Summary: All 17 year old Sammy wanted to do was go on a date, but he's a Winchester and as usual nothing ever goes as planned. Plenty of angst/hurt Dean inside in later chapters sprinkled with worried John and Sammy. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Not mine, yes I know, sad but true. Only the mistakes are mine.


Chapter One: Just a Date.

"Aw c'mon Dad it's just a date. You remember those, I'm sure you went on a few with Mom." 17 year old Sammy was just inches away from his father, hoping for the best. Gauging his father's reaction he could tell the outcome was not looking very promising. Sammy gave a quick glance over to Dean hoping his big brother would help him out, but Dean would only give him the 'no way I'm getting in the middle of this' look.

John, having made up his mind, began shaking his head at his youngest son.

"Sammy you know what's going on in this town. There have been numerous reports of people hearing a woman crying and then seeing her spirit. Each time afterwards, without fail, they've all fallen into a deep depression and then attempted to kill themselves. According to my latest research, a few of the victims have actually succeeded. Until we figure out who the spirit is behind these sightings I'm afraid a date is out of the question."

"But Dad….." Sammy looked stricken again at Dean begging for intervention. Dean rolled his eyes then winked at his brother.

"Which girl is this Sammy? Not the hot red head with the big…umm…" Dean made a motion with his hands. "Laurie Sanders, yeah that's her name, cuz you know dude, she was totally into you."

"Dean, she does not have big breasts, she happens to be very smart, we have Chemistry together." Sam started to blush at his brothers hand gestures.

"I bet you have chemistry together." Dean gave Sammy a big grin totally ignoring the fact that Sammy meant Chemistry class and not the other more perverse meaning.

"See Dad this chick is smokin' hot and little Sammy here is hopin to get lucky if you catch my drift."

"Dean!" both John and Sammy shouted at him. Sammy's head sunk to his hands in embarrassment while John tried not to envision his youngest son on a date with a smokin' hot chick and getting lucky.

"Son….." John took a big gulp before continuing. "I know you're looking forward to this date thing, and that's all I'm gonna believe it is, but seriously I need your help with this hunt. The three of us can cover more ground around town than if it was just your brother and I. It's already been a month and we've come up with nothing. Everyone we've spoken to so far has been too traumatized to remember anything. We can't take the chance that someone else will meet up with this damn spirit and decide to take a swan dive afterwards."

Sammy's head sunk even deeper into his hands. He looked up one more time at his brother with a look so pathetic Dean couldn't ignore it any longer.

"Dad seriously, do you really think that something is going to happen tonight. I mean all the other times there's been several months between sightings and the latest one was just the last week. I think just this once you could let Sammy here go out on his date, I mean what harm can it do. He's 17….he can't get into too much trouble, well I did at his age, but this is Sammy we're talking about." Dean flashed John his million dollar smile.

John looked back at his oldest son ignoring the blatant tactic he was using. He remembered being 17 and having a hot girl friend. He also remembered sneaking off a few times with that very same hot girlfriend and having fun on the nights when her parents weren't home. John tried not to think about whether his youngest son was still a virgin or not. With Dean as his older brother and unfortunately role model, the odds were not that great. He looked between his two sons and made up his mind.

"All right Sammy you can go on this date, with one concession." John said as Sam sat straight up with a giant smile on his face. "Dean has to go with you."

Both boys looked horrified at the suggestion that Dean accompanied Sammy on his date. No way did Sam want his older brother keeping an eye on him all night.

"God it's like some sort of bad dream." Sammy thought to himself as he shot Dean a panicked look.

"He doesn't have to drive me Dad, Dean said I could borrow his car. Besides you need him here, right Dean?" Sammy back pedaled. The last thing he wanted was Dean anywhere near his date.

"Really Dad, Sammy doesn't need a chaperone, I was only kidding about him getting lucky tonight." Dean started back pedaling as well.

"No I think you both are right, things can wait for one evening. First thing tomorrow the three of us are gonna hit some of the leads I've picked up and until then, you boys go out and have some fun." John said with his own devilish look on his face. "I assume you will be picking her up at her house like a gentleman."

