Hi everybody! Shadow is writing yet ANOTHER fan fic. :)

Ages: Ash, Misty, Gary are 14. Brock is 19.

'Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightning.
Lest these Titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash.
Though the water's Great Guardian shall rise to quell the fighting,
Alone its song will fail and thus the world will turn to Ash.
Oh, Chosen One! Into thine hands bring together all three,
The treasures combined tame the Beast of the Sea.
From the trio of islands, ancient spheres shall you take.
For between Life and Death, all the difference you'll make.
Climb to the shrine to right what is wrong,
And the world will be healed by the guardian song.'
The events of the prophecy still rang in Ash's mind. And sometimes, he wondered. "Is it all over?" For there were times, when it just seemed like something was happening. Lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike. Misty and Brock laughed when they told him about these fears. At least his pokémon took him seriously.

As usual, they were lost. Ash stared blankly at the map Brock was holding. "It's upside down, you idiot!" Misty yelled, whacking him with her mallet. "I knew we were going to get lost!" She continued to whine for a full five minutes. Ash sighed and looked away. He had long suspected that there was something between Misty and Brock, but he had never had any proof. The only thing was that Misty fought with Brock a lot now. * Perhaps she has realized that she has never loved me. * Ash thought, a bit wistfully.

Nothing much happened for most of the morning. Around noon, Ash spotted a female trainer with short blonde hair. "All right!" he said, excitedly. The girl turned around. "Yes?" she asked. "I challenge you to a pokémon battle!" Ash shouted. "Then I accept! I'm Vicky, and I'm the best trainer in this town!" she said.

"Okay. Let's go!" Ash said. "Poliwrath, go!" Vicky shouted. "Okay, in that case, I choose- Chikorita!" Ash shouted. The small, plant pokémon materialized and rubbed against Ash's leg. Ash groaned. "Come on Chikorita. Can't you battle? For me?" Chikorita stared at Ash with love in her eyes and nodded. Turning, she faced her opponent and let off a loud cry.

"A Chikorita? Well, I can beat it easily. Poliwrath, use your Earthquake!" The ground beneath Chikorita started to shake and shatter. Chikorita jumped and squeaked. "Chikorita, use your Vine Whip!" Chikorita hung onto the Poliwrath with her vine whips, and so was not thrown into the air. "Now Sleep Powder!" A second later, the Poliwrath was asleep.

"Wow." Vicky said, impressed. "But you had a double elemental advantage. Let's see how you fare against Magcargo!" The red, slimy, snail-like pokémon appeared and spat flame at Chikorita, who barely dodged. "Stun Spore!" Ash cried, hoping against hope that Magcargo would be paralyzed. Amazingly, it worked. "Okay, Chikorita, now use Swift!" Ash shouted. The Magcargo was hit by Swift 5 times before it FINALLY fainted.

"So you are a pretty good trainer." Vicky said thoughtfully. "And you fit the description too. Wait here!" Vicky ran to a house and returned, carrying a small green crystal. "This is for you." Vicky said. "I think it boosts the ability power of grass-type pokémon. You've earned it." Ash looked surprised, but accepted the gift, since he was used to getting presents from various people.

"I could have beaten her." Misty said, later, when they had finally found a town. "After all, I am the world's greatest Water master." Ash kept quiet, since he was sick and tired of fighting with her. Pikachu was finishing his seventh bottle of premium tomato ketchup. Suddenly, Ash turned. "I thought I saw something…"

Ash spun around, as he narrowed his brown eyes thoughtfully. "Come on Ash, we have to go!" Misty yelled, interrupting his musings. Ash followed obediently, barely glancing backwards. He saw nothing except for a flash of green. * Who are you? Why are you following me? What do you want? *

That afternoon, Brock caught a Sandshrew that happened to cross their path. Ash didn't think much of it, except for feeling a bit wistful. Later, they set up camp next to a rushing river. Misty's Poliwag, Psyduck, Horsea, Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen, and Togepi were playing in the water. So were Ash's Totodile, Squirtle, and Lapras.

