Chapter 1

Summary: The brothers deal with the aftermath of Sam's visions manifesting physically and also try to figure out what plans the yellow-eyed demon has in store for them both.

A/N: This story is inspired by the story "When Did I Become So Weak?" by not necessary to read that story first, but it definitely lays the background work for this one.

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"He's not going to cooperate no matter how much I try to beat some sense into him," said 'Jane'. The demon possessed woman that had lured Sam into this trap. She wiped Sam's blood from his knuckles and looked to the other occupant in the room besides Sam. "He wants answers first."

The Yellow-Eyed Demon walked over to where Sam was tied to a chair and loomed over the young man. Sam could feel his pulse quicken and he found it hard to catch his breath. He tried to be strong, but between the beatings and the string of all too real visions he'd had lately he was beginning to crumble.

The Demon leaned down to place a hand on Sam's shoulder and Sam could feel a shiver run up his back. "You want answers, Sammy-boy? I'll tell you everything," the Demon told Sam as he grasped Sam's head in both hands.

Sam screamed as pain blossomed behind his eyes and he could feel the world start to fall away. When he opened his eyes again Sam found himself standing in a dark room that looked vaguely familiar. "Where am I?"

"Where do you think?" said the Demon standing next to him.

Sam looked around noticing the large window behind them and lights that danced across the wall from a night light sitting on a nearby dresser. Then he saw a man standing over a crib where a baby laid cooing softly to itself and then he knew. "Is that…" horror filling him when he realized where he must be.

"Yes. That's you as a baby." The Demon smirked at the look of shock on Sam's face as he watched the scene play out. "You wanted to know the truth. So I thought I'd show you."

Sam looked on in horror as the Demon from the past cut his wrist and drops of his blood fell into Baby Sam's mouth. "You fed me demon's blood?!"

The Demon shrugged nonchalantly. "It's the only way to see if you are a chosen one or not."

Just then a shadow fell across the room as his mom walked in the door to the nursery. "John, is he okay? Does he want to be fed?" asked Mary from the past.

"Mom!" Sam yelled.

The Demon from the past turned slightly towards Mary and made a shushing noise.

Mary just stood there for a moment with a baffled look on her face and then shrugged. "O-kay." She then walked away down the hall.

Sam started to go after her. "Mom! Don't!" Maybe he could save her if he could just stop her from coming back.

The Demon grabbed his arm to hold him back. "Easy, Sammy-boy. She can't hear you. This is just a Technicolor playback if you will."

Sam seethed in silence. He watched helplessly as the demon continued to feed him the blood a thought finally bubbling to the surface of his mind. "So does this mean I have demon's blood in me?" He looked at the Demon from the present hoping that he was wrong.

The Demon held his steady gaze. "Where do you think the visions came from, Sammy?" asked the Demon without emotion.

Sam's head reeled with the notion that he may be part demon and what that meant. He could turn evil if under the right circumstances. He was a danger to everyone he ever loved because now he knew what he really was. He felt anger start to well up in him, and all he could think was that once this was over with he was going to kill this sunavabitch for what he had done to him and his family.

His mother came running back into the room shouting, "Sam!" She stopped dead in her tracks as the yellow-eyed demon turned to look at her and a look of confusion and then recognition crossed her face. "It's you," was all Mary said.

Sam was shocked. "She knew you!" He looked from his mother to the Demon and back again not sure what to believe.

"You see it was never about her. She just came in at the wrong time," said the Demon relishing what effect this revelation had on the young man.

Sam's mind was reeling with this new information. He had always felt somehow that his mother's death might have been his fault, but now he knew for certain. She died just because she was trying to save him. He watched in sick fascination as his mother was pushed up against the wall by unseen forces, and Sam knew what was to come. "No!" It came out as a strangled protest as Sam fought to keep his emotions under control. Mary started up the wall and stopped when she was pinned on the ceiling, a look of fear in her eyes. Sam wanted to stop watching, but part of him wanted to see it for himself. See if it was just like when Jess had died. A bloody cut started to form on her stomach and Sam stood frozen to the spot.

"I think that's enough for now," said the Demon from the present and the image faded to white.

Sam was then standing in another room. He looked for the YED to be beside him, but instead the scene he saw freaked him out even more. It was himself. He was tied to a chair just like at 'Jane's' house and the two demons were standing in front of him watching his limp form.

"You think he's ready to cooperate now?" asked 'Jane'.

"Yeah, I think he's ready," said the YED.

Just then the front door burst in and he saw Dean storm in with his shotgun ready. "Sam!" Dean's voice was gruff with emotion and Sam could tell that he was scared for his little brother. He shot 'Jane' in the chest with a rock-salt bullet and she flew back landing painfully on the floor. He then took aim at the Demon.

By this time the YED had reached Sam and had a knife to his throat. "Oh, I wouldn't do anything if I were you. Not unless you want to see your precious Sammy-boy die." The YED smiled wickedly at Dean and drew the knife slightly over Sam's neck.

