Chapter 13- The Big Night: Part 2

"Oh boy." Sammy said sarcastically. With Laurie looking as good as she was, Sammy didn't really want to spend the whole night dancing. Maybe if they just danced a little bit John would let them go do their own thing afterwards. Sammy looked over at his father who had moved back over to the boom box. Nope, John was in his glory. Sammy just shook his head. No way was John gonna let them duck out early. Like it or not they were stuck until John gave them the say so.

Some of Stacy's cd's were compilations of different groups and hits so John slipped one of them in. instantly the garage was filled with the sound of KC and the Sunshine band, Shake Shake Shake.

"Nooooo no way Dad oh hell no." Dean lamented making a dive for the off button. John swatted his hand away.

"Start dancing." John ordered, his tone falsely serious. The glee he felt seeing the horror on his son's faces was more than worth all the work he'd done on the garage. Giggling at the boys reactions, both girls started to dance. Surrendering to his fathers command Sammy starting dancing as well, much to Laurie's delight. Dean stood there, arms folded in defiance, until Stacy took him by the hand and dragged him next to Sammy and Laurie. Dean shot his father his most evil look but started shuffling back and forth. When the next song started, Sammy had to grab his brother quickly to prevent him from knocking the boom box to the floor and stomping on it. As if KC and the Sunshine Band weren't bad enough the next song was Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.

Seeing the look on his oldest sons face, John took pity on him when the song finished and switched out the cd, this time playing a compilation cd with more recent hits. Dean visibly relaxed when Bon Jovi's, It's My Life started to play, followed by a slow Aerosmith song. After a few more songs Dean begrudgedly started to have fun. Finally another slower song started and both boys moved in closer to their dates. John watched from the shadows, pulling out his camera once again to snap a few of shots of the couples dancing. From time to time throughout the evening they would stop for refreshments and take a breather. By the time Dean looked at his watch it was just before midnight. With a nod from his father Dean knew it was time to bring the evening to a close.

"Well ladies it seems it's time for all good things to come to an end." He said with a smirk pulling away from Stacy after a slow dance. Both girls seemed sad, and even Sammy seemed disappointed that the night was now over.

"Maybe we can sneak in one more dance." Sammy said trying to pull Laurie back in next to him.

"It's just as well Sammy, I told my parents I wouldn't be out too late." Laurie said then turned to John as he switched off the music. "Mr. Winchester I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had this evening. Thank you for doing this for us."

"My pleasure Laurie." John said returning the smile she gave him.

"Yeah Dad it actually wasn't too bad." Sammy piped in moving behind Laurie and wrapping his arms around her.

"I'm glad you had fun son. What about you Dean, was it as horrible as you imagined it would be?" John asked as he turned off the disco ball overhead.

"Well….." Dean stammered not will to admit he actually enjoyed himself. Stacy shot him an evil look.

"You had fun admit it." she said. "Mr. Winchester I think what you did was wonderful, and I had fun even if Dean here didn't.

Now it was Stacy's turn to kiss John on the cheek.

"I don't know Dean, I think you were actually smiling when The Back Street Boys were playing." Sammy teased knowing Dean would never admit he'd even heard of the Back Street Boys let alone danced to them.

"I'm gonna kill you if you ever mention that to anyone ever again." Dean threatened his little brother. Both couples started laughing as they walked out onto the driveway under the moonlit night. John stayed behind and started to clean up wanting to give his sons some alone time with their dates. Both couples held hands as they walked down the drive way.

"You wanna go for a little walk?" Dean asked Stacy after making sure Sammy and Laurie were far enough behind them so they wouldn't hear their plans.

"By walk do you mean, actually going for a walk or is this your euphemism for something more." Stacy asked turning up and looking at Dean. Part of her wanted to keep walking and part of her wanted what she and Dean had been hinting about for weeks. Either way she was getting her heart broken that night. Without fail the Winchesters would be leaving in the morning and she most likely would never see Dean again.

