Chapter 14

A/N: This story is inspired by the story "When Did I Become So Weak?" by iS2 (dot) coheed (dot) and (dot) cambria

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Summary: Sam's visions have been manifesting physically and thanks to the Demon he is definitely in worse shape. After a slow recovery, Sam takes a turn for the worse and Dean doesn't handle it well. Now with both Winchesters in the hospital, the Demon decides that maybe it's time to get rid of Dean so that he is free to take Sam. With one of Sam's visions sending him away so that he won't end up hurting his big brother, Dean is left behind to try and fight off the Demon's attacks with the help of Bobby and Missouri. But will Sam's visions help or hinder the Demon's pursuit? While he was gone, Sam gets possessed by YED's son and now he has come back to the hospital to see if his brother is okay.

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The closer he got to waking up, the more he didn't want to. First, there was the smell. That…oh so clean smell of disinfectant that could only mean one thing: hospital. Next, came feeling which brought with it the deep seated ache and throb of both injuries and exhaustion, and as he drifted closer to consciousness he couldn't stop the small groan that escaped him.

There was a scrape of a chair and the quiet rustling of cloth against cloth and then a warm hard settled on his forehead. "Sam? Come on sweetie. Time to wake up now."

Sam frowned slightly at the sound of the familiar voice and leaned into the touch as it slid down to his cheek. It seemed so unfamiliar in the softness of it and yet he yearned to feel that touch again.

"That's it, Sam," a gruffer sounding voice said from his other side also sounding familiar. "Come on now. Open your eyes."

Both Bobby and Missouri watched as Sam struggled to regain consciousness with baited breath hoping that the young man would finally wake up enough to recognize them. After a brief struggle, Sam finally managed to open his eyes and both hunter and psychic smiled at the sight.

"Hey there," Missouri greeted softly brushing her hand through his hair and Sam closed his eyes again in exhaustion.

"No, Sam, come on. Open your eyes again," Bobby coaxed and took Sam's hand in his own and rubbed small circles along the thumb.

"Hmmm," Sam hummed slightly in the back of his throat and then tried again to pry his heavy lids open. When he finally managed to pry them open again it took him a moment to try and focus on the blurry shapes in front of him. "Hey," he said almost breathlessly and blinked his eyes a few more times.

Bobby smiled slightly at that. "Hey, yourself. Welcome back. And just so you know, you scared the crap out of us."

Sam just smiled lazily at him not really able to pull a coherent thought together quite yet. "What…happened?"

Bobby and Missouri exchanged a brief glance trying to decide exactly how much to tell him. "Let's just say you weren't yourself for a while," Missouri said a little hesitantly.

Sam just frowned as a few memories started to come back to him. "Possessed?"

"I guess you'd call it that. At least for a while anyway," Bobby said and Sam gave a little smile.

"How are you feeling?" Missouri asked trying to read Sam's feelings, but wasn't getting much quite yet with all the drugs he was on.

"Tired," Sam breathed out as he closed his eyes then forced them open again as a thought occurred to him and he tried to look around. "Dean?"

Both Bobby and Missouri frowned slightly at that. "What do you remember?" Missouri finally asked.

Sam tried to concentrate and couldn't seem to pull his thoughts together. "I'm…not sure? Still…kind of hazy."

Bobby just chuckled slightly at that. "Yeah, I'm not surprised with what kind of drugs they've got you on. They had to take you back into surgery to repair some damage to your side and you've been pretty out of it since then."

Sam just blinked up at Bobby not quite comprehending what the older hunter was saying. "O-kay?" he finally managed still clearly confused as to what was going on.

Bobby and Missouri just smiled and exchanged another look. "Like I said, you've been out of it. Why don't you get some more sleep? We'll be here when you wake up again."

Bobby patted his shoulder slightly and Sam couldn't help but feel comforted by the touch. "…'Kay." He had to admit he was still pretty tired, but as his eyes closed he couldn't help but think he was forgetting something. But before he could catch the thought again, he was out.