Dean hesitated at this not knowing what to do. Sam watched Dean in disbelief. He couldn't believe his brother was falling for this.

"Just let my brother go," Dean snarled as he kept the rifle trained on the Demon.

"Oh, I don't think so. You see if I do, then what stops you from killing me?

Dean smirked slightly. "You wouldn't do it. Sam's your favorite. He's supposed to help you ring in the new Apocalypse. He's no good to you dead."

"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that. You see…there's lots more like him out there. I know you've come across a few in all your demon hunting. And who's to say I don't kill him right here and move onto the next best potential. Besides, if you try to shoot me now you'll get Sammy-boy here to."

The Sam in the vision must have come to a bit because he called out weakly. "Dean."

Dean hesitated for a second longer before lowering his weapon. "Okay. You win. Just…let my brother go. Please."

"Dean, no!" yelled Present Sam.

The YED just chuckled and then sneered. "You know, I always did love a good sucker." With that he took his knife and plunged it into Sam's side.


Sam gasped for air as he came to in his chair his eyes bulging in fright. The two demons were laughing at him as he struggled to get his breath.

"What's the matter, Sammy?" The demon "Jane" asked. "You said you wanted to know the truth. Now you don't look like you really want to know." She then laughed evilly.

Sam squeezed his eyes shut against the intense pain in his head and side. He could feel a little blood trickle down his ribs and it hurt to breathe. He knew he was hurt bad, and like all of his other injuries from previous visions he knew that this one could be fatal. He struggled to stay awake knowing that his brother Dean would be coming to rescue him. He had to figure out what to do.

A strangled sob left him as relief washed through him. Dean wasn't dead like the Demon had led him to believe. His brother was alive either by some crazy chance or the Demon had straight out lied to him. Either way, he could feel hope blossom in him again.

As the pain in his head subsided a little what he saw in his visions came back to him. He was part demon and his mother had known the Demon, but that didn't matter right now. He had to figure out a way to stop his second vision from coming true.

He saw black spots and his vision began to blur as he started to lose consciousness. He tried to take a deep breath but it was impossible between the stab wound in his side and his broken ribs from the previous beatings.

"So what do you say, Sammy-boy? You ready to cooperate?" asked the Demon.

Sam gasped for air and concentrated on not letting himself fall unconscious.

"Oh stop with the dramatics," said the YED as he stepped closer to Sam. "I said, are you ready to cooperate?" He emphasized the last with a fist to Sam's jaw.

Pain exploded in Sam's face and his vision swam even more as the pain in his side blossomed some more as his body twisted under the blow. He couldn't help the small groan of pain that passed his lips. He was so tired.

The demon crouched down to his level and held Sam's head up so he could look into Sam's eyes, which were almost completely swollen shut.

Sam could barely make him out through the haze of pain and he blinked slowly trying to clear his vision. What he saw made him smile slightly. Doubt. The yellow-eyed demon looked at Sam for a second longer and then started to examine him more closely. He touched the wound in Sam's side and Sam groaned in pain and coughed with the effort to breathe.

"Damn it!" the YED roared as he stood up. Sam's head flopped against his chest too heavy for him to keep upright anymore.

"What is it?" Jane asked confusion plainly in her voice.

"He's had another vision," growled the Demon through gritted teeth. He was then back over to Sam in nothing flat holding his head up by his hair. "Tell me!" He grabbed Sam's face so he could look him in the eye. "Tell me what you saw!"

Sam concentrated on trying to stay awake as he looked into the Demon's angry yellow eyes a small smirk crossing his battered face. Just then the front door flew in and there was Dean with a shotgun. He shot 'Jane' with rock salt throwing her back onto the floor where she writhed in pain clutching her chest. He then kicked her in the face and she fell still as she lost consciousness.

Dean then turned to survey the rest of the room and his heart almost stopped at what he saw. "Sam!"

The YED had used the time it took Dean to take out 'Jane' to swing around behind Sam and was now holding a wicked looking knife to his throat.

"Dean," Sam croaked out, his Adam's apple bobbing dangerously against the blade of the knife.

"It's okay, Sam. I'm here," Dean said trying to remain calm for Sam's sake as he trained his gun on the demon holding his brother hostage. A furious look passed across his face as he stared at the yellow-eyed bastard that had killed his mother and was now threatening his brother's life.

The demon laughed slightly. "Are you sure about that, Dean? From the way I see it, I don't think anything is okay."

"Just let my brother go you sunuvabitch," growled Dean as he tightened his grip on the shotgun knowing that he couldn't shoot the demon without hitting Sam.

"Now why would I do that? If I let him go, you'd just kill me; and I wouldn't want that." The Demon grinned evilly and pulled Sam's head back a little more making the younger Winchester gasp in pain.

