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Training - Chapter 1

Cloud meets his idol, General Sephiroth, SOLDIER first Class. At first, he's impressed; albeit a little overwhelmed. But when Sephiroth recommends private tutorial for the blonde, Cloud soon comes to find himself caught in a game of will and wits with the General, and the cadet's life would never quite be the same again.

Cloud looked up into the looming clouds above, as the low rumble of the thunder rang clear, just as the heavens opened. He made a feeble attempt to shield his head with the exercise book he was carrying, and half-heartedly strolled across the courtyard. It was times like these that he wished Zack didn't have to go on missions. He gingerly pushed open the door, still anticipating his roommate to leap out and hold him in a headlock. All was still. Cloud dragged himself to their sofa and fell onto it. Today's lessons had been just awful. Without Zack around to keep an eye out for him, the SOLDIER instructors of Cloud's class were relentless towards him. His body ached from the constant hits from his class mates, as they were hell-bent on making Cloud miserable. He'd always had that same slender, almost petite frame, and this had almost immediately brought taunts from his so called peers. He stretched out across the couch in a cat-like manner. Zack had written and told him of his mission with the general, and said that they would be back by early afternoon. The sun was now sinking, and the little light it mustered through the oncoming storm was all but smothered. Cloud lay still for some time before he heard the sound of a vehicle outside. With hopes of some exciting tales from his best friend, he sat bolt upright and stared at the door. Zack's loud and rambunctious voice could be heard conversing outside, followed by laughter, as he opened up the door and beamed at Cloud.

"Oh!! You are here!" Zack grinned, motioning a quick wave, before stepping inside.

"Yeah, I was kinda hoping you could relieve me from my boredom," Cloud grinned. There was a slight pause, in which a sigh was heard from beyond the doorway.

"That's bound to keep him talking all night…" A voice said in an almost bitter tone. Cloud's grin faltered, as the General's impressive frame moved through the doorway. His face was expressionless, but his eyes were clearly showing fatigue. Zack flicked from Sephiroth to Cloud, before realizing the awkward situation.

"Oh, uh… Cloud, Sephiroth's gonna be here just till the rain stops," Zack smiled sheepishly, and Cloud managed to pull a convincingly nonchalant shrug. Cloud had barely come into close proximities with the General, and as far as he was concerned, that was fine by him. He was sure that any encounter was bound to result in Cloud making an outright fool of himself. As Sephiroth stood filling the door frame, the blonde couldn't help but feel a little intimidated by his mere presence. Sephiroth showed no falter in emotion, as Zack suddenly snapped to life.

"Oh!! What am I doing?! Come on in Seph!" he beamed, swinging the door open even further, as the General strode in. As Zack closed the door behind him, Cloud stood up before Sephiroth.

"Uh… Would you like something to eat or drink, sir?" Cloud asked cautiously. Sephiroth towered over Cloud, and the small blonde swallowed as hard as his dry throat would allow. This night was not looking to end up in his favour at all. The General gave Cloud a piercing gaze, seeming to be deep in thought at the proposal.

"Water, please. That would be good, thank you," he replied, gingerly taking a seat upon the couch across from Cloud. Cloud gave a sharp nod, excusing himself to the kitchen. Zack could be heard cheerfully making discussion with the general. His flow of speech was very occasionally halted, leaving just enough time for a quiet response from Sephiroth. Cloud felt nauseated. The General, the one person whom he had idolized for quite a few years, the one responsible for him wanting to be at the barracks for training to begin with… was sitting on his couch. He had gone through many a situation in his mind where he and the General had met. He had pictured it to be sometime down the road, when Cloud had become a prodigy, and had the same kind of respect from Sephiroth that Zack had. Not one of those thoughts featured Cloud in a pair of sweatpants and a tank top, staring gawk-eyed whilst the General was left standing in the rain. He mentally slapped himself at his lack of courtesy in inviting the General in, before carrying out the glass of water for Sephiroth in a slightly trembling hand. Zack turned from his spot on the sofa and grinned at him.