The next time he woke, he could hear faint voices in the background. A few words such as 'Sam', 'Dean' and 'demon' filtered through but nothing quite made sense as he drifted in that gap between sleep and awake where you could go either way at the drop of a hat. And yet…something kept nagging at him.

"Bobby," Missouri placed a hand on Bobby's arm and looked over towards where Sam lay. "I think he's starting to wake up again."

She quickly made her way over to Sam's side and took his hand in hers. "Come on, Sweetie, I know you're awake."

Sam frowned slightly and then finally opened his eyes to glare slightly at the older psychic.

Missouri just chuckled slightly and then patted Sam's hand. "Yes, I know but I think you've slept enough for right now. How are you feeling…truthfully?"

Sam thought about it for a second and then nodded slightly. "Better. How long have I been out?" He tried to clear his throat and swallowed trying to work some moisture into his dry mouth.

Missouri noticed and leaned back to get a glass of water for Sam and then helped him sit up slightly to take a few sips.

Sam choked slightly on the last sip and coughed, but then tried to abort that as pain spiked through his side. He weakly wrapped his arms around his ribs and grimaced as the stitches pulled slightly.

"Easy, Sam, easy," Bobby was there beside him with a steadying hand on his shoulder. "Just breathe."

Sam tried to suck in a few tentative breaths and finally was able to get the coughs under control. "Oh, man," he rasped out as he flopped back against his pillows.

Missouri rubbed small circles against his hand using the familiar gesture to try and help calm him. "Sorry."

"I'm okay," Sam finally managed to get out and let his eyes fall closed again as he continued to regain his composure. Damn, that hurt.

"I know, honey. I'm sorry," Missouri said with genuine concern in her voice.

After a few more steadying breaths, Sam opened his eyes again and noticed that Bobby was gone. "Where'd Bobby go?"

"He went to get the doctor to see about some more pain meds for you."

"No, I'm fine. It just…hurts a little." He tried to hide a grimace as his side gave a rather nasty throb of pain.

"Uh huh," Missouri said not sounding at all convinced. "You sound more and more like that brother of yours every day."

At that, memories started coming back to Sam and his eyes flew open. "Dean." He started looking around frantically and Missouri could see that he was starting to panic. "Where's Dean? Is he okay?"

Missouri got up and tried to stop Sam from getting up. "Sam? Sam, calm down."

"Dean? Missouri where is he? The demon did something. I don't remember, but…" He finally stopped as a thought occurred to him and he turned horrified eyes towards her. "Did he…?"

Missouri frowned slightly and then her eyes flew open in surprise as she finally got what he was asking. "No. No, Dean's okay."

"Then why isn't he here? If he's okay then where-"

"Sam!" Missouri said sternly bringing Sam's eyes back to hers. "He's okay. He's just…" Missouri pursed her lips trying to figure the best way to tell Sam what happened. "The demon…hurt him pretty bad, but he's okay."

"Then where is he?" Sam asked softly sounding and looking as if he were four again and needing to be told that the monsters under his bed aren't real and that everything would be okay.

Missouri smiled sadly and took Sam's hand in hers not meeting his eyes and Sam's worry increased ten-fold. They sat like that for a long moment neither sure what to say until finally Missouri came to a decision. "Wait just a minute." She held up a hand to stop Sam's protests. "I promise, when I get back I'll explain everything. Okay?"

Sam searched her face for some kind of answer and then finally nodded in agreement.

Missouri nodded in return and then got up and slipped out of the door leaving Sam to wonder what had happened to Dean. As he lay there, more memories of what had happened started to come back and his fears for his brother increased even more.

Oh, god. What if Dean was really hurt? What had the demon forced Dean to see in that vision? What if- Sam inhaled sharply as another thought came to him. Oh God, this is all my fault.

