A/N: My brothers and sisters, you know I just couldn't stay away. This story is essentially a sequel to 'Born to Raise Hell,' so you should probably reread the last few chapters before continuing. It's called 'Big Empty' because, well just the tone of the song fits, and I'll just say this, things aren't going to be easy for the Brotherhood girls. The first chapter is a bit longer than usual; it's to reward you for your patience.

It's been little more than a month since last we saw our heroes… or our villains, depends on whom you ask. In that month, the Brotherhood have healed from all of their wounds and Pietro finally moved back in with his brethren, thus making the Brotherhood complete. But not all has been well for those Brotherhood boys, Raven actually became the new Mayor, and as Mayor her first decree has been for the boys to get jobs…

-Brotherhood Living Room-

Regan sat in Lance's favorite chair reading one of her thick textbooks, when all of a sudden there was a knock at the window. She turned around and popped the window open. She peeked her head out, and was now face to face with her husband.

"You gotta get her to let us back in the house," Lance said, clutching himself for warmth, "It's cold out here." Freddy nodded in agreement.

"You know I can't do that honey. Raven said no jobs no house," she stated matter-of-factly. She then eyed her husband and his only cohort, "Where are Crazy, Cocky, and Sticky?"

Lance blew into his hands for warmth, "Working on getting us some cash."

-Meanwhile across town at the X-mansion-

Amara and St. John were sitting on the living room couch.

Amara leaned into his chest and said, "I can't believe you came to visit me. I didn't think you'd ever step foot inside the mansion again."

St. John gave her a wild toothy grin, "Course oih came 'Mara, not even zombifoihed immigration agents could keep me away," Unbeknownst to the fire princess he slipped a crystal tray into his jacket pocket.

She reached in for a hug, and peeked an eyebrow, "What's wrong with your jacket," she asked while patting him down, "It's really… lumpy."

St. John gave her the patented Brotherhood Smile of Innocence, "It's just real thick love. Get's cold up here, and oih ain't used to your harsh two-digit degree weather."

-In the Kitchen-

Rahne was standing by the stove stirring the soup, as it was her turn to help with lunch. She would occasionally look over her shoulder and smile at Todd.

Todd would return her every smile, "I'm really glad you're still talkin' to me yo."

She turned to face him and said, "O'course Ay'd talk to ye. Ay only wish you could have come sooner."

Todd felt a small knot in his stomach, "Sorry, just been real busy getting' stabbed and thrown around."

She smiled at him and returned to the soup, while her back was turned he quickly and deftly opened drawers and swiped all the valuable silverware. To steal so many metal trinkets in such a short amount of time, would be deemed impressive; but to do it behind the back of a young woman with super-human senses, would render even Logan green with envy.

Rahne turned around with a smile, "Did ye say something?"

Todd gave her the Patented Brotherhood Smile of Innocence, "Uh… I sneezed?" he nodded furiously, "Yeah that's it yo, I sneezed."

-In Anna and Kitty's bedroom-

"What's on your mind?" she asked straddling Pietro as he lay on her bed. He had come to visit her almost every day after leaving the mansion. He reasoned that life was too fleeting not to spend it with people that made it worth living. That had touched her, it had seemed that almost dancing with the Grim Reaper, and losing his powers brought about a more mature Pietro.

Pietro thought for a moment, and decided on something that would seem playful, "I'm just trying to will your top off." Well a little more mature.

Just as she was about to retort, Logan busted open the door and walked in, "Logan what the hell do ya think you're doin'?"

Logan glared at Pietro, "Making him put back everything he stole."

Anna then issued a glare of her own to the silver-haired teen, "Ya've been stealin' from the mansion… again!"

Pietro gave her the Patented Brotherhood Smile of Innocence, "I haven't been stealing… I have minions for that," With that he dematerialized from under the love of his life and out of the room.

-A few seconds later in the living room-

Pietro materialized behind the couch St. John and Amara were currently occupying, "They're on to us," he then quickly disappeared.

St. John's eyes went wide. He quickly got up stretched, yawned, and looked at his wrist, "Would ya look at the toihme Love? Oih gotta get home for dinner," he bent down kissed her in the eye and darted out the front door.

Amara was left in confusion, "It's only two o'clock… and since when does he wear a watch?"

-Meanwhile in the kitchen-

Pietro appeared standing next to Todd, he nodded at the younger teen. Todd leapt off of the counter and behind Rahne. He hugged her from behind, while Pietro darted off.

Rahne was thoroughly caught off guard. She held his arms and leaned her head back onto his shoulder, "What was that for?"

Todd let her go and kissed her on the cheek. He then started to walk towards the door, "I have to go yo," he paused, "I'll try and stop by more often…" he then whispered, "If Wolverine doesn't kill me first." He then darted down the hall.

Rahne looked at the door in confusion, meanwhile pondering why Logan would kill him… this time. She paused, "Was his jacket making metallic noises?"

-A few hours later at the local pawnshop-

Lance and the rest of the Brotherhood boys walked into the shop, Freddy carrying a massive box, of assorted items. The pawnshop had many items lain around, and it only had one other customer examining a television.

Lance walked up to the counter and signaled for Freddy to put the box down, "Raul! How's my favorite illegal immigrant?"

A dark skinned man wearing abnormally tight pants and a button up silk shirt, that wasn't buttoned, walked out of the back room. He had so many gold chains hanging from his neck that Mr. T would have to sue for copyright infringement. He smiled upon seeing the Brotherhood boys, "Lance! Hey buddy, how's the wife? Still has that mean left hook?"