"Yes sir." Sammy said not bothering to continue the argument. He had won the battle but lost the war. He could only hope now that his brother would be on his best behavior. Both boys went to their rooms and started to get ready. After Sammy got out of his shower he noticed Dean was on the phone. He couldn't help but overhear Dean making plans of his own with a girl. Sammy's heart starting racing at the thought of Dean and a girl in the front seat making out, while Sammy and his date sat in the back.

"Dean no way. No way you're gonna bring a girl on my date with Laurie." Sammy ran up to his brother, eyes wide as Dean hung up the phone.

"Relax little brother, it will be like we were never there." Dean said with a wink.

"Aww gees Dean." Sammy thought he was going to have to beg Dean to behave tonight. He almost was ready to throw in the towel and forget the whole thing when Dean came over and promised he would be a 'good boy'. Before he left he quickly gave Laurie a call to warn her about Dean and the other girl. Laurie at first tried to back out but then reconsidered when Sammy told her his brother most likely would be otherwise occupide and not paying attention to them.

Dean picked up his date Stacy first, before heading over to Laurie's. Sam sort of remembered her as a girl Dean had gone out a few times in the past and had had a lot of fun with. A girl not too naughty but someone Dean classified as safe, and not someone he would get into too trouble with. Sammy relaxed immediately when he saw her. She looked good, but not too tempting for Dean to want to ditch Sammy and Laurie to have a make out session with her. Stacy as well, was not thrilled to be going on a date with a couple teenagers in tow. All it took was one Dean's classic smiles before Stacy decided it might be worth it after all.

Dean was right, Laurie was smokin' hot, and Sammy couldn't take his eyes off of her. She dressed in a white blouse with a short skirt and high heels. Looking like that, she knew she had Sammy's immediate attention. She got in the back seat with Sammy and snuggled up to him right away. Sammy took a quick look up front to see if Dean was looking in the back at either one of them, but Dean was cool, and kept his eyes on own date. Besides Stacy was looking hot herself dressed in a little sweater number with tight blue jeans.

The boys played it safe and went to a movie first before stopping off for a bite to eat at the local diner. After a few awkward moments the girls started getting along and were soon dishing about Dean and Sam as well as a few other guys at school and around town. Since it was only roughly 10:15 Laurie playfully suggested they head up to Rainbow Point to 'watch the stars'. It only took one look from Sammy to get Dean to agree. Rainbow Point was well know as the place to bring your date if you were hoping to have a little fun, and Dean had taken a number of girls up there. Dean smiled at the thought of his brother in the back seat with his girl and made a mental note that if the opportunity presented itself, he and Stacy would make themselves scarce so Sammy and Laurie could have some privacy.

The Point was dark as usual. Several other cars were up there, filled with hormonal couples having a good time, by the time Dean drove up. Dean parked away from most of them not wanting to give his brother and his date too many ideas. After some time a few other cars joined them and filled in what few spaces there were between the Impala and the others. Both Sammy and Laurie recognized a Nova that pulled up 3 cars down as friends of Sammy's from school.

"Hey Laurie, isn't that Michael Nomens car over there?" He said pointing it out to Laurie.

"Ooh he's got Cinda Greder with him too." Laurie agreed when she looked past Sammy at the Nova.

"Hey Dean, do you mind if we go over there and hang out for a bit?" Sam asked knowing Dean would probably agree just to get rid of them for some alone time with Stacy.

"Sure thing kid, just don't get into too much trouble will ya?" Dean answered giving Stacy a slight smile

Sammy and Laurie climbed out and walked over to the Nova. After a few minutes standing outside chatting with their friends, Dean looked over to see his brother and Laurie getting into the back seat.

"Looks like we have the car to ourselves for a while." Dean said turning to Stacy with a wicked smile. He didn't waste any time leaning in for a kiss acutely aware that Sammy could return at anytime. With that in mind, Dean kept it to just kissing and cuddling as they looked out the Impala's windshield at the stars.

"Sammy don't do anything I would do." Dean said to himself with a chuckle. "Yeah right, Sammy's a Winchester, like any woman can resist us."

" Dude you'd better uphold the Winchester name or I'll never let you live it down."