"Oi! Where's mine?!" he laughed. Cloud faltered, before reaching to hand Sephiroth the frosted glass.

"We have guests, Zachary…surely they should be cared for first?" Cloud retorted in a light-hearted manner. He turned back to Sephiroth, who had seemed to relax since he had arrived, and thought he caught the trace of a smile creeping up the corners of his mouth.

"Thank you cadet," Sephiroth offered politely, taking the glass from Cloud's hand. Cloud simply nodded, before returning towards the kitchen. As he passed the sofa, Cloud had minimal time to react as he vaguely saw Zack stick out his foot, and sent Cloud flying through the air, landing in a sprawled heap across the living room floor. Zack burst into howls of laughter as Cloud struggled to regain his composure. He turned, with a venomous fury at Zack, before noticing the General stifling a chuckle of his own. Cloud was abruptly beginning to dislike his Commanding Officer. He clutched at his last shred of dignity and eased the anger from his face, forcing a small laugh. Zack continued giggling, until clapping Cloud across the back and snorting "That'll teach ya!" The General continued to laze across the sofa and smirk at Cloud, until the blonde couldn't handle it any further and disappeared to the kitchen. Sephiroth had laughed at him. Not only did Cloud realize that his fear of ruining all hope of respect from the General had indeed come true, but Sephiroth thought of him as a laughing stock. Cloud returned to the living room a short time later, where he now saw Sephiroth reclined on one sofa, whilst Zack snored on the other. Cloud placed the glass on the table and reached to wake Zack.

"He's worked hard the past few days, cadet," Sephiroth interjected, "I'd suggest sleep would be best for him."

Cloud couldn't help but agree, but the thought of spending time alone with the General was killing him.

"Oh… yeah," he replied dumbly, inwardly cursing himself, before cautiously seating himself on the armchair between the two sofas. Cloud lifted the footrest up and tried to make this experience as comfortable as humanly possible.

"So, Cloud was it?" Sephiroth queried, startling the blonde a little.

"Uh, yes sir…" Cloud replied.

"Zack mentioned your training to me," Sephiroth smirked a little, catching eyes with the blonde. Cloud froze. There was an almost mocking glint in Sephiroth's eyes, and it was infuriating.

"He did?" Cloud replied between clenched teeth.

"Yes. He mentioned the fact that you had an incident last week."

Cloud inwardly groaned. How many people had Zack told about that? And now it was the General ready to mock him at will.

"Well, yes. There was a small incident," Cloud replied awkwardly. Small incident indeed, he thought. It had been the worst experience he'd had with the Shinra so far. It was a routine mako showering, introduced to try and create better SOLDIER's quicker. During a particular training session the previous week, the recruits had been showered beforehand. It had been Cloud's first exposure to mako, and he was the only one in his class to seem adversely affected by it. As Zack himself was rehearsing a maneuver, Cloud had grown increasingly dizzy, and in turn had fallen square on one of his classmates in a very provocative position. This had caused wild howls of laughter from his classmates and even tears from Zack, as he gasped for breath, hooting and howling.

Sephiroth continued to smirk a little.

"I just wasn't used to mako, that's all…" Cloud replied slowly, as Sephiroth's smirk shrunk a little.

"Zack has also told me other things about your training, Cloud," Sephiroth's frown deepened. Cloud feared his impending death.

"He has?" Cloud asked a little shakily. He had the occasional slip up in class, but no more than everyone else; so he was praying, hoping, wishing that whatever Zack had said wasn't about to get him punishment.

"Yes. He says that you have far surpassed your class members in combat training and even in swordsmanship?" Sephiroth had an odd look on his face, as if expecting Cloud to agree.

"Oh… well, I guess that I'm doing ok. I mean…" Cloud stammered, well aware of what he must appear like to the General.

"I'd like to have a sparring match with you tomorrow, Cloud. At noon," Sephiroth stated, "And that means noon sharp, Cadet. Understood?"

