Welcome to the story of Bob. Bob is a squirrel. But Bob is not just an ordinary squirrel. O no. He is a very special squirrel on a journey. A journey that begins in some non-descript ski lodge on New Years Eve.

Of course, neither the setting nor the day matter much to Bob. I mean come on, he's a squirrel! There's only so far I can stretch the concept of a walnut sized brain! All that matters to Bob is his nuts. And his quest for nuts will take him far...

He will travel to Albuquerque and will follow a one Gabriella Montez on her first day of school. All of this he will do unwittingly but by choosing to go down the left path rather than the right he has unsuspectingly wandered into a world of spontaneous dance numbers, wild dancing and jazz squares.

While there he will meet the whole gang; the Hottie Superbomb, the Drama King, the Best Friend, the Brainiac and finally, the one and only, the Mountain Lion, the Ice Queen that is THE Sharpay.

Will Bob survive East High? Will he finally find his nuts? Will he understand what the hell is going on?

Read on and find out in

High School Musical: The Squirrel Version

(Should be coming soon through an internet connection near you.)

Should I write it?