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Warning: Unbeta-ed. language, OOC in case. Chase angst. AU.

Rate: T for violence, and angst.

Spoiler: Post "Human Error"

Summary: Dr. Chase's cell phone voice bothered the crew.

Robert Chase stared at his cell-phone with desperate, as he was angry with himself, he didn't even know why he stayed there so much time, and that choice that he made, had cause him to get fired.

He missed his home; he missed human touch and love. This work gave him nothing but pain, and rejection of being love.

Cameron didn't love him, just used him for her needs, and House, and was done nothing to let him feel that he belongs.


Five days later...

"Dr. House," Foreman called, as he noticed the doctor walked at him, and added, "Have you heard from Chase?"

"No, why should I? I fired him, as it was time for a change."

"I tried to call him, to see how's he doing, and the message that he puts on the receiver bothered me." Foreman replied, and he hoped to see the man he worked with some caring, if he did gave a shit about his crew.

"Same here." Wilson's head popped from another room.

Dr. G. House stared at him, like he lands from alien field, and asked with emotional voice, "And do you want me to do with it?"

"Have you ever called him? Ask how is he doing or something?" Dr. Foreman asked, gazing him with astonished eyes.

"No, why should I do that?"

Foreman started to dial Chase's cell-phone, and handed it to House to listen.

"The user of the cell-phone is no longer available, he vanished with stardust since he wasn't needed in the place where he was worked, if you wish to talk to him, your late. My time is over, it's time for a change."

"What is this? A joke?" Dr. Gregory handed the cell-phone back to the black doctor.

"Why would you think that it's kind of joke, you started with it by firing a good decent doctor, who may be through seven hell doors, and who knows what he is doing right now, because of you!"

"I did what I think was right, still think that I did the right thing to do!" Dr. House said with determination voice.

End of Chapter 1.