Finally, the door opened and Sam's head snapped over to see who it was. As he watched, Missouri walked in closely followed by Bobby and then a doctor that Sam had never met before.

"Sam, this is Dr. Downing. He's going to be taking over for Dr. Howitz," Bobby said indicating the middle-aged man who nodded slightly and gave a small smile.

"Hello, Sam."

"Where's my brother?" Sam asked getting really worried. "Where's Dean?"

The other three in the room exchanged a knowing look and then Dr. Downing cleared his throat slightly as he stepped forward. "Um, first, let me check you out here. Okay?" He reached forward with his stethoscope but Sam halted him with a raised hand.

"No. No exams, no asking how I'm feeling. I just want to know where Dean is right now." As he spoke, Sam's voice continued to rise with his growing panic.

"Sam," Bobby snapped making sure to gain the boy's attention. "You need to let Dr. Downing check you out. Then," he said making sure to cut off any argument from Sam. "We'll take you to see Dean. Okay?"

Sam just looked between Bobby and the doctor and then back before nodding hesitantly. "Okay."

Dr. Downing hurried through his examination sensing how tense Sam was and finally after what seemed like forever to Sam the doctor said he was finished.

"So how is he, Doc?" Bobby asked with baited breath.

"He's doing well. The wound in his side seems to be healing nicely. No infection or anything. I'd say probably with a few more days rest, he should probably be able to go home. That is if he takes it easy and doesn't try to do too much too fast." The good doctor made sure to make a pointed look at Sam who just frowned in return. "With that said," he turned and headed towards the door and stepped out for a second. When he came back he had a wheelchair in hand. "I think it's time to go see your brother."

Sam finally smiled in relief. If they were taking him to see Dean, then at least he knew that his brother wasn't dead. He quickly tried to get up using both Bobby's and the doctor's help to sit up and get in the chair. By the time he was seated, he was breathing heavily and had to lean forward slightly to keep the stitches from pulling so much.

"You okay?" Bobby asked resting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I'm fine," he said trying not to show the strain in his voice. After a few more moments he straightened and nodded his okay. "I'm fine. Just…take me to my brother."

The doctor just nodded and headed for the door. As they walked, Dr. Downing filled Sam in on Dean's condition. "Your brother is doing pretty good considering. We ran some scans and found that he had a slight swelling of the brain which is what caused the bleeding from before. We're not exactly sure what caused it, but we've been keeping an eye on him, and thankfully…we couldn't find any signs of any inter-cranial bleeding or any other possible problems. Since then, the swelling has started to come down and is almost completely gone, but…"

Sam looked up at the doctor and swallowed hard. "But…"

Dr. Downing sighed heavily before turning to look at Sam again. "He hasn't woken up yet."

Sam's mind reeled at that. "But you said he was okay."

"He is. According to all the tests, he's been improving dramatically. But until he wakes up, and I'm quite confident that he will wake up. We won't know if there is any lasting damage." The doctor took a moment to let Sam process this. "I know your brother is a fighter. From everything I've heard, you both are, and that is definitely in his favor."

Sam tried to absorb what the doctor was telling him but he kept getting stuck on the words 'swelling' and 'hasn't woken up'. "But he's going to be okay?"

"Like I said, we can't be sure until he wakes up. I'm sorry we worried you so much, but I didn't want you waking up to find your brother in the next bed and unresponsive," the doctor said with sincerity.

Sam could only smile sadly. "Anything else I need to know?"

Dr. Downing shook his head. "No, I think that's it. to him. It'll do him good to hear a familiar voice. In the meantime, I'll see what I can do to get you transferred into the same room. I'm sure Agents McCaid and Johnson here will be glad about that."

Sam frowned in confusion until he realized he was talking about Bobby and Missouri. He looked up to see Bobby nod stiffly and tried hard not to laugh out loud at the notion of Bobby and Missouri being with some kind of federal agency.