Dean could see her indecisiveness. It the best of worlds they would be off somewhere secluded and things would have gotten very hot indeed. In the Winchester world however he was hitting the road in a few hours and how unfair would it be to go further in a relationship he had no intention of continuing. Right then Dean knew what he had to do.

"I mean lets just go for a walk." Dean said with a smile. Stacy gave him a smile back, disappointed, but knowing it was probably for the best. Sammy and Laurie stayed behind them but kept their distance. When he saw them heading down the road and not a more private location, Sammy figured that Dean had come to the right decision. With a squeeze of her hand, Sammy pulled Laurie aside.

"You know we're leaving in the morning." Sammy said looking down at her. Her blue eyes stared up at him and she nodded.

"Guess that means all we get to do tonight is this." Laurie said before leaning up to give Sammy a kiss. Sammy was more than willing to let the kiss go a little longer and they continued like that for a few minutes more before pulling apart. "I really had fun tonight Sammy. Promise me when you get to where ever you are going you drop me a postcard or something. You know, not too much pressure, but I'd kinda like to keep in touch."

"I can't make any promises Laurie I'm sorry, but I can tell you I'll try." Sammy answered sincerely. Over the years the boys had made a few friends but the sad reality of their lifestyle meant they never saw or heard from them ever again.

"Its okay Sammy I understand." Laurie answered. Just then Sammy looked over Laurie's shoulder and saw his brother and Stacy heading back their way.

"You guys ready to go?" Dean asked motioning over to the Impala parked in the driveway.

"I need to go get my stuff Dean, I'll be right back." Stacy said before turning to head up the drive way to the garage.

"I'll get it." Dean said running past her. He had to turn back on the garages lights, which meant the disco ball started to rotate again.

"Son of a bitch Dad. Some day I'm gonna get you back for this damn thing." He said with a laugh.

He unplugged her boom box and put all her cd's in a bag. Turning the lights back off he took one look inside before heading back down to the car. He put Stacy's stuff in the trunk of the Impala before climbing inside to join the rest of the group who were already there. The ride back to Stacy's was filled with chit chat, none of them wanting to talk about their final goodbye. Soon Dean pulled up in front of her apartment and turned the engine off. As the others got out, Dean rummaged through his collection of tapes before finding the one he wanted.

Grabbing the stuff from the trunk he placed the tape in the tape player of Stacy's boom box and headed up to the door. Their goodbyes to the girls were somber, reluctant and over with far too soon. Neither of them promised to write or call, both girls knowing they would never likely do so in the first place. The boys kissed their girls one more time before heading back to the Impala and driving back to the house. By dawn the Winchesters were gone.

Days later, Stacy would notice the tape in the tape player. Curious, she pulled it out but was stunned to find no label on it. Putting it back in she hit play and then started to cry when she realized whose tape it was and what song was playing. It was Freebird. For the rest of her life, no matter who she was with or where she was at, that song would forever remind her of Dean.

Free Bird

By Lynyrd Skynyrd

If I leave here tomorrow

Would you still remember me?

For I must be traveling on, now,

There's too many places I haven't seen

And if I stayed here with you, now

Things just wouldn't be the same

Well I'm as free as a bird now,

And a bird you can not change.

And a bird you can not change.

And a bird you can not change.

Lord knows I can't change

Bye, bye, its been a sweet love.

And though this feeling I can't change.

Please don't take it badly,

The Lord knows I'm to blame.

And, if I stayed here with you now

Things just wouldn't be the same.

For I'm as free as a bird now,

And this bird you'll never change.

And the bird you can not change.

And the bird you can not change.

Lord knows, I can't change.

Lord help me, I can't change.

The End

Authors note: And so ends our story. It's bittersweet I know but you knew there couldn't be a happy ending, not when there are Winchesters involved. Thanks to everyone who put me on alert and followed through the ups and downs of my fic. For those of you who reviewed, I am profoundly grateful. Even if you didn't I still am grateful you took the time to read my story.