Heat Wave

Since Christmas break, Draco Malfoy had had a secret affair. Everyone knew about it, he did nothing to hide that he snuck away several nights a week, appeared in the corridors disheveled and flushed mere footsteps away from an abandoned classroom or broom closet. What he did hide was with whom this affair was being carried on. It was the scandal of Hogwarts; students who were desperate to find a mean of amusing themselves out side of studying for finals, or OWLs and NEWTs. No one could figure out, after months of watching and speculating who the mystery woman – or man – was. Several girls acted the part, telling their History Class in excited whispers just how good Draco Malfoy was with his serpent tongue, but after both Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot exclaimed such fantasies happened the night before, in a clearing by the lake and in a class room just outside the kitchens at the same time, and that he lasted all night, when Malfoy was clearly seen by no less than 10 people in the library, and then the early risers at breakfast the next morning, talky girls decided to opt for the "let them assume" strategy.

By Easter, the Gryffindor seventh year boys were taking bets on whether it was Crabbe, Goyle, or Millicent Bulstrode that made Malfoy whistle in Care of Magical Creatures. Stakes were high, with Goyle in the lead, but when Malfoy walked into the Great Hall the first day back at classes after the week break and winked lecherously at Harry Potter's Ginny Weasley, who then proceeded to blush furiously in an uncharacteristic way, all bets were called off in lieu of new talks that Famous Potter's girlfriend was the illicit mistress. After two weeks of this festering gossip, it was squished with reasoning and physical force by Harry and Ron, and all three of their reputations were back to normal. Ginny was still a hot topic, and girls from fifth year and up soon swore that if she wasn't the girl, than she must know who she was. When approached, she unabashedly told them to get a life and turned to kiss Harry so as to embarrass them away. When Romilda Vane asked, Ginny told her to check the Astronomy Tower that night, and perhaps jump off of it if she really wanted to know. She then proceeded to snog Harry without shame.

Soon May was burning out triumphantly at Hogwarts. The weather seemed to smolder everything. The students, in attempts to further themselves from the scorching stones of the castle, found themselves at the lake or in the shade of the trees on the very closest edge of the Forbidden Forest.

One pair of students bared the heat in the slightly cooler dungeons of the Slytherin common room.

"It's boiling here! She won't even touch me if I'm already wilted like some Irish cabbage!" Draco Malfoy was reclined on a bed, hopelessly trying not to move.

"You're half dressed and practically see-through. You're not allowed to whine. You have also displaced me from my bed, so I refuse to help you."

"I will have a reason to whine when I finally get finished. I'll be the same as you." Draco finally sat up and grinned at Blaise Zabini. His friend did not humor him with a look or a question, but sat in an upholstered arm chair, and cleaned his nails with deep interest. Draco scowled and made bigger movements to gain Blaise's attention.

"I hate to do this to you, mate," Draco said, and with a flourished wave pulled a black turtleneck sweater over his body. Blaise finally looked up haphazardly.

"Phwah! Is she making you wear that? Is she actually torturing you or something?"

Draco's sneer only became more sinister.

"Wouldn't you like to know. And for your information, she happens to fancy me in black. Says it makes me look classy."

"Yes, and you definitely look classy like a – what was it? – a 'wilted Irish cabbage'? She seems to have forgotten that there is no ack in the wizarding world."

Draco pulled a blank face. "A what?"

"An ack. It's this thing that muggles put in their windows that blows cold air into their houses on hot days. They do have some ways around magic that could be admired if they weren't so barbaric."

"It sounds like you've been writing an essay for Muggle Studies," Draco scoffed.

"Know thy enemy," Blaise quoted easily, settling back to study his nails.

Draco fidgeted as quietly as he could with the neck of his sweater and pushing his hair out of his face. Finally, with one last huff, he caught Blaise's attention again.

"Why don't you just tell everyone who she is? It's the last three weeks of school; everyone in our year is too busy with NEWTs to care, and everyone else would probably be happy to stop talking about it."

"No they wouldn't. They need this, why would they want to give up talking about the admirable Draco Malfoy?"

"So you're keeping her a secret to boost your ego?" Blaise raised an eyebrow, still skeptical, "I never knew you were that deflated, Draco. And here I was, trying to believe you were nice enough to not tell anyone just because she asked for you to."

"As much as I'd love to stay and discuss this psychological conundrum with you, I really have to go," Draco rose and went to clap Blaise on the shoulder, "She's waiting for me – hot, sweaty, and wanting."