"Well, I'll leave you alone now so you can go see Dean. If you have any questions, please let me know." The doctor walked down the hall leaving the trio standing outside Dean's door.

Once he was down the hall a little bit, Missouri swatted the back of Sam's head making him jump. "Ow! What was that for?" he grumped rubbing at his head as he held his ribs protectively.

"For what you were thinking a little bit ago," Missouri said fixing Sam with a heated gaze. "You know better."

Sam couldn't help but smile knowing what Missouri was talking about. "Sorry, but…agents?"

"Well it was all I could think of after what happened with Dean and that demon the first time," Bobby whispered sternly just daring Sam to question it. "Besides, it's kept them from looking into you boys' situation any further. So…if anyone asks…you're in the witness protection program. Kapeesh?"

"Witness-" Sam tried to stifle the grin that threatened to spread across his face and just nodded not trusting himself at the moment to not burst out laughing.

"Okay," Bobby said calming down slightly. "Let's go see that brother of yours."

Sam sobered instantly at the notion and turned back to the door they were standing in front of.


Dean lay there looking like he was just sleeping except for the IV in his hand and the heart monitor beeping out a steady beat next to his bed.

Sam swallowed hard and bit his lip as he stared at Dean's still form just wishing that this was all a bad dream. When Bobby pushed him closer to the bed, he immediately took Dean's hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze. He just sat there for a moment staring at his brother's peaceful face not sure what to say and then looked away guiltily.

"Sam," Missouri said gently and Sam looked up at her. "This is not your fault, baby. You tried everything to keep him safe including telling him about your dream."

Sam looked down at his lap unable to meet her eyes but Missouri gently lifted his chin to meet her eyes again. "This is not your fault. Dean knew the risks of using himself as bait. He's always known what the risks are to keep you safe. And you know that he wouldn't blame you for this now."

Sam just nodded as tears clogged his throat knowing that she was right. But dang it. It shouldn't have to be like this. He finally took a breath and looked back up at Dean. "Can you feel him?"

Missouri just sighed and moved up to run her fingers through Dean's hair. "No, but that's not always a bad thing. He's been through a lot. It may just take him some time to make it back to us."

Sam just nodded. "Thank you," he said softly. "Both of you."

Missouri just gave a small smile. "That's what family's for."


It was another day before Dean started to show signs of waking; but for all the cajoling and promises to do harm from Sam and the others, he just wouldn't wake. Finally, after watching Sam yawn for what seemed like the hundredth time, Missouri threatened to knock Sam out with her purse unless he got some sleep and ordered him back to his own bed. Reluctantly, and with a few grumbled words, Sam finally agreed to at least lie down and as he sank down onto the soft mattress he realized just how tired he really was. Maybe just a few minutes. And with that, he was out.

When he opened his eyes again, he noticed the sun was lower in the sky and Bobby was sitting watching TV with the sound turned down low and Sam had to blink several more times to bring his vision back into focus.

When Bobby looked up again, he noticed that the younger Winchester was awake and smiled. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty, have a good nap?"

"Hmm, what time is it?" Sam asked and then rubbed his eyes with a knuckle making him look like a little kid again and Bobby couldn't help but smile.

"About…six o'clock," Bobby said looking at his watch. "You slept for almost three hours."

"How's Dean?" Sam looked around for the bed controls and then started lifting the head of the bed not wanting to be laying down any more but not quite ready to try and sit up by himself either.

Bobby just sighed and looked over at the older boy still lying in his bed. "The same. Missouri went down to get us some food probably about fifteen minutes ago. Do you want anything?"

Sam just shook his head and looked over at Dean with worried eyes. "No, I'm fine."

An assortment of screams and yells came from the T.V. interspersed with gunfire and Sam furrowed his brow in confusion as it drew his attention. "What are you watching?

Bobby blinked slightly in surprise and then squirmed slightly in his seat. "Oh, uh…nothing just…something I found."

