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Story Info: Ut Proism- Latin for "That I May Serve"- This is designed to be a sequel to "When? Where? As Long as it's You" but can be read on its own, given that it explains what information is necessary to understand the story line. There will be a brief character reference at the bottom to explain references to the prequel.

CAUTION: contains time travel, angry vampires and implied lemons at various points... and of course, rampant blood shed is a must... XD R&R!

Ut Proism

Chapter One: Negotiations

Seras Victoria frowned, shifting her weight as she propped her chin in her hand, resting her elbow on the table as she scrutinized her former master, watching him drink the bloodied wine he clutched tastefully in his long, slender fingers. Occasionally, his crimson eyes flicked to her in mild interest, but he seconds later resumed swirling the contents of crystal glass thoughtfully, ignoring her presence.

Seras vaguely wondered if he was doing this on purpose, making it harder for her to ask the question on her mind so that he could enjoy the pleasure of watching her squirm uncomfortably. Yes, that sounded like something Alucard would do. So how could she retaliate? Somehow, she didn't thinking deliberately not asking her question was setting her up to win this mind game.

She also wondered how much he knew of what she was thinking. Since he had freed her from his service, their mind link had not been as strong; but it certainly wasn't weak. He could speak into her head at will, and she had a feeling he enjoyed probing through her dreams in his free time. But as for reading her mind... that was a different story. She could usually sense him reading her thoughts and was able to erect a barrier if need be.

On the other hand, Alucard was an uncommonly skilled vampire. It was always possible that he had found a way to creep into her mind unnoticed. The familiar smirk on his face when he looked at her always kept her guessing. Maybe he knew this and did it deliberately to confuse her. One thing was certain; Alucard took far too much delight in her discomfort. She had thought that being his mate would have changed that between them. She had hoped that she would become more than just a toy. But mating seemed to have only taken them further in the opposite direction of her fantasies. She was more his toy than ever, more under his control than she had been as a fledgling, as loyal as a dog and always incredibly confused.

She struggled to keep up with him intellectually and had long since given up trying to outdo him in combat. For every trick she pulled out, Alucard had a dozen up his sleeve. She hated being so inferior to him, and at the same time she was all the more attracted to him. Perhaps she should have been grateful to have been awarded the privilege of sharing his bed, and yet, at the same time it wasn't enough. She would be forever striving to be better at him at something.

It seemed all her hopes for victory had come down to one final thing; Vanya. He was the one thing that she could still be proud of: the perfect vampire. Young, handsome, talented... his concentration was flawless, his actions precise and concentrated and his desire to succeed well above where her own had been. He progressed rapidly in his training. He had even reached the point where he could probably outdo her in combat, not that he ever suggested it. He was respectful and loyal to his master, and to Alucard.

Alucard watched the boy grow with dislike and interest, causing Seras to swell with triumph. She wondered whether he felt threatened by her fledgling's growing power, or was simply envious of the ample amount of time she devoted to him each day. Either way, Vanya frustrated her former master in a way she could not.

And she loved him all the more for it. He was like a son to her, and she watched him with a mother's adoring eye, praised him when he succeeded, scolded him when he was rude and put thought and care into his plans for the future. It had been nearly twenty years since she had turned him (ignoring the fact that she had been on a different time plane when she had done so) and he now resembled Alucard in many ways. The once boyishly brown-blonde hair had turned silvery, much like her own, and fell a few inches past his shoulders. His eyes were the purest shade of crimson imaginable, a sign of power and strong blood. Seras could not even recall what they looked like when they were green.

She smiled, thinking fondly of her fledgling, knowing he was probably curled up in his coffin in what had once been her room, sleeping peacefully after his long day of training. He had just learned how to transform into a flock of bats, and the experience had physically drained him. Seras made a mental note to ask Walter to leave him an extra blood pack.

She looked up, coming out of her thoughtful trance and found that Alucard was staring at her with his alluring eyes narrowed curiously. She stared back unblushingly, waiting for him to speak. When he did not, she said aloud, "Don't you think we are getting too old for staring contests, Alucard?"

His teeth flashed in a slight smirk. "Given that you are the one who has been watching me like a scared puppy for the last hour, I would hold my tongue."

Seras scowled indignantly and looked away, now staring at anything but him.

"Why not ask your question?" he suggested, taking another sip from his glass.

Seras felt her face flush. So he had been deliberately pretending he didn't know she had something on her mind. "No, thank you," she replied, admiring the cracks between the stones the made up the floor.

"Then you won't get an answer, will you?" he pointed out, his cruel smile flitting across his lips.

"I doubt any answer you'd give me would be straight forward anyway," she returned coldly. "It's not worth it for the satisfaction it would give you."

"Are you certain of this?"

