Chapter One

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"Katharine. Open up!" Yelled Noah.

"I'm ready!" She called. Finally she walked outside. Noah gasped at what he saw. Katharine looked beautiful. She had her hair down and blown out. She was wearing a blue spaghetti strap top and low rise black jeans.

So they headed down to there favorite coffee shop- Time'. As they got there they sat at their little table in the back.

"So, Have you finally decided what you want to major in?" He asked.

"No not yet. With all the stuff with Beau I can't think." She said.

"What can I get you two?" Asked none other than Samantha Best.

"Hey. When did you get a job here?" Asked Noah.

"Ever since I found out how much a meal plan costs." Sam said.

"But what about your job at Colony." Asked Katharine.

"Being with Trent for a five hour shift? Sorry, I don't think so." Sam said.

"Well anyway, I'll have a double latte with extra whipped cream." Said Noah.

"And, I'll have a mint cappuchino." Katharine said.

"Got it." Sam replied and walked over to the counter.

"A double latte. When did you become a woman?" Asked Katharine.

"You guessed it. It's my secret." Said Noah. They both cracked up at his lame humor.

Sorry it's so short. I can't help it. Goodbye!