Cloud nodded dumbly, as the General raised himself up from the sofa and placed his glass upon the coffee table. He looked even wearier than before, as he stood and headed for the doorway.

"Tell Zack I will speak to him tomorrow. Ask him to please not keep me waiting again, as I'm sure his beauty sleep can wait," Sephiroth smirked, as Zack let out a well timed thunderous snore. Cloud offered a small smile of his own, as he watched a small trail of drool trickle down Zack's face. He then turned back to Sephiroth, who was now at the door.

"Yes sir, I'll let him know," Cloud smiled forcefully. Sephiroth gave a slow nod, before turning and exiting through the door. Cloud exhaled deeply. This was going to be a killer of a week.


Cloud had arrived the next day for what would end up being the most grueling session of training he had ever had. Sephiroth had pulled him from his theory class, as his classmates gaped at him in confusion and awe. Sephiroth had appeared to have forgotten all informalities of the night before, and had become his usual façade of cruel and cold. He had been relentless with Cloud, focusing on every flaw he could find from the way he held a blade to the way he placed his feet in certain stances. He had let snide comments out whilst doing it. One in particular had put Cloud over the edge, and it had occurred when he had attempted to block an attack from Sephiroth and lost his footing. Sephiroth had smirked at Cloud with his empty eyes and snapped "Come on, Cloud. Or is the mako too much for you? Or is it that you just miss your boyfriend?"

Cloud had retaliated by swinging his sword violently and narrowly missing the side of Sephiroth's cheek. A small start of surprise flashed through the General's eyes, as Cloud glared to the best of his abilities without showing the fear of punishment for that narrow miss. He continued staring directly into the General's eyes, waiting for some kind of sign. Sephiroth soon returned to his usual emotionless composure soon after however, before pushing Cloud's sword away from the side of his head and smirking a little dangerously.

"You fight better when you're angered, Cloud," he remarked coldly, before dismissing the cadet. Cloud had left his lesson with a newborn hatred of his leader.

"He's not that bad, Cloud. He's probably just trying to show you that he's the boss!" Zack laughed a little later on, as the blonde recounted his day in a huff.

"I already know he's boss!" Cloud snapped, "I just wish he didn't feel the need to enforce it so much!"

Zack scoffed a little, before Cloud pointedly glared.

"Look, Cloud… Sephiroth… he's awesome, okay?" Zack reassured, patting Cloud's back, "Give it time; you'll warm up to him."

Cloud highly doubted that, as he dragged himself to his bedroom.


The lessons with Sephiroth continued for some time, and the more Cloud sparred with him, the more Cloud learnt. He hated admitting that to even himself, as he knew that even though the General was a cold hearted bastard, he was actually teaching him skills that he couldn't learn in normal class. Today was no different. Cloud had showed up at noon, right on time, and Sephiroth had stood by the weapons case.

"A buster sword again, Cloud?" he remarked, a smirk across his face, as Cloud picked up his favourite weapon.

"I dunno. It's stylish, and it feels good," Cloud replied huffily, before daring to add "Besides, It nearly sliced yourhead off, if I recall correctly sir…"

Cloud had almost instantly regretted his words, thinking that maybe if he clutched at the air, he could still put them back. Sephiroth's eyes darkened a little, before the most unimaginable thing happened. Sephiroth smiled at him. Then… he let out a small chuckle. Cloud watched in stunned silence, as, for a brief moment, Sephiroth's eyes lit up, and all the tension and authority eased from his face.

"This is true, Cloud," Sephiroth continued to smile for a brief moment, before returning to his usual composed self. Cloud fought through his lesson that day with a spring in his step. If there was even the slightest crack in Sephiroth's shell, Cloud was going to work on it until these lessons were a little easier to live with.

