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This is what would happen if I adopted Near and Mello. A collection of drabbles. First shot at drabbles...bear with me please.

I bend down and pinch the cheek of the pale little boy in over sized pajamas. "Say hello to your new mommy!" I say in a sugary tone that is so fake. Near looks up at me with large vulnerable eyes filled with confusion.

"Hello?" he asks, unsure of this strange female teenager. I smile at him sweetly, and turn my attention to the other one.

"Hello!" I say too enthusiastically, bending to pinch this one's cheek as well. My hand is slapped away. "Don't even think about it!" Mello yells, glaring. I glare back, waiting for the twerp to back down. When he doesn't, I administer a swift discipline.

I swoop my hands into my purse and out before Mello knows what's going on. I put something firmly on his head and tie the..bow? under his chin. he squirms, trying to see what it is that I have done. Near begins to laugh maniacally. We start to walk to my car, Mello still confused. Once the kids are belted in, I turn to talk to Mello.

"Don't mess with me, or you will wear that a lot, and no manly guy like you would want to be caught dead in a pink bonnet."

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