'This is going exactly like I saw in my vision!' Sam thought to himself as he tried not to pass out from the pain. 'If I don't do something, I'll end up dead and probably Dean too. Think!' He tried to get his addled brain to work through the haze of pain. There was only one thing, but he was only going to have one shot at it. Now he only had to wait for it to come and hope that it would work.

"And who's to say I don't kill him and move onto the next best potential," said the YED. He really didn't want to do it this way, but if he had to he would.

"Dean, don't," whispered Sam, the knife nicking at his throat. Sam tried to make eye contact with his brother but was finding it difficult to focus.

Dean hesitated for a moment trying to decide what to do. He didn't want the Demon to win, but he couldn't let Sam get hurt anymore. Dean put down his gun and relaxed his stance. "Okay, you win. Just…let my brother go." He hated begging but if it saved Sam. "Please, don't hurt him."

The Demon laughed deeply as he continued to stare at Dean with an evil glint in his eye. "You know…I always loved a sucker," gloated the YED and he made his move.

As the Demon lowered his knife to stab him in the side, Sam gathered all his strength and head butted the bastard. The Demon staggered back away from Sam, and Dean quickly pulled a gun from his waistband and took a wild shot hitting the YED in the shoulder. The Demon fell back clutching at his bleeding shoulder shocked at what had happened. Dean started towards Sam and 'Jane' leapt on top of him and they went flying to the ground. Dean's gun flew from his hand and skittered across the floor.

After hearing the shot, Bobby who had been waiting outside the back door burst in and surveyed the scene in front of him. Dean was fighting with a woman who he assumed was possessed. Sam was tied to a chair a few feet in front of him and the YED was lying on the floor at his feet with a bullet in his shoulder. Bobby wasted no time firing a few more shots into the Demon including one in the head.

Oily black smoke fled the host body as the Demon retreated slipping through the cracks in the floor. Bobby then rushed to help Dean. Dean and the woman somehow had made their way over to where the gun had slid and were fighting over it. Dean had some scratches on his face and the demon was sporting a swollen eye. Dean wrestled for control and Bobby could see he was losing as the barrel of the gun inched closer to Dean's face. Bobby didn't hesitate in plunging a knife into her back giving it a good twist. The demon howled in pain and fled the body it inhabited before her host died.

Dean lay on the floor panting from the ordeal as Bobby leaned over to look him over. "You okay?" asked Bobby.

Dean nodded slightly in response. "Yeah, thanks," he said as he reached for Bobby's hand to help pull him up.

"No problem," said Bobby.

Dean stood for a moment trying to get his balance thankful that at least that was over. His body was screaming at him to slow down, take it easy, but he ignored it. He would have time to rest later. He limped slightly as he turned to look around at the room.

Both of them then turned their attention to Sam who was still tied to the chair with his head hanging limply against his chest. Dean hobbled over to Sam as quickly as he could and leaned down in front of him. His brother didn't look too good. He had bruises everywhere and it didn't look like he even had enough strength to lift his head off his chest.

"Sam? Sam, come on wake up." Dean lifted his chin so he could look at his brother's face and then smacked his cheek slightly a few times trying to raise his brother. "Come on, Sam. Open your eyes for me." His face was a mess, but Dean could see a little glimmer when Sam opened his swollen eyes.

"Dean." It was more of a mumble than a word but it was the best thing that Dean had heard in a long time.

"Hey, Sam. No, come on. You gotta stay awake. Come on stay with me. You got to keep talking." He shook his brother slightly trying to wake him more as Bobby went to cut his restraints.

Sam groaned slightly and tried to do what his brother wanted. "Did you get them?" asked Sam so softly that Dean almost didn't hear it.

Dean smiled. "Yeah, yeah we got those bastards. Hey that was some quick thinking on your part, Sammy. How did you know he was going to move when he did?" He held his brother's head between his hands trying to get Sam to focus.

Sam blinked trying to get his eyes to focus and tried to suck in a breath. He was so tired. "…I saw…" Sam's eyes closed slowly and Dean shook him slightly.

"Hey, Sam, what did you see?" Dean tapped his brother's cheek again and winced when Sam gave out a small whimper of pain.

Bobby cut the last restraint holding him to the chair, and Sam slumped forward into Dean's arms unable to hold himself in the chair any longer. As Bobby got up his eyes traveled to the floor where he thought he saw something and his stomach dropped.


Dean looked at Bobby with a frown on his face. Bobby was staring at the floor by Sam's chair and Dean tried to figure out what was so damn interesting. He looked down to where Bobby was looking and he went cold. Something was dripping onto the floor steadily from the seat of the chair and it took Dean a second to realize what it was. Blood.

He leaned Sam back in the chair carefully holding his shoulder to keep him upright and pulled back his coat to get a better look and then he saw it. A stab wound in his little brother's side. The blood quickly staining his shirt red. "Damn it, Sam."

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