As Sephiroth wrapped up the lesson, Cloud returned home to find Zack in his underpants eating what appeared to be nachos.
"Hey man! How was it today? How'd he pick on ya?" Zack grinned mischievously, dropping melted cheese on his thigh, much to the disgust of his room mate. Cloud smiled, and Zack stopped grinning.
"You're SMILING?" Zack gaped, "You have to tell me everything!!"
When Cloud had finished updating Zack, the Lieutenant simply grinned.

"I told you he wasn't bad, Cloud. It seems he's even got a bit of respect for you considering, you know…" Zack smirked, "You're still alive and all."

Cloud punched Zack playfully in the arm, before sinking into his chair. Cloud reached over for the nachos, before having a well controlled Buster sword held against his hand, and a dangerous looking Zack smirking at him.

"You sure you want to do that Cloud?" Zack tested. Cloud smirked.

"I think I do, because for one thing, slicing off my hand would ruin your nachos," Cloud grinned cheekily. Zack considered this thought, and slowly pulled his sword away.

"You're lucky we're out of cheese," Zack snorted, lazing back onto the sofa. The night had remained as quiet as Cloud had hoped. This was short lived though, as there was a knock at the door. Zack leapt up.

"Dude, you have to answer that!" he frowned, gesturing at his underwear, before taking off down the hall, leaving a trail of corn chips behind him. Cloud sighed, rising and opening the door to find the General before him. The blonde nearly inhaled his tonsils.

"Oh, uh… Hello sir. Did you want Zack? He'll just be a min-" Cloud began.

"Actually Cloud, I wanted to see you," Sephiroth interjected, staring at Cloud with a frown plastered on his face.

Cloud faltered, before replying dumbly, "Eh? I mean, well… excuse me, sir?"

"May I…?" Sephiroth gestured, and Cloud realised that he once again had left the General on the front door step.

"Oh! Yeah, sure," Cloud smiled a little shakily, stepping aside. He was hoping that if he could just keep the General's mood up, whatever disaster was heading his way could be eased.

"I won't be here long, Cloud. I just wanted to talk to you about your training…" Sephiroth continued to frown.

"Oh, uh, sure. What's up Seph?" Cloud asked, immediately tensing at his slip up. He had just called the General Seph, something that Zack was even lucky to get away with at times. Sephiroth momentarily tensed, before easing himself into a slight scowl. It seemed as if the blonde would live; for now.

"I believe training is going well, for your experience anyway…" Sephiroth said softly, seeming to suppress his anger. Cloud could swear he saw Sephiroth's teeth clench.

"Uh, well thank you sir," Cloud chose his words cautiously, "I'll see you tomorrow then? I'll try not to hurt you."

Cloud was testing the waters with his last attempt at humor. Maybe if he eased the mood a little, the General would ignore the Seph comment. It was either that, or Cloud was about to receive a pointy reckoning from the glinting Masamune. Much to Cloud's relief, Sephiroth once again, gave a fleeting smile.

"Oh thank you Cloud, I forgot how damaging cadets are," Sephiroth replied dryly. Cloud grinned, realizing that Sephiroth indeed could be almost human. Sephiroth's reaction had been very similar to something Zack would have done, and Cloud wondered if this was why the two got along so well. Zack walked into the lounge just as Sephiroth was smirking at Cloud's statement, and he stopped dead.

"Hey Sephiroony!!" Zack grinned, walking over and clapping the General on his back. Sephiroth turned to Zack and scowled.

"…Sephiroony? I will kill you in your sleep, Zack…"

"Pfft, yeah, I'm sure. Anyway, what brings you here my friend?" Zack grinned.

"I'm here regarding Cloud's performance, actually. I was just informing him that he is improving," Sephiroth nodded.

"Oh?" Zack grinned over at Cloud, who blushed in return.

"Yes. But," Sephiroth began, hesitating as Zack's grin faltered, "I'm not sure if he's as good as you said he was, Zachary. He seems to lack a great amount of potential, in comparison to what you initially insisted he had."

Zack went a little pale, as he saw the anger building on Cloud's face.

"Uh, he's really good Seph. I mean…" Zack scrambled for words.

