Author's note: ... I lost a bet

Title has nothing to do with that Hugh Grant movie.

It wasn't permanent.

At least, it was what Tenten told herself when she wanted to scream.

The point was, this was a temp job.

She stared hard at the list of uncalled numbers, willing it to shorten as the autodialer selected a potential customer. Telemarketing wasn't a hard job per se, but the reputation certainly didn't help. People, upon realizing that yes, a real, live telemarketer was on the other line, tended to lash out.

" Hello," Tenten chirped into her headgear. "Hi. I'm calling on behalf of DKA-- oh, you've heard of us? We've called you before? Well, we do offer a wide range of products, so please, hear me out-- sir, that was uncalled for. ... Sir...?"

She resisted the urge to bang her head against her cubicle wall as she heard a distinct 'click' on the other line.

"Hi!" Well, there was always the next number, right? She tried again, repeating her pitch to whatever unfortunate soul happened to be on the other end, voice saccharine. "Have you considered subscribing to any of the following... you think my voice is sexy? Um."

The largest injustice, Tenten mused, was that she was under no circumstances permitted to hang up on any particularlyunsavorycustomers, forcing her to tolerate any strange mannerisms they may have.

It was still better than waitressing.

"No offense, sir, but I'd like to... what do you mean, what am I wearing?"

But not by much.

"I can't do this..." Tenten moaned ten minutes later, burying her head into her arms. A blond head peaked over the cubicle wall, smiling encouragingly.

"Hey, cheer up!" Ino, a chatty, slightly younger woman who had worked in Tenten's department for an entire year, had the remarkable ability of overhearing any humiliating moments, much to Tenten's amazement and utter horror. "It's only your second day! Besides, you just sold a two year subscription to that phone sex guy. That's pretty good, right?"

"It was still horrible." There had to be a better way to pay off her college loans than participating in what was, simply put, mutual harassment. "How do you put up with these creeps?"

The other woman rolled her eyes at Tenten, sending her a look that almost resembled exasperated fondness. "I told you, you'll get used to it. Honestly, there aren't as many assholes out there as you think."

"I'll keep it in mind," she sighed. "I'm taking an early lunch, okay?"

"You sure? If you can wait until an hour, a bunch of the girls and me are going out at this new Thai place. You should join us!"

Tenten shook her head furiously. It wasn't that she disliked Ino, but the other girl had a tendency of being a little... overwhelming. "No, it's okay. I really need to relax now."

"Suit yourself," Ino, with a shrug, disappeared, returning to her work.

She waited a few seconds before standing up and sighed, making her way towards the employee break room.

As over dramatic as Tenten's display was, she genuinely appreciated her new job. Like a lot of her former coworkers, she wanted a desk job, if not for the lessened stress(what a ripoff that turned out to be!), then for the opportunity to sit in one spot the entire day. It was a seasonal job, too, with an option for contract renewal, allowing Tenten to leave at the end of summer if she wished. If nothing else, it was convenient—

Tenten blinked as she snapped out of her reverie, finding herself in front of the door with one hand wrapped loosely around its handle and realized it was locked.

Which was against company rules. The room was supposed to always be open—she couldn't fathom why anyone would lock—oh. Right. Someone was probably getting... oh god. Every instinct was telling her to leave, but dammit, her brown paper bag lunch was in there.

It looked as if Tenten would have to stomach a potentially unsavory sight. Taking a pin out of one of her buns, she slipped it inside the lock, twisting it until she heard a soft 'click.' Tenten burst through the door, looking around for the offenders. "Hey, you—!"

... only to collide face first with something unrelenting and warm and very, very much like a man's chest.