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Hermione wrapped a robe tightly around herself, and walked into the bedroom apprehensively. Severus was sitting up in bed and reading a book. He looked up at her over the top of the book and smiled slightly when she moved toward the bed. He pulled the duvet back for her to get in, and watched as she slid under the sheets. "Is everything all right?" he asked with a frown, noticing how tense she seemed.

"Not at all Severus," she replied, hitching on a smile. "I'm just a little tired."

"You must be," he said eyeing her robe. "You certainly do not need this." He tugged at the collar and started pulling it open, only to find that she wore nothing underneath. "Well, I like where this is going," he commented with a smirk.

He opened the robe and pushed it off of her shoulders before tossing it to the floor. He layed her down on the bed, kissing her lips as he went. They had been so busy with work that they'd had little time for intimacy recently. Severus was thrilled to have his wife completely bare beneath him. "It has been far too long," he murmured, pressing hot kisses down her neck and to her collar bone. His hands caressed her breasts and then slid down her body slowly. Suddenly, he froze and his head shot up as he stared at her in question.

Hermione's anxiety was quite plain on her face. Taking a deep breath, Snape scooted back just slightly and slowly pulled the sheet away from Hermione's body. She looked different. Her belly was a bit swollen and her breasts appeared larger. He hadn't noticed the change in her breasts right away because of his arousal, but the stomach was a bit harder to miss. "Are you...?" he began hesitantly.

Hermione bit her lip and nodded. Severus stared at her in shock. "How long?" he asked quietly, unsure of what else to say.

Hermione looked away, and murmured "Three months." She winced at his sharp intake of breath.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he demanded, his tone laced with disbelief.

Meeting his eyes uncertainly, she ran her hand lightly over her stomach. "I wasn't sure how to feel about it," she replied softly. "I want to carry your child, but we haven't really spoken about having more children. And then there's Lexie..."

"What about Lexie?" Severus asked.

"I was afraid that this child would change how you feel about her," Hermione said, her eyes beginning to fill with tears. "She's not your natural child." She paused before admitting "I was afraid that it would change how I feel about her. She's a product of a marriage that failed."

After a moment Severus pulled Hermione into his arms, cradling her head against his chest. "You should have told me," he murmured. "This baby does not change my feelings for Lexie, nor will it ever. I accepted Lexie as my own two years ago when I married you. In fact, as far as I am concerned, she was my child from the very beginning." He reached down and caressed her slightly swollen belly. "Lexie is as much a part of me as this child, because she is part of you."

Hermione smiled tearfully. "Does this mean that you're happy about the new baby?" she whispered.

Severus smirked and rolled onto his back, bringing Hermione with him. He settled her comfortably on top of him and ran his fingers through her hair lazily. "Ecstatic," he replied smoothly. "However, I am very disappointed that you waited so long to inform me of this pregnancy. I am afraid that you will have to work very hard to make it up to me."

Hermione grinned. "You're a wicked, wicked man Severus Snape," she purred, lightly running her fingers down his chest.

"Mummy!" A muffled cry from the other side of the bedroom door made the couple groan.

Severus grumbled as Hermione climbed off of him and grabbed her robe before going to let Lexie into their room. He pulled the duvet up to cover hide his erection, making Hermione grin mischievously at him. She pulled the door open and smiled down at her three year old daughter.

"What are you doing up Lexie?" Hermione asked.

"I had a bad dream," Lexie replied, her lower lip quivering as her blue eyes filled with tears. "Can I sleep with you?"

"Absolutely not," Severus said sharply, still hoping to be able to make love to his wife. His tone softened when he noticed Lexie's tears. "You may come and sit with us for a little while before going back to your bed."

Lexie grinned and bounded over to the side of the bed. Hermione climbed back into bed and set Lexie down between herself and Severus. "Now what was this bad dream?" Severus asked, running his fingers gently through Lexie's blonde curls.

"Peeves chase me," Lexie said, her eyes wide. "He push me off the 'stromny tower."

"The astronomy tower," Hermione clarified, giving Lexie's hand an affectionate squeeze. "Don't worry love. We'd never let Peeves hurt you."

"He scary," Lexie commented.

"Don't think about it," Hermione said gently. "Daddy and I have something exciting to tell you."

Lexie's face lit up in excitement. "What?"

Hermione looked at Severus with a smile. He nodded and then looked down at the little girl. "Lexie, your mummy is going to have a baby," he said careful, uncertain of how she would react. He smiled when Lexie beamed and clapped her hands joyfully.

"A new baby!" Lexie cried happily. Then she gave her mother a puzzled frown. "Where is it?"

"It's growing in Mummy's tummy," Hermione said. "Remember when baby Hugo was in Aunt Luna's tummy?"

Lexie nodded, casting a skeptical look at Hermione's midsection. The expression made Hermione giggle. They sat in the bed for a while, talking about the new baby until Lexie drifted off to sleep.

Severus carried Lexie back to her own bed and then returned to his wife looking relieved. He got in bed next to Hermione and immediately pulled her close to his body. "I'm very tired Severus," Hermione said, as he pressed a kiss to her neck.

Severus pulled back just enough to give her an irritated look. "Well, this could be a long night for you," he retorted, refusing to relinquish his hold on her. Hermione amused laugh turned into a moan as Severus slid his hand down between her legs. They made love slowly, savoring each exquisite sensation.

When they finally lay sated in each others arms, Hermione sighed blissfully. Her life had brought her some terrible experiences, but she finally felt grateful for all of it. The difficulties in her first marriage had been what brought her and Severus to the end. Lexie now had a loving father and Hermione was married to a man that adored her, with the assurance that he'd be there for as long as he drew breath.

Hermione felt Severus shift closer to her and drape his arm over her to rest his hand on her stomach. She fell asleep with a peaceful smile on her face.

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