"I'll see you tomorrow General. Enjoy your night," Cloud said icily, retreating to his quarters, leaving Zack speechless with Sephiroth. Sephiroth no longer held his icy composure, but Cloud wasn't too eager to determine what kind of composure he had. He's had just about enough of being belittled for the night.


Cloud could feel Zack watching him, as he sat at the table eating his cereal.

"What is it Zack?" Cloud snapped, looking up suddenly at his roommate across from him. Zack startled a little, before awkwardly scratching his head.

"Nothing…" he replied slowly, "But hey Cloud?"

"What?" Cloud snarled, stabbing his spoon into a stray froot loop.

"Are you still peeved off… about last night?" Zack asked tentatively.

"No!" Cloud cried as he stood up suddenly, "Why would I be peeved at high and mighty and his stupid beliefs?!"

Zack shrugged, suddenly taking much interest in his cocoa puffs. Cloud picked up his backpack and left their quarters in a huff, not seeing a small smile creeping over Zack's lips.


When he reached training, Sephiroth was once again standing casually by the weapons hold.

"You're late Cloud," He frowned. Cloud looked up, restraining his immediate retort.

"I was tired," Cloud replied shortly. Sephiroth smirked a little, before handing over the Buster sword.

"I figured you'd want your blade to match your head. Kind of light and spiky…" Sephiroth smirked. The comment had apparently registered through Cloud's body before reaching his mind. Cloud took an immediate swing at Sephiroth, who, although he was prepared, lost a lock of long silver hair in the process. Sephiroth paused to look down at the ground where it had fallen, and his expression hardened.

"Really Cloud? Are we fighting hard today?" he smirked once more, taking his position, as Cloud moved back into his.

"Why would it matter, sir, if I have little to no potential anyway," Cloud bit back, swinging his sword and clashing with Masamune, "So you would have nothing to fear from it…"

Sephiroth's eyes flashed with an unreadable emotion before he leapt forward and swung, only to be met with equal force from the Buster Sword.

"Then of course, there's the whole fact that I've been coming to these lessons for nothing. I put in a heck of a lot of effort for no result," Cloud glared, "Which can make a man irritated, if not reckless…"

Once again, the unreadable emotion blared through Sephiroth's eyes, but this time it lingered.

"Was it really that painful to hear, Cloud?" Sephiroth replied, ducking and turning to avoid a blow, "Did it really hurt?"

Cloud swung again, clipping the side of Sephiroth's boot. The anger was flooding from him so much that the only outlet he had was his blade.

"Do you think you're capable of hurting me emotionally, General?" Cloud smirked coldly, "You give yourself too much credit."

Sephiroth faltered momentarily, giving Cloud enough time to disarm Sephiroth. He held the buster sword against Sephiroth's throat, as Sephiroth let a smirk creep across his face.

"I think I'm right, Cloud," Sephiroth finally replied, gracefully flipping over and stooping to obtain the Masamune with ease, before almost pirouetting and clashing metal once again with the cadet.

"I think you're full of it. You think you're wonderful, but I can tell you, I have the potential to kick even your ass…" Cloud glared. Sephiroth nodded.

"You fight better when you're angry Cloud. But even when you're not, you do have potential…" Sephiroth smirked, "I was just able to prove that."

Cloud suddenly saw the light and realised that the General had done this on purpose. He'd made Cloud angry like a little plaything to see what he would do. Cloud was feeling more and more like a guinea pig as he thought it over. Rage consumed him, and he disarmed Sephiroth once more. Sephiroth's eyes opened in surprise as Cloud then grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket and threw the General against the wall, Buster sword at throat. Cloud glared into the General's eyes, close enough to him that he need only whisper, "What do you think I am, Sephiroth? Some kind of puppet?"

