonated around the room and soon Hitsugaya found himself cocooned in Ichigo's warm comfort again as he did every night. Ichigo buried his face to crook of neck and kissed the skin where he was not allowed leave any mark due to fierce resistance from the stubborn captain. When the thin but toned arms came around his chest and white hair moved in closer, tickling his neck, Ichigo kissed the top of the head and murmured.

"I love you."

It was another full five minutes before Ichigo heard anything.

"Right back at you, you boke."


The next day flew pass only too quickly for the two lovers who had inevitable departure waiting for them. And it was the said departure that had found them now standing at the basement of Urahara-shoten, Ishida, Sado and Inoue, all having come to see off the icy captain they had got to know better during his stay. They were having last minute chat when Urahara appeared again with his usual fan.

"Hitsugaya taichou! The Senkaimon is ready!"

"You don't have to shout, I'm standing right next to you."

"Just in case, you know? Anyway, I have something to attend to, so Kurosaki-san, please let me know when have finished."

"Huh? Oh, right… Sure."

"And everyone, I need your help with this, so will you please come up with me?"

"Oh, but…"

"I really do need your help."

Ichigo and Toshiro were now feeling little uncomfortable.

"Oh, then… Well, I guess we have to go now, we'll see you again sometime, Toshiro-kun, I mean, Hitsugaya taichou."

Inoue still made that same mistake and Hitsugaya still hadn't given in yet to let her call him Toshiro-kun. He probably never will. Ishida pushed his glasses up with small polite nod.

"Hitsugaya taichou, I hope things go well in Soul Society."

Sado just thumbed up as usual.


"Sa, sa, quickly, I need to get to the business right now, hahahahahaha!"

Then they were all gone, leaving Ichigo and Toshiro alone. Ichigo frowned slightly at the ex-12th division captain's tactic and scratched back of his head.

"……I'm not so sure if it's good thing or bad thing that Urahara-san knows about us."

Hitsugaya simply shrugged.

"At least he won't tell others intentionally."

"Maybe. Anyway…"

Ichigo and Toshiro both turned around to see the Senkaimon waiting for the 10th division captain. Ichigo stepped up to the captain who looked back into his eyes and pulled him into his arms as he bent down for the last kiss on those warm pink lips. Hitsugaya's arms soon came round Ichigo's neck as he opened up to feel Ichigo's wet tongue tangling with his own. They stayed locked at lips until Hitsugaya first pulled off, remembering that Senkaimon was already opened and he should really go. Ichigo stood back up again all the while looking reluctant. Hitsugaya straightened his haori that got crumpled in the quick mingle with his lover then with last look at Ichigo, walked towards the gate, straight-backed and elegant with power, the usual aloofness returning to his stature.


Hitsugaya stopped and looked over his shoulder.

Ichigo smiled.

"See you soon."

Hitsugaya smirked although his emerald eyes betrayed the genuine happiness at Ichigo's words.

"See you soon."

Then he was gone, along with his frosty reiatsu and fresh scent. But Ichigo wasn't sad or depressed. He knew he would see his lover again. They had even longer than what they had so far ahead of them. Hell, they had forever ahead of them.

Ichigo smirked. Forever, huh? That definitely had a nice ring to it, he decided, as he turned around and walked off to find Urahara. One thing was sure.

He was now going to be spending a lot of time at Soul Society.


"Urahara-san, Toshiro's gon…e……what…what…what…"

Four pairs of eyes turned at the voice to find a certain carrot-top blushing and spluttering, the wide eyes stuck on the monitor they were looking at which showed the exact spot where the Senkaimon had opened. Then Urahara stood up, smiling as if nothing happened.

"Yes, I've watched, I'll just go and close it down."

"What… What… What do you mean you watched!"

"Kurosaki-kun, I thought you were getting along well with Toshiro-kun, but I never thought you were…"

Ichigo spluttered as Inoue blushed, shy smile on her face. Then Ishida pushed his glasses up, lens glinting dangerously.

"Kurosaki, I hope it was consensual."

"Wh…what… What the fuck are you implying, you freaking Quincy!"

Then Ichigo suddenly felt a large hand on his shoulder and turned around to find his big friend.


"………I'm always behind you."

Ichigo crumpled onto the floor.

"…Toshiro is going to kill me when he finds out…"

Back in Seireitei, trying to swat away Matsumoto who was grinning like maniac at him with meaningful questions, one Hitsugaya Toshiro was swearing on his soul that if anyone else discovered about them, he would personally perform konso on them AND whoever let them find out.

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