"Alright you Primitive Screwheads. Listen up! You see this? This... is my BOOMstick!

Sam watched it for a moment more his eyebrows drawing together in confusion and then... "Is that…" His jaw dropped open in shock and then he looked at Bobby. "Are you watching Army of Darkness?"

Bobby shifted a little and frowned slightly. "No."

Sam couldn't help but laugh slightly and then groaned as his side pulled with the sudden movement. "Oh man, if Dean could see this."

"I wasn't really watching it. I just-"

"No. It's great. Dean loves it, it's so cheesy. He usually drives me nuts for days after quoting the damn thing," Sam said shifting slightly higher in the bed.

"Really?" Bobby raised an eyebrow and turned back to the show. As he watched it for a moment he found himself smiling slightly. "It is kind of funny I guess."

As they watched Ash fight his evil twin and then cut up his body to keep him from coming back, they found themselves laughing at the cheesy one-liners and ridiculous scenarios. "Oh man, who comes up with this stuff?" Bobby said shaking his head.

"Just wait until you see the skeletons," a slightly croaky voice whispered.

Bobby and Sam both whipped around to stare at the third member in the room and Sam's jaw dropped once again. "Dean?"

"I can't believe you're actually watching that," Dean managed to rasp out and then closed his eyes again in exhaustion.

"Hey, what can I say?" Bobby said as he came towards Dean's bed. A big smile plastered on his face. "It was a little more entertaining than watching you sleep all the time."

Dean just gave a slight grin. "Yeah, I s'pose." He licked his lips and tried to swallow feeling how parched his throat was.

"You thirsty?" Bobby got a glass of water and helped him take a drink.

Dean sighed slightly as the cool watch soothed his throat. "Thanks." He blinked again and squinted against the waning light and then turned to look at Sam. "You okay?"

Sam just snorted and rolled his eyes slightly. "Yeah, Dean, I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, how are you? And don't say fine."

Dean paused for a moment taking inventory. His head hurt, actually…his whole body hurt and he felt like he could sleep for a week, but… "I'm okay, Sam. Just…tired."

"Well after everything you've been through, I'd say you're entitled," Bobby said not able to help the smile that seemed permanently plastered on his face.

Dean sighed slightly closing his eyes once again before peeling the heavy lids open to glare at Bobby. "You know you're entirely too cheerful don't you?"

Both Bobby and Sam just laughed at that.

"What is going on- Oh, well I was wondering when you were going to wake up," Missouri said coming back into the room with a tray full of food.

"Hello to you too, Missouri," Dean said wearily not even bothering to turn his head to look at the psychic.

"Well I think somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this evening," Missouri said coming closer and putting a hand on Dean's forehead. She waited for Dean to open his eyes before finally giving him a small smile. "You had us worried."

Dean just gave a tired smile. "Sorry."

"You just rest. There'll be plenty of time for questions later," Missouri said softly already feeling how tired Dean was. The corner of his mouth twitched into a smile before smoothing back out and Dean sighed as he let himself fall back asleep.


The next time Dean surfaced he could hear voices talking, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

"So what about Dr. Howitz?"

"-about the YED?"

"We'll just have to see what he remembers."

Dean frowned slightly at that and pried his eyes open. He blinked against the bright sunlight streaming through the blinds and tried to get his eyes to adjust as he turned to look at the other three.

"At least they say there wasn't any lasting damage done," Sam said.

"Yeah, I don't want to think what could have happened if Betty hadn't done something," Bobby was saying as a dark look passed across his face.

"Thankfully, she's as bull-headed as that brother of yours," Missouri said and then frowned slightly. "Speaking of which." She turned to Dean and the others followed suit.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious Dean squirmed slightly. "Hey."

"Hey," Sam said turning more fully towards Dean. "How are you feeling?"

Dean gave a small smile. "I'm fine, Sammy." He then sat up feeling a little light headed but easily hid that with a steady hand on the mattress.