Sephiroth stayed in silence as Cloud pressed his sword harder against the general's skin. Sephiroth's eyes were the most active that the blonde had ever seen them. They swirled with emotion, and glowed brighter than Cloud had ever imagined they could. Cloud couldn't tell what emotion was most prominent, and whether or not Sephiroth looked more dangerous or shocked. Sephiroth gained a little of his composure, swiftly wrenching the blonde's arm around. Cloud hissed and dropped his sword as Sephiroth almost face-planted the cadet into the wall. He leant in so that his lips were just beside Cloud's ear and said in a dangerously low voice "Well Cloud, I guess you kind of are…"

"How, Sephiroth? Why? What exactly is it that gives you that impression?" Cloud hissed.

"Because, Cloud… I may have said you have no potential," Sephiroth paused, and Cloud could see him smirking from the corner of his eye, "But we both know that if you didn't want me to disarm you, you would still be holding your sword…"

Cloud froze, and considered this, Sephiroth's breath still brushing up against his skin. Why had he let Sephiroth disarm him? He was perfectly capable, even now, to turn the tables. He wasn't quite sure, but something was compelling him to let the weapons side go in favour of the closer combat. He immediately dismissed his first thought, furiously telling himself that it wasn't possible to have… to even see the General like… Cloud saw his moment, when Sephiroth briefly glanced toward the roof of the training hall, where something had apparently fallen. Cloud sharply elbowed Sephiroth's stomach and spun him to be pressed against the wall. Sephiroth's face was cold, but his eyes were still alive with emotion. There appeared to be a million thoughts rushing through Sephiroth's head at the one moment, as it was with the blonde's.

"What did that achieve, Cloud? Honestly?" Sephiroth asked in a voice so low that Cloud struggled to hear it, "Ask yourself; because I think you're just an angry young man out to get attention. You just want to look like the hero here…"

"You could have just as easily disabled me by now. You could have wrapped up training, and yet, we're still here. You seem to have the same goal here. Maybe you're out to get attention off me," Cloud glared.

Sephiroth let out a small laugh, smirking deviously, as the swirling pool of green that was his eyes varied swiftly in brightness.

"Attention off you, Cloud? And you thought I was full of it," Sephiroth smirked, before bracing himself, as Cloud took a swing at him with his fist. Sephiroth seemed pleased with himself as the blonde paused, not quite willing to connect with Sephiroth's face. Cloud could see the satisfaction creeping across Sephiroth's face

"You just can't handle it, Cloud. You try so hard to catch me off guard, surprise me, but it doesn't work…" Sephiroth continued to smirk, fighting with his conscious thoughts that Cloud had been right. The situation had arisen plenty of times to wrap up this lesson, to let it go, but as soon as he'd been thrown against the wall, with Cloud's eyes piercing his own, he had no intention to. The blonde cadet's eyes had glowed eerily, the bright sapphire blue mesmerizing Sephiroth. The glow hadn't just been of mako, but the General hadn't been able to place it. Cloud was breathing shallowly, seeming to fight a conflict within himself at this moment, and Sephiroth used it to his advantage.

"Or maybe something else has surprised you, Cloud? You seem to be having thoughts race through your head faster than you can process them. I guess this means that you're either caught off guard with your emotion," Sephiroth smirked, "Or you're a little slow in general…"

"It's none of your business what goes through my head, Sephiroth…" Cloud replied, venom in his eyes, "But at least I can hold claim that I have emotions."

"Cloud… I can have more emotion in one moment then you do in your lifetime. Surprise is just something that escapes me far too often," Sephiroth sneered, before catching his breath. The way that Cloud was looking at him now had changed drastically from one moment to the next. It was as if one moment there was such an intense anger that the general was sure cloud wanted to kill him, and the next, as if Cloud wanted to…

Sephiroth never finished that thought, as Cloud leant in and pressed his lips against his own. Sephiroth could feel Cloud's warm breath caressing him, and felt the softness of his lips as they pressed a little harder. Sephiroth felt himself sway a little, caught up in a moment of shock and… he wasn't sure what he was meant to be feeling. He was being kissed by his young male cadet. Cloud then pulled away suddenly, as Sephiroth gazed through half-lidded eyes at the flustered cadet. Bright blue was meeting his green with nothing more than a look of lust and shock. There was a moment where both looked stunned at each other, and it dawned on Sephiroth that something had to be done.


