"Oy, Pinters?"

"Aye, Rags?"

"Do ye fink we could bea' a ninja in a figh'?"

"A wot?!"

"A ninja!"

"Wot the feck is a ninja?!"





"I don' know actually."

"Then wot does et matta? Do they sail the open seas?"


"Do they 'unt pirates?"


"Work fer the Company?"

"No, Pinters. Mistress Ching says they lives in a place called Japan."

"Wot kind o' name is Japan?"

"I don' know!"

"Well if'n they lives o'er in Japan an' don' 'ave any fing ta do wi' us; why would we figh' a' all?"

"Well supposin' we did! Who would win?"

"We would. No contes' there, mate."

"I though' so."