"Yeah," Lance said while rubbing his jaw, "We got some stuff for you."

Raul looked at the boys more seriously, "It's not stolen is it?" there was a long pause followed by laughter, "You know I don't care. What do you have?"

Lance rummaged in the box but unbeknownst to his comrade slipped a ring into his vest pocket, unbeknownst that is except Pietro. "We got a lot of silver, some crystal, and a few clock radios," Lance said with pride.

Raul's face lit up with glee. But before he could speak, there was a gun pointed to his face, "Freeze you're all under arrest!" After the man's initial outburst more police officers flooded into the building brandishing weapons at our heroes… or villains in this case.

-Several hours later in the county jail-

Pietro, Lance, and St. John sat in a cell, while across from them, Todd and Freddy sat in another cell. Both boys wore sunglasses and Freddy played the harmonica while Todd sang.

Freddy blew a few notes, then Todd chimed in, "Oh they arrested us! Threw us in jail! Took all our stuff! Waiting for Mystique to bring bail! Oh she gonna skin us alive! Wish we never went on that drive!"

As Freddy went into his solo, a policewoman walked down the hallway and unlocked the doors allowing the boys to leave. As they got up she spoke, "Your mother has come to bail you out."

The boys promptly slammed the doors closed and sat back down, "Oih think we'll be safer in here Sheila, 'sides it's better than the pen downstairs.

The officer opened the doors again and promptly said, "If you're going to be difficult I can wait, and she can come back here and get you herself."

With that the Boys leapt to their feet and walked down the hall, "Why does it feel like we're walkin' the green mile yo?"

Lance sighed, "She can't kill us... it would look bad for the new Mayor to kill her wards."

As they walked into the main lobby they could see Raven, they were surprised that she wasn't in disguise at all, she only wore a business suit-skirt that actually complemented her cobalt blue skin tone. "They're good boys. They just pull a lot of pranks… granted most are felonies, but they're still good boys," she explained.

The Police Commissioner looked down at the blue woman, and smiled, "Of course Miss Darkholme. We can overlook this little… 'Prank.' Especially after you gave the police and fire departments that increase in funds." His smile actually got bigger, "We've increased productivity seventeen percent, since you were elected into office."

Raven nodded, "Of course, after trimming 'unnecessary' items from the budget it was actually quite simple to accommodate our local heroes."

The Commissioner blushed, "Oh well, go on and take your boys home, I'm sure you've got better things to do than to stare at my ugly mug all day."

Raven winked at him, "Night."

-About an hour later in the Brotherhood living room-

Raven paced in front of her boys. She was seething with anger, as she usually was when she got a call at work that her boys had done something stupid, or illegal, sometimes both… at the same time.

She looked down at them, "Fencing!" she exclaimed, "I tell you to go out and get jobs and you start robbing the X-Men!" she pinched the bridge of her nose, "This time, nothing illegal. We're trying to keep a low profile. We have to show these humans, that we can play fair," and with that she walked out of the room, leaving five seriously confused Brotherhood members.

"Since when does Mystique want as to play fair yo?" Todd asked, "She taught us everything we know about fighting dirty."

The boys looked to Lance for answers, "I don't know what's going on with her, but until we figure it out we better try and 'play fair'…"

Freddy, Todd, and St. John got up and walked to the kitchen. Pietro stayed behind and examined his fearless leader. "You slipped the ring I stole into your pocket," he whispered so the others couldn't hear him.

Lance nodded, "Anything but this. You should have stolen anything but this, hell I'd rather have Wolverine's claws in my jugular than this thing in my hand."

Pietro peeked an eyebrow, "What do you want me to do with it?"

Lance now held it in his closed fist, "Nothing, I'm gonna go give it back to her."

"What! Why? What should I tell Regan? You know she's going to ask," he exclaimed.

Lance walked towards the door, "Tell her I went to go run an errand."

-Meanwhile outside of the X-Mansion-

High above the mansion, a man with massive golden wings hovered. He wore light body armor that was beautifully decorated with gold.

Unbeknownst to any of the occupants, he had been watching their movements, as well as the movements of the infamous Brotherhood. He had made several notes about both factions. One of the most important ones was that they would never work together. The next was that the X-Men far outnumbered the Brotherhood, and the final note was that the Brotherhood's sole telepath was considerably weaker than the two inside the mansion.

Gabriel smirked, "The most opportune moment to strike, would be when the anomalies are in the possession of the Brotherhood." With that he flew off into the distance towards the town.

-Meanwhile on the other side of the world-

It was mid-morning in Genosha. But something wasn't right… there was an eerie mist climbing up the stairs to the Genoshan Palace. The mist easily slipped past Cain Marko, as it ventured up the stairs. Not even Victor Creed's keen animal senses seemed able to notice it. It crept down the hallway and into the master bedroom. It grew ever closer to the sleeping King. The mist was soon hovering over Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. It inched its way closer to his face, but was swiftly trapped inside a field of psionic energy.

Paris Bennet barged into the room, "Lord Magneto, I have her!"

Erik's eyes shot open and he smirked, "Amelia, you honestly thought you could sneak into my chamber?"

The mist soon transformed into a beautiful redhead, "The thought crossed my mind." She instantly disappeared and reappeared in a chair across the room.

Erik simply nodded, "I assume you've come to join us."

Amelia nodded, "You've gathered quite the following Magnus. You've established a country that mutants can consider a safe haven to work and live. You've even begun to establish a budding economy," she paused for a moment, "My only question is, what is your next move?"

Erik floated out of bed and to his balcony, "That depends on whether or not General Fury honestly intends to establish leverage against us."