Title: Through The DarknessCategory: TV Shows » SupernaturalAuthor: Lady Rosebud : : English, Rating: Rated: TGenre: Angst/Generaloriginally Published: 09-25-07

Summary: A horrific "accident" brings an end to the beloved impala and to the light for the youngest of the Winchester brothers. Struggling with the darkness and the obstacles that he encounters along the way can Sam Winchester really learn to live again? The trouble only intensifies when he realizes his sight may be gone but his visions still remain.

Sam isn't the only one who's found himself battling inner demons as Dean realizes he can't save Sammy this time and deals with a decision that will change their lives forever no matter what he decides...

And what about the, "accident"? Was it just that, or was it much more? Like say Vengeance from an old...friend?


Sam Winchester sat silently still on a stack of beat up old tires out in front of the musty smelling junkyard which he and his brother had been calling home for the past two plus months, a warm mug of what he assumed was supposed to be coffee pressed against his hands. The sun had long since set as the hours passed by giving way to the night, a bitter and cold breeze biting against his flesh. Still he sat oblivious to the night and the cold lost deep in his own thoughts.

His mind had taken him back once again to a time not long ago when as screwed up as his life was, happiness still remained, happiness that had since slipped from him and left him hallow and numb to the world around him.

It seemed like only yesterday and at the same time a million years ago, that he and Dean had been out on the open road, two men with a purpose, a job to do, the world was their play thing and nothing could hold them down for long.

From hotel room to hotel room they hopped, saving lives and making a difference as they passed from town to town…. It was a life that Sam never wanted, that he despised with every ounce of his being… It was a life that he would give anything to have back again.

Feeling a gentle nudge against his foot he mindlessly dropped his hand and began to pet the dog who'd appeared at his feet not a word being spoken from his lips as he did so. He found no need for many words these days, words were empty, as empty as his soul.

Dean sighed softly leaning against the doorframe of the small house that rested in the back of the junkyard peering out into the endless darkness of the night. Darkness that was lit only by the small porch light resting above Sam's head casting a bright and eerie aura around his younger brother. Dean could feel his heart breaking more and more as the days slipped by and he found himself helplessly watching what remained of his brother withdrawing further and further from the man he'd once been.

Sam use to be so full of life, so filled with optimism that there were times when it made Dean's stomach turn.

Not anymore though, not since that morning three month ago to the day when darkness fell upon them both and tore the world that they'd known to shreds, with no hope of ever being put back together again.

"Don't you think you should get him inside? It's getting late and winters around here are a bitch."

Dean shifted to see Bobby Singer, one of the few remaining friends the boys had left in the world, and owner of their new found home, standing behind him. With a nod he forced himself up off the doorframe pushing open the screen door and heading in his brother's direction.

"Sammy." He whispered clearing his throat and placing his hand on the seated man's shoulder to steal his attention from wherever his thoughts had taken him now.

The preoccupied man's form jumped nearly three feet in the air as he gripped tighter to the mug in his hand and inhaled.

"Sorry man… I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's alright." Sam's voice was distant and soft, the same way it had been for far to long now.

"It's late. You should come in …"

The younger yet taller man simply rose to his feet and turned to face his brother his head hung low as though he were studying the ground., a defeated posture to match his defeated attitude.

Dean frowned taking Sam's forearm in his grasp and leading the way toward the house, "I was thinking…"

"Well no goods ever come of that now has it?" Even in his state of obvious and over whelming depression the retort seemed to fly so naturally from Sam's lips it was almost comical.

Dean rolled his eyes and sighed, "I'm serious Sam, I think that maybe it's time we leave Bobbies, you know find a place of our own."

"You mean plant roots somewhere so you can take care of your blind brother on your own and stop burdening one of the only people we have left in our lives with our bullshit?"

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't have to…"

"Sammy, you gotta stop this man. I know these circumstances suck, but you can't just sit out there on that porch and waste the rest of your life thinking about what used to be."

"What life Dean? I don't have a life anymore."

"That's by choice man..."

"Oh yeah because there is so much need in the world for a blind ex-hunter that-"

"Sam stop."

"Boys is everything alright?" Bobby's brows furrowed together as he exited the kitchen and came to stand beside them in the living room as they entered.

"Peachy." Sam grumbled his voice low as he shook his brother's hand from his arm and slowly made his way toward the room the two of them were sharing. "I'm going to bed."

Dean and Bobby watched wordlessly as Sam's hand glided down the wall his feet moving cautiously and carefully further and further away from them until he disappeared into one of the open doors closing it behind him.

The past two months had worn all three of the seasoned hunters down, the long hospital stay Sam's accident had required, the doctor's visits, the piles and piles of fraudulent credit cards, just to pay off the ever mounting medical bills…. the constant worrying.

All of it was weighing down heavily on each one of them as though they were drowning and could not bring their heads to the surface… grasping and yet finding nothing to hold on to.

"He'll be alright…." Bobby whispered trying as best he could to sound reassuring as he noticed the pain and anguish once again return to the eldest brother's gaze.

The truth was neither one of them believed the words Bobby had just spoken no matter how hard he tried to sound confident…

Sam wasn't going to be alright…

Sam was lost…

Detached, Demolished and destroyed by an un-fightable force.

The darkness had devoured his brother, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well… And there was nothing Dean Winchester could do to fix it.