Seras hesitated. No, she wasn't certain. He did give her comprehensible answers sometimes, but it was not often. Would this time be different? After all, it was a rather important question...

No! she shouted mentally at herself. He's baiting you to get inside your thoughts! He'll hear the question and then give you a stupid answer before disappearing through a wall.

"For the time being, Alucard, I would rather I keep this question to myself," she told him firmly. "While I trust you to protect me physically, I do not have any faith in your ability to keep me mentally sound, so I will take care of that on my own, thanks."

Alucard's grin deepened. "Sanity is all relevant."

"And in your case, it doesn't matter what you're judging against," she politely replied, causing him to chuckle and lean back in his chair, surveying her hungrily.

She ignored this new glint in his eyes, determined to ignore it just as he ignored her need for information. Perhaps she would spend the night in Vanya's room...

Alucard's smile did not fade, even though she had made no effort to hide this last thought from him. Did he believe her incapable of being apart from him for one night? He was so arrogant and confident in his own appeal...

She huffed, and crossed her legs, folding her arms across her chest, as if to say, "dream on." Alucard was not phased even for a second. She watched him vanish from his chair, and, knowing where he would reappear, she mimicked his actions, switching sides of the table in an instant. Alucard now stood behind where she had been sitting while she was still in the same position, only in his chair instead of hers.

Alucard grinned maliciously, obviously pleased by her attempts to keep away from him. He seemed amused, and if anything, encouraged. This time he walked lazily around the table, his eyes fixed on her like she was something to be preyed upon. Seras tried to ignore the tingling feeling this look placed in the pit of her stomach. She went to vanish again, but found that she could not; he had put a block on her powers. That is to say, he had erected a barrier around her body, keeping her in place.

Seras only scowled harder. He walked behind her trailing a gloved hand across her shoulders, making her shiver uncomfortably. She looked up at him, frowning as she said, "Alucard, I don't want-,"

But her voice caught in her throat as he snaked a hand beneath her chin, and pulled her from the chair. His free hand wound its way around her waist, crushing her body against his. She strangled a gasp as he dragged the hand that had cupped her face down her back and then up the side of her leg. One of her hands clenched on his shirt as she felt herself pressing closer to him.

Seras looked away in spite of herself. She knew that had they both been humans, she would have been able to pull away from him and storm out of the room. But there was some amount of hypnosis in his actions that enticed her against her will. It seemed she was still not strong enough to resist him. But perhaps she could play this situation to her advantage, rather than his. After all, he had the same weakness all men shared, and she did at least have enough power to control that.

"Master," she purred, noting his delight at her use of the word; she only used it in such intimate settings. She wrapped an arm around his neck, moving her lips closer to his as she whispered, "If you gave me a good answer, I could make it worth your while."

Alucard smirked. "How so, Police Girl?"

"I can think of a few ways," she said tantalizingly, sliding her tongue teasingly across his lips.

Alucard raised an eyebrow and said, "We both know that I can extract whatever form of pleasure I want from you without your consent."

"But we also both know you enjoy it more when you have my consent," she reminded him, brushing her lips against the flesh of his neck. "And even better than when you have my consent is when I'm actually interested." She pressed her hips into his, causing his grip on her to tighten. He looked down at her intensely and she knew she had won; men were honestly so easily manipulated...

"Fine," he murmured before pressing his lips against hers. He then pulled away and said as an after thought, "You may ask me later. I have a feeling any sort of question you're fighting this hard to have answered would ruin the mood."

Seras smiled, and began unbuttoning his shirt.

It was almost dark when Seras awoke, lying beside her former master in his coffin. He had an arm around her bare waist, that kept her pressed against him while they slept. Seras did not move. She had learned after years of living with Alucard that he was a very light sleeper, and not a morning- or rather, evening- person. The two were a very bad combination that kept her as still as the dead. He would awake of his own accord eventually, and then they would talk. Seras would make sure of that.

For the time being, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander, enjoying the feeling of being so possessively held. Vanya was awake; she could sense him prowling about the upstairs corridor, perhaps waiting until Walter was out of the kitchen to sneak an extra blood pack from the fridge. Distantly, she heard the sounds of a sergant bellowing orders to the new recruits that had arrived only two weeks prior and were now undergoing the intensive training the always accompanied being a soldier of Hellsing.

She lay there, wondering how long it would take Alucard to open his eyes.

Scipio? She thought tentatively, hoping that the response would not be too rude.

"Vhat?" he snapped into her head.

Were you sleeping?

"Oh, no, Massster. I vasss sskipping through a field of flowersss, thinking vhat a lovely ssunssset thissss iss," he replied. Seras grimaced; he had only recently learned what sarcasm was, and since then, every conversation she had held with him had been riddled with it.

