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"Ow, what the... watch where you're fucking going!"

Tenten blinked, stepping back to look at the other, flushed with anger and embarrassment. He was... cute, she'd admit that much. Maybe even handsome. Maybe. "Me? I wouldn't have run into you if you hadn't lockedwhat were you doing in there, anyway?"

"That's none of your—oh fuck, shit," he seemed slightly panicked as he looked over her shoulder and retreated back into the room, reaching to close the door, only to realize that Tenten was in the way. The man appeared to contemplate the situation for a moment and then, with a frustrated sigh, pulled her into the room with him.

"What are you doing?!"

This was... not good. She was locked in a room with someone she had met only seconds earlier. Someone who could easily be some weirdo trying to prey on innocent women and was just waiting for a chance to—dammit, this was supposed to be a relaxing lunch.

"Look, just shut up for a couple of minutes, okay?" he hissed at her, letting go of Tenten's arm and watching the door a little desperately.

Tenten resisted the urge to yell out of spite. Who was this creep? "I'm not going to shut up! You're the one who dragged me here... ugh, forget it. I'm leaving."

"Dammit, wait! He might still be..."

His eyes widened as she began to open the door, looking at her in a way that could almost be considered pleading, if not for the slight glare. Tenten threw him an unimpressed glance before walking out into an empty hallway, rolling her eyes as he locked himself in again.

It was only until after she sat down at her cubicle that she realized that she had made it through the entire encounter(all two minutes of it) without even getting a chance to think about food. Tenten sighed, rubbing her temples in frustration. What was with this job?

"You're back early," Ino appeared at the entrance of Tenten's cubicle, raising an eyebrow at her flustered appearance. "What gives?"

"... I don't know. I... I have no idea what just happened."

"Oh?" she asked curiously, disappearing for a moment to to bring in her chair and setting it down next to Tenten's.

The other woman blinked curiously and frowned. "Shouldn't you be working?"

"Nah," Ino said with a smile, "consider it a coffee break! C'mon, did something happen? Weren't you supposed supposed to be on your lunch hour?"

"I... I was..." she began, eyes moving to the side as she recalled what happened minutes earlier. "I went to the break room, right? But it was locked and there was this guy and then I got dragged in and—"

"... You're talking too fast, Tenten," Ino said flatly, resting her chin on her hands. "Start over."

She nodded, gathering her thoughts, and managed to recount the entire incident to Ino. "It wasn't so... terrible, now that I think about it, just... bizarre."

"Sounds like it. Heh, you attract a lot of weirdos, don't you?" she laughed, causing Tenten's right eye to twitch slightly. "What'd he look like? I might know who he is."

"He had silverish-blond hair. I think it was gelled back, or something? Tall... um, not that bad looking, I guess?" Tenten told her as she toyed with the edge of her shirt absentmindedly, biting her lip.

"Him?" Ino rolled her eyes in exasperation. "That's Hidan. Works in graphics. Kind of a Jesus freak. Ignore him, he likes to pick fights with everyone. That's probably why he was hiding—geez, I'm surprised he hasn't been fired... again."


"Yeah, I think it happened, like, once, but they rehired him the next day or something. He's sort of friendly—" Tenten snorted at the word 'friendly' "—with one of the higher-ups, otherwise he'd have had his ass kicked to the curb already."


... Well. It figured that she managed to run into the office asshole on her lunch break.

"You probably won't see much of him; he works way across the office. Oooh, hey, are you still taking the rest of your lunch break?"

"Not now, but..." She wasn't going to risk running into him again.

"Great! You should eat out with us—the girls will get a laugh out of your story," Ino said insistingly.


"Don't be so antisocial, Tenten!"

"Okay, okay, fine," she agreed hesitantly. She wasn't antisocial, just... tired.

The blond smiled brightly, rising and picking up her chair as she returned to her own cubicle. "Great! I'm going to go back to work now. Talk to you in a little while!"

This was going to be a long day.