A/N: Just a little poem that came to me & typed itself...:)

Setting: Post AWE. Elizabeth's POV. As she's waiting for Will, she thinks back to the last time she saw Jack ("Keep telling yourself that darling":). Doubting her choices, exhausted with waiting, she seeks consolation which only the sea can bring...

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Is this all that you had to say?

Feeling strangely absent from my own existence

I walked away

To not seeing you

Again. Away

I brush the memories and the tears which will never flow

Never to be seen by


by him

(He's not there... here). Here I am. Not

Being. Waiting. Unable to wait. I have waited for too long. I had always waited. And one day I stopped.

I found... Not noticing that the waiting was over. Not recognizing


Him not being

You not

Being him. And I got

Lost and back

To waiting for


While waiting for


But you said nothing

To stop me from running

Away from the words that you would never say

To me, saying

All the other words already remembered, already gone, already

Between us.

Is this all?...

I looked

At you

One more time; did you

Notice? I looked for a moment that was strangely long too long


(That's what you said. Enough. Quite.)

Not quite. There was still time...

Have we got time

This time? Anytime...

You let me go

...left me to go and so I


Is that all?

Words. Some words. You could just tell me more words!!...


I would have listened to

have that one more moment over (and over) with


But you said

Nothing more except for telling me to keep


so I am

Talking to

Nobody who would listen

To me talking to

Me who (?)

Can't listen anymore. No

More (and more)

Waiting for waiting

To stop.

It doesn't.

Is this all?

Still seeing your face which said more than enough but

Contradictory you

(Always was, so you)



More (while thinking of


And now there is no

More than

That (nothing) before I look

At the sea and

Drown (it sounds so

real!...) myself

(ghosts do speak after all, did you know?)

Water is the sky now that there is no

Sky anymore and you (no more


I look...

Around half-expecting to be

(I am no more, did you see?)


By You?

Him? (less that half-)

Me? No

Me no

More me

And yet you are indeed

Pulling me into an embrace

How can it-

Your face, your eyes, your arms

Around me

How can-


It can't.

It's just

Me. And you

In my mind which is

No longer

Me, but I

Can still see you...


I thought it'd be darker here...