"Uh-huh. Tell us something we don't know," Missouri said sarcastically and Dean was smart to look slightly chagrined. "Do you need anything?"

Dean started to shake his head and then thought better of it. "Nah, I'm good." Finally turning to look at Sam he frowned slightly. "What about you? Are you okay?"

Sam still didn't look one hundred percent. As Dean watched his little brother, he could see the dark circles under his eyes and the slight wince he tried to hide whenever he moved wrong; but at least he looked better than before.

Sam just huffed a frustrated sigh and rolled his eyes. "Yes, Dean, I'm fine. Just a little banged up. It's nothing really."

"Yeah, don't believe everything you hear," Bobby interjected. "He has the Winchester tendency to underplay the obvious."

"Do not," both Sam and Dean said at the same time and then blushed slightly when Bobby and Missouri just laughed.

"I rest my case," Bobby said with a slight chuckle.

"So when can I get out of here?" Dean asked hoping to change the subject.

"Why don't we let the doctor decide that," Missouri said quickly. "I think he might protest to you wanting to jump out of bed just yet."

"Why? I feel fine."

"Dean," Sam said huffily. "You were bleeding from your eyes, nose, and ears. I think you might want to take it easy for a little while."

"What are you talking about?"

"You don't remember?" Sam asked.

"Not really. I remember some of it, but the rest…" Dean just shrugged and then shot Missouri a look making the psychic frown slightly.

"Well why don't we let the doctor take a look at you first, and then we'll go from there," Bobby said standing and then headed towards the door to find their doctor.

Missouri just pinned Dean with a look letting him know that she knew, but she could tell that he didn't want to discuss it. And for now…she would let it slide but he was definitely going to have some explaining to do later.


It was a couple more days before the doctor finally gave both brothers the go ahead to leave and Dean, for one, was never so happy to leave someplace before than he was now. As he worked on putting his shoes on, the cast on his hand making it a little more difficult, he noticed his brother finish pulling his shirt on carefully and Dean just stopped to watch.

The truth was that he remembered what the demon had shown him. He didn't know exactly what it all meant, but he knew for sure that he wouldn't be forgetting anytime soon either. The fear in his mother's eyes as she was slowly dragged up the wall or the simple fact that she seemed to know the Demon was mind-boggling enough. But the fact that the Demon had been bleeding? He still wasn't sure what that meant and knew that those images would haunt him for a long time to come.

But he also knew for certain that he couldn't tell his brother. He couldn't do that to Sam. To Sam, his Mom was nothing but a story told by his father and brother of a woman who was sweet and kind before the Demon attacked. He couldn't tell him that his Mom may be something else. Not until he had more answers.

"Do you need a little help?"

Sam looked up from trying to figure out how he was going to get his shoes on without pulling at the stitches in his side and then sighed slightly in relief. "Yeah."

Dean pulled a chair closer to Sam's bed and then patted his knee for Sam to put his big foot on it. Sam lifted his foot with a slight grimace and then handed Dean his shoe to put on. Dean quickly slipped the shoe on and tied the laces with a practiced ease that spoke of the many times he had done it before when they were kids.

Sam found himself smiling slightly and then gave a startled look when Dean looked up at him and gave him a questioning look. "Sorry."

Dean just quirked an eyebrow and took the second shoe to put on. When he was done, he tapped Sam's foot and then stood up. "All set?"

Sam just nodded and then got up off the bed gingerly.

"Okay you two. Hop in," Bobby said as he and Missouri came in pushing matching wheelchairs.

"Oh, hell no," Dean said in frustration. "No, I am not riding in that thing." Dean pointed at the wheelchair as if it were the most evil thing he had ever seen.

"Oh come on Dean. You know the rules," Nurse Betty said as she came into the room, her arm in a sling and a slightly fading bruise on her forehead.

