Reconstruction of a Death Eater

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters created by Ms Rowling, much as I would like to. I do not make money from these stories, despite the need.

Rating: Always a tricky one, definitely PG-13 edging to M, depending on where you live and what your country's rating scale is.

Pairings: SS/RL mild slash there. HG/DM very het and rather cute. HP/GW 'Aw' factor present. NL/LL the odd couple, but good.

Synopsis: Covers seventh year and the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort. Severus is found to be spying and dealt with most severely. He is rescued by Draco and brought to assistance. The secret Snape shares with Professor Dumbledore is discovered and a mystery is solved, leading to a great advantage in the war against evil. Harry and the DA discover a way to gain a little more training time but there is always a price to pay and consequences to be dealt with. Voldemort finally gathers the army he has always dreamed of and sets it against his nemesis, Potter, in his most favoured setting, Hogwarts.

Warnings: Character death in the later half, much blood and mayhem as the final battle is written up. This was completed before Deathly Hallows even had a title so any spoilers are purely coincidental and I do apologise. I have not added separate chapter synopsis but I have warned of blood, death or mayhem.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Deconstructed

Chapter 2 – Humpty Dumpty

Chapter 3 – Trying to Raise the Dead

Chapter 4 – The Beginning of Understanding

Chapter 5 – New Sides to Old Friends

Chapter 6 – Passing the Trust

Chapter 7 – He's Alive, but Living?

Chapter 8 – Hunter and Hunted

Chapter 9 – Werewolves at Play

Chapter 10 – The Ball is in Motion

Chapter 11 – Full Grown Baby

Chapter 12 – Braving the Wrath

Chapter 13 – Relating

Chapter 14 – Setup

Chapter 15 – The Battle for Hogsmeade

Chapter 16 – Required, More Time

Chapter 17 – Training in Earnest

Chapter 18 – Little Choice

Chapter 19 – Distrust and Diligence

Chapter 20 – Not Tolerated

Chapter 21 – Christmas

Chapter 22 – Like a Double Naught Spy

Chapter 23 – Kung-Fu Fighting

Chapter 24 – Of Course it is Fair

Chapter 25 – Toil and Trouble

Chapter 26 – Childhood's End

Chapter 27 – Real World Looming

Chapter 28 – Consequences of a Year Out of Time

Chapter 29 – Fathers, Sons and… Phoenixes

Chapter 30 – Rebirths

Chapter 31 – Death Eaters at Play

Chapter 32 – Balance

Chapter 33 – Funeral Politics

Chapter 34 – Past, Present, Future

Chapter 35 – Storm Clouds Looming

Chapter 36 – Gathering Momentum

Chapter 37 – Preparing the Way

Chapter 38 – The Best Defence

Chapter 39 – Stepping up the Pressure

Chapter 40 – Know Thine Enemy

Chapter 41 – Hogwarts Besieged

Chapter 42 – First Battle

Chapter 43 – Comes the Dawning

Chapter 44 – Comes the Hosts, Gathering

Chapter 45 – Engagements, Great and Small

Chapter 46 – Lord of the Storm

Chapter 47 – Aftermath

Chapter 48 – Epilogue