Chapter 18

"I'm really happy you came Maureen." Angel said with a warm smile as all seven of them left the building.

"Me too." Joanne smirked while placing a small kiss to Maureen's cheek, while whispering. "I'm so proud of you."

"So are you going to come tomorrow too?" Collins asked as his arm circled around Angel's waist.

"Uh…yeah I think I am." Maureen said with a confident smile.

"Good." Mimi said as she broke free from Roger, and wrapped an arm around Maureen's shoulders. "Now…can we celebrate for real this time? With you actually there with us?"

Maureen looked towards Joanne, and the lawyer shrugged. "It's up to you."

"You're already out of the apartment chica." Angel said while she too wrapped an arm around Maureen's shoulders, sandwiching her in between the dancer and herself. "You might as well enjoy the rest of the night."

Maureen was hesitant for a moment, before her arms wrapped around her friends, and with a bright smile said, "Let's go celebrate!"

"I like the sound of that." Collins clapped.

"To the Life Café?" Roger asked.

"To the Life Café!" Mimi, Angel and Maureen chanted.

Later that night a buzzed Maureen and a laughing sober Joanne entered their apartment. Once Joanne locked the door and turned around, Maureen had her arms wrapped around her.

"Joanne." Maureen began as she pulled the lawyer close. "Thank you so much, for everything. You want to go to the bedroom?"

"You're welcome." Joanne giggled as she slid her arms around Maureen. "And sure lets go to the bedroom."

Maureen held Joanne in a kiss the entire way to the bed, the only time they broke apart was to climb on and under the covers. It wasn't long before their lips were attached together again, hands roaming until Maureen stopped Joanne's hand from going down her pants.

"I'm sorry." Maureen breathed while pulling away. "I still can't."

"It's okay." Joanne whispered. "I understand things are going to take time."

Maureen smirked and kissed Joanne for her devotion; she then grabbed the lawyers hand and slid it up her shirt. "Can you settle for PG-13?"

"If you're comfortable with it." Joanne smirked, and watched as Maureen nodded while pulling her shirt off.

A month went by, and Maureen went to life support every chance should could get, now understanding that talking about her problems actual did help, and was way better than holding her feelings in.

She even started going back out with her friends again, and tonight she and Joanne were meeting the boho's at the Life Café for dinner, something Maureen had planned so she could get out of the house.

Roger snorted while he watched Maureen and Joanne make out at the end of the table, his eyes unable to move from the scene. "Some host Maureen is, she can't even pull away for a second to have a drink with us?"

"Leave them be." Mimi said while she grabbed his chin and forced his eyes elsewhere. "Things are finally getting back to normal."

"You think they would have to come up for air or something?" Mark pondered out loud, his thought catching Maureen's attention.

"Sorry guys…" Maureen panted as she finally pulled her lips away from Joanne's. "I just…you know…" Maureen stumbled on her words as she climbed off of Joanne, and pulled the lawyer up to her feet. "I haven't been able to repay Joanne for what she has done for me…"

"So in other words, Maureen hasn't been able to have sex in a while, and she is now missing it." Collins explained to the others with a huge grin.

Maureen's face formed a dumbfounded expression, as her eyes landed on her best friend, but she shrugged and smirked. "He's right."

"So is that your way of telling us you're ditching?" Angel asked with a playful look in her eye.

Maureen nodded while she threw on her coat, and grabbed Joanne's hand. "Sorry guys, but a girl has needs, and Joanne deserves this!" So with out another thought, Maureen pulled Joanne towards the door. "See ya!"

Joanne slightly blushed as she let Maureen drag her along, but she couldn't help but smile as she waved bye to the others.

"Are you okay?" Joanne asked as she kissed down Maureen's neck.

"Yeah…" Maureen whispered her fingers tangled in Joanne's hair.

"Just let me know if you need me to stop." Joanne said.

"Just keep going." Maureen whimpered.

"Okay…" Joanne said as she trailed her kisses lower. "Are you still good?"

"Joanne?" Maureen called out with fret.

Joanne's head quickly shot up and she pulled Maureen's shirt down. "What is it?!" She asked with worry.

Maureen grabbed Joanne's face, and kissed her forehead. "Please stop talking. I'm fine, and I want you to make love to me...okay?"

Joanne couldn't help but crack a smile. She leaned down placing a kiss on Maureen's lips, before carrying on.

An hour later they both laid tangled together, Maureen unable to remove the smile that was on her face.

"I can't believe I had to refuse sex…" Maureen trailed. "It's the best thing ever."

"It is a wonderful thing." Joanne agreed while she traced small circles on Maureen's back. "I know you hate when I ask, but are you okay?"

Maureen nodded while her eyes slipped closed. "I'm the happiest right now…especially since I'm with you."

Joanne kissed her head, and pulled her closer. "I love you."

"I love you too." Maureen sleepily replied before she fell into a content slumber.

The next morning when Maureen woke up, her eyes met two caring brown ones.

"Morning." Maureen smiled and gave Joanne a quick kiss.

"Morning." Joanne said. "So you slept through the night?"

Maureen nodded and snuggled into Joanne.

"No nightmares?"

"None." Maureen replied. "I think my mind is finally free."

"Good." Joanne said as she kissed Maureen's forehead.

"And I have you to thank for that…" Maureen continued as she rolled on top of Joanne and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Me?" Joanne asked with a raised brow.

Maureen nodded with a grin. "Yup because everyday I wake up next to you and it's like a dream, a beautiful, fantastic dream that cancels out all bad thoughts."

Joanne's eyes watered a little as she pulled Maureen even closer. "I love you Maureen Johnson."

"I love you Joanne Jefferson." Maureen replied with a kiss. "Thank you for rescuing me from my nightmares."

The End


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