"Well, look who made it," Bobby said giving the spunky nurse a little smile.

"Well I had to see my favorite patients off now didn't I?"

"Uh, don't you mean your most troublesome patients?" Bobby gave a little wink and received twin death glares from Sam and Dean in return which only made him smile more. "We're glad you came." The smile then slipped from his face and he cleared his throat slightly. "You okay with all of this?" he asked motioning to all them in general.

Betty just gave a shaky sigh and looked at the four of them. "Not really? But I do know that in some freaky way…it makes sense? And I know that even if I wanted to, I can't go back to not knowing about what goes bump in the night. Not after everything that happened."

Sam just gave her a sad smile. "Thank you…for everything."

"And remember, if you need anything. Just call," Dean said making sure she knew that he meant it.

"Same goes for you," Betty said meeting Dean's eyes with the same intensity.

Dean just nodded in return.

"Okay, well let's get this party started," Betty said and motioned to both chairs. "Your chariots await."

Dean and Sam both groaned slightly but slid into the wheeled contraptions as if they were afraid they might bite and waited to be wheeled out.

Both Bobby and Missouri just smiled slightly and then headed for the door.

As soon as they were out the front doors, Dean was hollering for Bobby to stop and he scrambled out of the chair giving it one last hated look before turning to look out at the parking lot. Finally, feeling like things might be going right for a change, he scanned the parking lot and felt a little more weight lift from his shoulders as he spotted his baby gleaming in the morning sun.

Quickly walking over to it he ran a hand along her side until he reached the door and then made quick work of the lock and slid inside. He sighed as he slid into the seat and rested his head back against the seat and let the rest of his tension melt away. God, he'd missed this.

There was a knock on the passenger window and then Sam leaned inside with a small smile on his face. "Uh, do I need to leave you two alone for a minute?"

Dean just gave him a face. "Shut up." As Sam gave a snicker, Dean huffed out a breath and then slid back up in the seat to a sitting position.

A knock on his window had him turning to roll it down and Bobby leaned down to get a better view of the two boys. "Now you two be careful. If you want, you can come up to my place for a while until you're ready for another hunt?"

"Thanks, Bobby, but I think we're just gonna hit the road. Maybe head South, take in some sun and sand if you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Bobby just held Dean's gaze for a moment before turning to look at the younger Winchester in the passenger seat. "Now don't you two be strangers."

"We won't," Sam said holding Bobby's stare for a moment more saying so much more with his eyes than he ever could with words.

Bobby just nodded and tapped the window frame before stepping back as Dean started the Impala. The throaty growl of the engine as it filled the air making everyone smile slightly.

"Take care, Missouri," Dean said and just smiled when the psychic gave him a slight nod.

With that Dean pulled out and headed out of town. As they turned away from the hospital and towards the highway, Dean could feel his shoulders start to loosen and knew that Sam was feeling the same thing. Both of them just happy to be out on the road again and moving away from the accursed town.

"So…where to?" Dean asked as he guided the black muscle car into traffic.

"I don't know. How about Florida? You did say sand and sun."

Dean thought about it for a moment and then shrugged slightly. "Okay, sounds good to me. Of course, we're gonna have to do something first before we hit the beach." He gave Sam a critical, over-all glance before turning back to the road.

Sam looked down at his clothes before giving Dean a confused look. "What?"

"Tanning," Dean said point-blank. "You'd probably blind everyone with that…pasty white skin of yours if you decided to go without a shirt. Not to mention they might mistake you for Frankenstein's monster what with you being so freakishly tall and having all those scars." Dean turned serious eyes back to the road and tried not to smile.

Sam just stared at him for a moment, mouth gaping, as he tried to come up with some kind of remark and then just scoffed and smacked Dean's shoulder. "Jerk."

"Bitch." Dean returned with a big smile making Sam roll his eyes and shake his head. Dean just laughed and shook his head in return. "Okay Florida, here we come."


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