If you don't watch your tongue, you'll be admiring the sunrise, too, Seras threatened.

Daivs were such troublesome creatures, she decided, or maybe it was just Scipio. He was loyal yes, and useful in battle, but she sometimes wondered if it was worth it for his cold responses. He was even less cheerful when first awakened than Alucard was, though at least he was her servant, so she could handle his moods.

"Very vell," he said grumpily into her head. Daivs share only a mental link with their masters, a vampire of their choosing. Seras often wondered why Scipio had not transferred to Vanya or Alucard. They were significantly more powerful than she, and daivs are nearly always won by power. "Ssso," he hissed. "Let me guess. You are bored with that mate of yoursss, sso you deccided to bother me insstead?"

Something like that, Seras said with a smirk.

"I think it sstrange that you chosse 'im, or that 'e chosse you."

As you've told me, many times, Seras pointed out, rolling her eyes.

"'e is very rude to me, you know."

Oh, good, let me tell him about that and I'm sure he'll understand and apologize immediately.

"I thought you ssaid sssarcassssm vass not good," Scipio said, with his snake-like laugh. "I vass not sssearching for an apology. I vass merely demonsstrating 'is attatchment to you. You 'ad thoughtsss of doubt."

Seras smiled slightly. When first she had met Scipio, she had not realized how strong the bond between them was. But as time went on, she realized it was impossible for her to keep her thoughts from him, or for him to keep his thoughts from her. The bond was stronger than that of a master and a fledgling, or even the bond between Alucard and Integra.

Thank you, Scipio,she said softly.

"You are alvayss ssso emotional..." he muttered in response.

Seras forgot herself and laughed aloud. The reaction was instantaneous. Alucard's eyes snapped open and he glared at her, flipping her in his arms so that she was facing him.

"I'm sorry, Alucard," she said in the most soothing voice she could muster, running her fingers gingerly through his long black hair. "I didn't mean to wake you."

He caught her hand by the wrist and used it to pull her closer to him. "Lucky for you I was already awake," he informed her, kissing the side of her neck. Seras sighed with relief. If she woke him up early, he was usually in a bad temper for the remainder of the day.

"Then your promise?"

"What of it?" He was kissing down the front of her body, thoroughly disinterested in whatever she had to say.

"Will you answer my question?" She place her hands on either side of his face, guiding him up to eye level.

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"Yes, but a promise made by you is often about as useful as one made by a tree stump," she pointed out. Alucard smirked.

"Ask your question," he instructed.

She nodded. "Integra is almost fifty... I know that it may be many years before she dies, but she is past the point of being fertile, isn't she? And she never married, so she never produced an heir. What will happen when she dies? What will happen to you, I mean?"

Alucard raised his eyebrows, grinning from ear to ear. "That was your question?" he asked, his voice full of ridicule. "I thought you would have been able to figure that out on your own."

Seras blushed. "I had an idea," she muttered. "But I wanted your opinion."

"Perhaps I should answer you more often if that is what I get for such simple questions."

"And yet you still haven't answered it," she pointed out, pushing away from him.

Alucard grinned. "Integra will bind me when she senses the end of her life approaching. She will probably order me to destroy you and Vanya first."

"What?" Seras squeaked, her eyes widening with horror. "How can she do that? How can we stop it?"

"That's more than one question, Police Girl," he said, pushing off the lid of the coffin and getting to his feet. "You'll have to earn those answers tomorrow."

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Terms and Characters:

Daiv- an uncommon hell-creature that resembles something like a cross between a giant dog and a bear with black fur and glowing red eyes. Serves only one vampire and shares a mental link with them; otherwise, they cannot speak to any but their own kind. It is agile, and strong, and most useful because it possesses the rare ability to journey through the years (in other words, time travel).

Scipio- Seras' daiv. He is one of the smartest of his kind, and also the rudest. His former master was, ironically enough, the woman who turned Alucard into a vampire. When trapped in the past by another daiv (one that belonged to Alucard's former self, Dracula)Seras demonstrated superior power to Scipio's former master and won his allegience. She named him after a human she met, and watched die, in the past.

Vanya- Seras' fledgling. While in the past, she turned him in an effort to make Alucard angry (and she succeeded a little too well, might I add), but also because he demonstrated fascinating character traits that attracted her to him (not in a "mate" sense). He was part vampire (on his father's side) before he ever met Seras, which compelled him to make the choice to go with Seras.

Dracula- Alucard's former self. When Seras accidentally fell through the time stream while in the process of killing his daiv, she found herself face to face with the legendary count and had to prove her worth all over again just so that she could live. Dracula demonstrated the beginnings of Alucard's personality, but seemed much more sane, and even human at times. Alucard, who found another daiv and came to get Seras, erased his memory so that time would not be disrupted by their encounter.