Never Alone

Never Alone Series, Book One

Chapter One - It Meant Nothing

Author's Note: This is the first book in this series and is by far the least well written. The series is currently undergoing the process of being re-written and will be posted in its entirety when the re-write is done, but in the mean time, this original version is all there is. Bear with it, the series does get much better.

Harry was greatly agitated that he would be unable to attend Hogsmeade without his signed papers, but had wished Ron and Hermione an enjoyable time anyway. He found himself in the Great Hall a majority of the day, as it was peaceful, quiet, and, most importantly, full of snacks.

After a few hours of indulging himself, Harry found that his sweet tooth would rot had he anymore to eat. Not wishing to spoil his supper appetite any further, he decided he'd go for a quick swing around the Quidditch pitch.

Upon gathering his broom and protective gear, Harry headed to the Entrance hall. The great oak doors parted, and before him stood a particularly distraught and irritated Ms. Parkinson.

"Abandoned by your boy wonder?" Harry prodded mockingly, laughing as he asked the question. Pansy raised an eyebrow and made to go past him. Harry blocked her with his broom.

"You're still annoying me, best I can tell." she folded her arms and made an annoyed huff.

"I meant pretty boy." said Harry, clearing things up for her. My, was she being intentionally daft. Then again, she was a friend of Malfoy's.

"I wouldn't give yourself that much credit." she snorted. How very unladylike.

"MALFOY!" he growled. "You know who I'm referring to!" he flailed his arms above his head in anger and frustration.

"His name is Draco."

"Oh, are you that close to him?" Harry mocked, making terrible kissing gestures with his mouth as he did so.

"What's it to you?" she fumed, shoving him out of the way. He stepped backward and blocked her path once again.

"Nothing." he said with a sinister grin.

"Rather interested in my love life, aren't you, Harry?" she smiled, looking into his eyes for extra effect. There was something there, she told herself. If she kept looking... she'd lose her self-control. She turned her head abruptly.

"Since when did you call me Harry?" he asked, pulling her face not at all kindly toward him, to stare her down.

"Oh, just now." she said snidely. "When you went so far as to stick your nose in the crotch of my love life." she once again made to leave, Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her back. She growled with frustration.

"Slytherin's don't love." he huffed.

"Is that so?" she chimed. She shifted the bag in her arms.

"Prove otherwise."

Pansy reached for Harry's cheeks with both hands. At first, Harry swore she was going to slap him, but then...

She pulled herself inward and up to him, crash-landed her lips on his and kissed him so ferociously Harry, if blind, would have sworn she were a Dementor... but her hands were warm... and her kiss... despite how it started, was soft...

With an enormous grin on her face, Pansy side-stepped Harry and began to walk away.

"What the hell was that for?" he asked, completely thrown off by the gesture.

"Got you to shut-up, didn't it?" she winked... Harry could have sworn it was a wink... and, then, trotted merrily away.