Summary: She left two months ago without leaving a note. Only one person knew where she was and she was under the strictest of orders not to tell anyone. BB

In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun.

Oh dear you look so lost, eyes are red and tears are shed

She woke up from the same dream she had been having for the past month. It was of him. She didn't want to admit her every thought was of him. That would be admitting moving to Boston was a mistake. And Dr. Temperance Brennan, world famous forensic anthropologist and author, did not make mistakes. At least, she didn't like to admit she made mistakes. Booth had always said she didn't make mistakes. She had always been an analytical thinker. She didn't just go out and do something without thinking. And as much as she hated how his words reverberated in her head, he was right. Brennan didn't make mistakes.

Turning to look at the clock, she groaned. The glaring blue numbers read 2:30. Every day this week, she had woken up around the same time – always from the dream. She knew going back to sleep would be pointless. Brennan instead got up to go to work. Her job was nothing as fancy or famous as the one at the Jeffersonian. But she couldn't draw attention to herself. If she did, he would find her. Booth was an FBI agent after all. It was a wonder he hadn't found her yet. But a haunting thought always pressed on her mind. Maybe he wasn't going to look for her. Maybe he didn't care for her as much as he let on.

This world you must've crossed. You said...

The coroner's office wasn't even open at such an early hour. Within a week of waking the boss up at three in the morning because of her weird hours, Brennan was given a key. She didn't work like most people. At the Jeffersonian, she was used to working from nine to almost midnight. And while some would call her a crazy sleep deprived weirdo Brennan was far from that. She just was driven and wanted to get things done. At least, that was the case when she lived in Washington D.C. Boston was a completely different story. In Boston, the only reason why she worked such odd hours was her sleep habits. If she was awake, too long without working she would start thinking about Booth. And that was dangerous enough in the Doctor's opinion.

The office was dark and cold when Brennan entered it. Flicking on a light she looked around at the bodies waiting to be identified. "Morning." Brennan said quietly to the bodies all around her, putting her bag in the small cabinet behind her. The body closest to her looked as if it had been stabbed multiple times before being quartered. Only close examination would help her. It bothered her that in such a large city as Boston, she could only find work as a coroner. "Why am I here? You know I don't do skin." The quote from a pirate case rang through her head. She hated having to deal with the newly dead. Give her a good decomposition body and she would be good. But she didn't like dealing with skin. Supposedly giving something up took sacrifice. If only she knew how much.

You don't know me, you don't even care.

"Damn!" Booth swore causing funny looks to be shot in his direction.

"Booth?" Angela asked carefully.

"She's a world famous author and anthropologist. How hard can it be to find her?" His voice was harsh and his eyes burned with sadness beyond recognition.

Angela felt the bottom of her stomach drop out. Shortly after Brennan had left the lab, Booth had started his own private investigation of where she went. He had no idea she was safely tucked away in Boston. He didn't even know she was alive. Angela hated that she couldn't tell Booth. He had been working with all of his limited free time on trying to find her. It'll be as if I'm dead. Brennan had explained one day. As much as Angela wanted to protest, her friend's strength prevailed.

"Booth…guys I have something I should have told you." The lab had never been quieter as Hodgins, Cam, Zack and Booth turned towards her.

"Is it about Dr. Brennan?" Zack asked timidly.

"Yes." Angela said quietly. After taking a deep breath, she continued. "She's alive."

Everyone but Booth gave a little breath of relief. But Angela didn't notice. Booth's blue eyes were now filled with anger and fury. "Explain." He growled.

"She quit her job here and moved out of the D.C. area. She's fine. I talked to her just last Wednesday."

"Where is she?" Hodgins asked but Angela just shook her head as tears formed in her eyes.

"She told me never to tell anyone. She…Bren said it would be better if no one knew where she was. She could start over."

"But you know." Zack pointed out, but quickly shut up at the glares produced by Cam and Hodgins.

"Start over?" Booth echoed the fury gone and the unmistakable sadness returned. "This is because of…" He stopped when Angela nodded. "Damn!" He said once more.

You don't know me, you don't wear my chains...

"Come on guys. We have work to do." Angela walked up to Booth, ignoring Cam's order.

"Tell her…"

"No Booth. Brennan is trying to restart her life without you. I don't want you ripping off the bandage on her heart."

"Angela I didn't mean…" Once again, the Federal Agent was cut off.

"No. You never mean to. But you do. And you can't do this."

Essential and appealed, carry all your thoughts across
an open field.

Brennan was already deeply engrossed in analyzing her second body's wounds when one of her co-workers walked through the door.

"Dr. Brennan?" Josh asked, hanging his coat on the hook by the door. Brennan jumped, surprised that someone else was there.

"Josh…" She said, glancing at the large clock on the wall, "It's only five. What are you doing here?" Normally the intern for the summer didn't come in until eight.

"She said if I didn't start 'taking inchoative' I could leave." Josh replied quietly. Brennan took pity on the college student. He worked so hard and yet he was never appreciated for it. "I need a coffee break. You want some?"

Josh's eyes brightened and nodded. As the cups of hot liquid were being poured he managed to ask a question. "Why are you here so early?"

"I couldn't sleep. I've been here for two hours already." Brennan answered truthfully.

They drank in silence for awhile, both enjoying the hot coffee. But then the next question that came out of Josh's mouth surprised her.

"Why did you leave D.C. Dr. Brennan?" Shocked and startled Dr. Brennan almost dropped her coffee before catching it at the last minute.

"I've heard of you. You are a famous anthropologist and author. On the book flap it said you lived in D.C." He continued

"I…I needed a change."

It was obvious she was lying and uncomfortable with the question but Josh persisted.

"Dr. Brennan you had everything. Why chose a job beneath you in a city that doesn't have the perks and technology of the Jeffersonian?"

"That's enough." She whispered.

"But Dr. Brennan…"

"Coffee break is over Josh."

A pain shot through her heart as she returned to examining the body. She missed him so much. She wished she could tell him that. But it was time to move on. The next few weeks passed as easily as they could for Brennan. She still went in early and worked late but that didn't bother her. Work helped keep her mind off things.

But then an email from Angela brought her back. Calling the artist back Brennan felt nervous for unknown reasons. "Angela?"

"Hey Bren."

When flowers gaze at you...they're not the only ones who cry
when they see you

Booth had been walking past Angela's office when he heard a familiar name.

"Hey Bren."

Booth slipped into her office, mouthing "Bones?" to his co-worker before sitting down. The nod of Angela's head told him that he was correct in his assumption. The phone call was painful for Booth, having her talking just right there, but not being able to say anything. It hurt and he couldn't understand how this had happened. Of course, well, he did know what happened. But he didn't want to admit it.

The phone clicked and Booth took his head out of his hands. "Booth, please…" Angela started. But Booth was quicker.

"Don't 'please Booth' me Angela. This woman – she means the world to me. I need her more than I need anything else. I admit I made a mistake. But now I can't sleep because I'm worried about her. I want her in my arms again and I want to keep her there. We all deserve second chances. So will you at least tell me what city she's in?"

Angela's face softened and she told him. "She works at the Boston coroner's office."

Before she could say more, Booth was out the door. He had an apology to make.

End of Part 1.

Author's Note: I was going to put this into a one-shot, but as I got going, I decided a two-shot was better. The second part should be out soon. So push that little lilac button and leave me a review. The song is the first half of Boston, by Augustana.