As he walked out the door, Blaise called after him: "At least let me know before the end of term!" He merely smiled to himself and strutted out the commons entrance.

Hermione Granger was startled from her stupor when she heard heavy footsteps approaching her table in the library. Re-organizing her thoughts, she looked back down at the papers she had been working on for over the past half hour.

"You're late Malfoy," she said without looking up when the footsteps stopped in front of her.

"I thought you'd appreciate the wait Granger, but I'm touched that you wanted me here." Draco stared imploringly at her, as if willing her to look at him. When she did glance up, his face was bored and impassive. She gave a fleeting glimpse over his choice of clothing.

"Black. How sinister and…original." She passed the Prefect list to him across the table when he sat down.

"I'm hurt Granger. I went to all this trouble, thinking of you, being fashionable and fashionably late. Class seems to be lost on you, unsurprisingly."

"Class? Like wanking off in the middle of a classroom when Ginny walked in on you? Is that what you call class?" Draco paused for a moment, caught off guard by her bluntness.

"And I'm sure the first thing you wanted to know when the Weasel told you was how big I am?" Draco sneered and leaned his chair back, arms and legs splayed in show. The look on Hermione's face was plainly disgust and annoyance; she couldn't let him know that she had wondered that from time to time since hearing Ginny tell her. She chose to deny a comment and instead pointed to the list in front of him.

"We have to decide if the prefects from this year were decent enough to keep their positions for next year and give opinions on whether or not there are sixth year prefects we would nominate for head boy and girl. I've already made my review, and Professor McGonagall said the Headmaster would like both of our write-ups by tomorrow morning." Draco glanced at the list briefly and brought his eyes back to hers.

"Why should I write one when you already have? You keep saying 'we', and all year you've been spouting about us working together, but you have a review written all by your little self."

"I doubt that you would want Luna Lovegood or Colin Creevey taking our places next year –" he blanched and almost started laughing – "I'm also under the impression you wouldn't be getting very good head from Daphne Greengrass when she finds out her brother won't be a prefect next year because Filch caught him hexing a younger boy while he was on his rounds."

Draco's first reaction was to call her a liar and defend his fellow Slytherin, but as all of Hermione's words sunk in, he sputtered and stared at her openly.

"Daphne? Greengrass? Do you really think I'm that free with myself?"

"I think Daphne's the only girl who has openly admired you and hasn't made up any crazy stories about the two of you in a broom closet," Hermione dropped her eyes and made a fuss about the papers strewn between them. Draco began to smile again and leaned towards her.

"I didn't know you took such an interest in my love life Granger –"

"I am observant."

" – and what about those who don't admire me openly?" Hermione's head snapped up, her eyes blazing.

"You kissed me, Draco Malfoy!" she said in a furious hiss, "I was telling you to get off, I was not making out with you!"

"It was a wonderful way to make up for cursing me, and a marvelous way to regain consciousness," Draco bent in closer, continuing in a conversational tone

"It's called CPR!" she still whispered, seemingly about to breathe fire.

"What happened to 'ennervate'?"

Hermione stood, incensed, and made to reach for her wand, but Draco stood up and grabbed her wrists to keep them on the table. He was so close, their noses touched and she couldn't look away from him.

"You look exactly like you did the day you hexed me," his voice was finally lowered so only she could hear him, "you're breathing heavy, and your face is flushed. You're frustrated in so many ways, Granger."

"And you've lost it Malfoy! Let go of me and go back to your whore!" She started pulling back away from him.

"You mean you?" Hermione stopped struggling and let her jaw hang slack. Draco let out one gasp of a laugh. "You didn't realize it? You didn't put your amazing brain to use to think that it was you? I can't make it through a class with you, a meeting here at this table, without thinking of what those lips could do. In the dark during rounds, I can only keep myself entertained one way. That's how the little weaslette found me when she was trying to sneak around with Potter. Thinking about you, and where else that flush could possibly be." But Hermione was no longer blushing red; she was pale and felt quite cold despite her heart pounding so loud in her ears. Her stomach was performing feats of trapeze acts that made her feel nauseous. Her brain had stopped processing anything and her mouth was threatening to pull into a silly grin.

"That's the same sweater you were wearing that day."

Draco smiled condescendingly. "I'm glad you finally noticed," and then pulled her into a real kiss.

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