Cloud froze, realizing that he had indeed, just pressed lips with the General. He couldn't call it that though, as he felt the response through Sephiroth's body. He'd almost given way, and Cloud knew it, but now the General was looking back at him with mirrored conflict of emotion. There was an awfully long, awkward pause, where the two simply stared. Cloud was not sure what had compelled him to kiss his commanding officer, all he knew was that as he stood there in such close proximities with the general, his body had roared into action. Sephiroth had seemed so… perfect. The way he had stood there, never once looking away from Cloud, as he had replied with a small smile edging at his perfect lips, Cloud had lost all connection with his mind and ran with his body. Now, as Sephiroth stood, a small hint of pink in his pale cheeks, breathing slightly faster and staring at Cloud with a look he'd never imagined possible, Cloud wasn't sure how this would play out. It didn't take long for Cloud to find out, however, as Sephiroth's bright green eyes flashed brightly. He reached out and pulled Cloud toward him, wrapping his fingers through the blond spikes, before leaning in and placing his lips upon Cloud's. It was a brief occurrence, before he took to turning Cloud and slamming him against the wall. Cloud immediately registered what was happening this time, and reached to wrap his arms around Sephiroth, placing his hands through the long silver locks. The last kiss had been tentative, but this one was nothing short of needy. Sephiroth had almost immediately slipped his tongue between Cloud's lips, begging for entrance, which Cloud allowed and matched with lustful hunger. Sephiroth was dominating even with his kissing, kneading Cloud's tongue with his own before biting on the blonde's lower lip. This issued a small moan from Cloud's mouth, which only seemed to fuel Sephiroth's desires. Cloud felt as if he was floating down the Lifestream, with Sephiroth stealing his breath and his mind simultaneously. Sephiroth passionately kissed Cloud's lips again, before working his way to kiss and then gently nibble on Cloud's neck, ushering a gasp from the blonde's mouth.

At the noise, Sephiroth returned his attentions to swollen lips, running his tongue along them, before pressing his whole body against the small blonde. This issued yet another gasp from Cloud as he became aware that Sephiroth was feeling just as aroused as he was. The blonde took this as all the proof he needed, before turning the General and breaking their kiss, holding him against the brick wall once more in an attempt at dominance. Sephiroth had gazed lustfully at Cloud, as the blonde struggled with the desire filled haze filing his mind. Sephiroth seemed vulnerable, an almost desperate look on his face for more contact, even as Cloud held himself against the General, pinning Sephiroth to the wall. A loud bang echoed through the hall, and Cloud swiftly broke all contact with the General, stepping back moments before the two o'clock class began filing through the door. The pair both immediately picked up their weapons, just before the first cadet noticed the already composed General and the still flustered Cloud standing by the wall of the training hall.

"General Sephiroth, sir!" The cadet jumped and saluted, as the others followed suit.

"At ease…" Sephiroth said huskily, after offering a small salute. He turned to Cloud, a hint of a smile across his lips, lowering his voice so that he could only be heard by the blonde and said "You do a lot of things quite well when you're angry, Cloud…"

Cloud also lowered his voice and simply said, "And you seem quite capable of emotion, sir…"

With that, the General smiled knowingly, before barking an order at a mousey brunette and walking proud from the training hall. A cadet he got along well with approached him, all smiles.

"Cloud, you actually got to train with the General?!" He beamed, and Cloud simply nodded, a little lost for words. The cadet gave an eager grin, before leaning to whisper scandalously in the blonde's ears.

"So what's he like in person? What kind of things do you guys talk about?! Does he even talk?!"

"He's very good with his tongue, actually…" Cloud smiled to himself, ignoring the cadet's confused reaction to the cryptic message, as he walked in a daze from the best training lesson he'd ever had.

~End Chap 1.