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Chapter One

This can't be happening, How did this happen? What am I going to do? Oh god how can I tell him? Hell what am I supposed to say? The internal debate she was having with herself was nauseating to say the least.

She stood there staring into the bathroom mirror, yet the face staring back was pale, her normal blue eyes were now red and bloodshot. She glanced down at the three white sticks lining the edge of the bathtub hoping that there was some kind of mistake, a faulty batch maybe. Not likely, these things are meant to be 99.9 reliable. "How could I have been so careless?" she shouted out loud whilst wiping yet another tear which had fallen down her cheek. Why didn't I take precautions? Was I that naive to think it could never happen to me? She composed herself. This attitude wasn't going to solve her problem. She couldn't put the clock back six weeks when she wanted nothing more then to release her biological urge with someone who had made her feel so special. Wait! Why am I blaming myself? Why is it that I was the one expected to take care of the birth control? It's not like I have sexual confrontations on a regular basis so why would I need to pop a daily pill or have something inserted inside me or have my body injected with unecessary hormones.

Now though as she saw the two pink lines clear as day on each test she knew that whether she liked it or not it had happened and now she had to focus on what to do next. In her mind there were only three choices and none were really formidable

What do I do next? How do I fix this? This isn't what I want, it never has been. I'm not ready to be a mother. As she climbed back into bed finding solice in her comforter thoughts raced through her mind. I could terminate before anyone was any the wiser. It was a quick procedure, a day in the clinic would be all it would take. She wrapped herself up more tightly her breathing quickening. What am I saying? How could I contemplate on ending a life that didn't ask to exist. Come on now thats just ridiculous it isn't even a life yet it doesn't even have a consciouness.

Adoption? Now this was a definite possibility. To avoid speculation which was bound to arise she could leave, hide until she gave birth. Arrange the adoption and then return like nothing had happened. It would be simple. There were literally hundreds of prospective parents waiting for a child they so desperatley desired. Who was she to deny them that. Of course she had always heard of those parents who agreed to adoption then by the end of nine months of carrying their child had bonded to the point they had changed their minds, especially after the birth. Would that be me? Even though I have no maternal instincts would I bond with it? Would I leave the adoptive parents devastated?

Keeping the baby. This couldn't even be considered an option.She had worked hard to get to where she was. Her job was her life, and as hard as it was identifying remains of murder victims on a daily basis she prided herself on the indispensable skill she possessed. Besides seeing what she saw everyday the thought of bringing a life into the world didn't bare thinking about either. Then there would be the amount of explaining she would have to do and could she really take the inquisitions that were to follow. The only person who could truly be relied upon, to be kind of understanding was Angela. She would most likely squeal at the news, probably even take it upon herself to prepare the baby shower as soon as the word i'm pregnant left her lips. After her excitement had worn off though she would then ask the ultimate question Who is the father?

Yes the father. He is a big part of this isn't he? He does have the right to know doesn't he? He has made it perfectly clear to her that day that he didn't want another child. He already had a son who he doted on, yet who could never be a big part of his life since his mother was making his parental rights seem worthless. No he deserves to know the truth however much it may hurt him.

Her stomach was churning as she clambered out of bed. She picked up her cellphone from the kitchen countertop. Her hands trembled as she pressed speed dial.

"Booth." Came the familiar answer almost instantly.

She was suddenly lost for words. "I- I"

"Bones is that you?" He questioned as she stuttered uncontrollably.

She quickly hung up. I can't do this and backing up against a nearby wall she let herself slide to the floor where she buried her head in her hands. How can I tell him? How can I tell my partner, my best friend that i'm pregnant with his child...Well i'm not going to. Until I decide what to do this has to be my best kept secret.


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