"Hey look! A Dugtrio!" Brock shouted. Ash spun around. "Cool! I'm going to capture it! Bulbasaur, go!" He shouted. The small plant dinosaur materialized and looked at her opponent. "Razor Leaf Attack!" Ash shouted. Bulbasaur sent a whirling cloud of razor leaves at the Dugtrio, stunning it so it had swirls for eyes. "All right! Poke ball, go!" Ash shouted. The Dugtrio was easily captured. Ash stood up and did his Victory pose. Misty scowled.

Nothing much happened over the next few days, unless you count the fact that Misty spent more then average time complaining about losing her bike. Meanwhile, Ash was perfectly happy. He had captured a Sneasal and was immensely proud of the fact. That annoyed Misty to no end. Finally, she confronted him about it.

"Ash, I hate you! You're too arrogant and that bragging is grinding my nerves!" Misty shouted. Ash recoiled as if he had been struck. "I didn't mean to show off, Misty." He managed to stutter out, before Misty and Brock both turned their backs on him. "I hate you Ash, you're a pathetic fool who doesn't train his pokémon enough and only wins by pure dumb luck! You don't deserve your first two badges!" Brock said.

Ash stared stunned as Misty and Brock grabbed-and ripped- his vest and took off with it. "Oh my god…" Ash managed to say, before collapsing on the ground. * Why?! Why did they do this?! What did I ever do to them?! * Pikachu looked at her master sadly. Then, she followed them. Ash started to cry. "Pikachu…"

"The path of the chosen one is always hard." A voice said. Ash turned around and saw a small, green pokémon floating in the air next to him. "You're the one who's been following me around!" Ash said, putting two and two together. "Yes, I am. I am Serebii, the time-travel pokémon." It said.

"You knew this was going to happen?" Ash asked. "You knew that Pikachu and my friends were going to leave me and you didn't tell me?!" Serebii shrugged her shoulders. "It wasn't my business to interfere with your personal matters." She said, before flying down and patting him on the back. "Don't worry Ash. The heart of a true master is not measured by the pokémon he has, or by how many badges he possesses."

Ash thought for a moment before he realized the truth behind Serebii's words. "What do I do?" he asked. "I can't compete in the Johto league now. And without Pikachu, I can't accomplish anything." Serebii shook her head. "Ash, that is where you are wrong. You were blinded in your judgment. It is true that Pikachu is powerful and helped you win several of your badges, but he is not your spirit. That is something which can never be taken from you."

Ash looked at Serebii through teary eyes. "What?" he asked. Serebii flew down and extracted the green crystal he had gotten from Vicky a week earlier. Then, she pulled a golden chest plate out of nowhere and fastened it over Ash's shirt. The green crystal went in a flower-shaped cavity. As soon as the crystal was secured, green light washed over Ash's body, healing him and making him feel better.

Ash stared in disbelief at himself. "Heal bell." Serebii said. "It's a grass-type move. I am offering you a choice here, chosen one, a choice you wouldn't have gotten if Honou had been the one searching for you. You have the option to become the guardian pokémon Destiny, to watch over all pokémon, to protect and nurture them. Or, if you refuse, you will not remember any of this. The bout with Vicky will have never happened, and you will not have gathered any of the element crystals. However, Pikachu will still be gone, as will Misty and Brock."

Serebii fell silent, letting Ash think. * If I become a guardian, I won't get Pikachu back, and I will still be alone, without anyone, because they would have taken my pokémon as well. But if I accept Serebii's offer, my life will not belong to me anymore. I'll have a duty. What do I want more? *

Finally, Ash stood up as he removed his pokédex and poke balls. He faced Serebii, pain and hope in his eyes. "I accept." He whispered, as his voice almost cracked. The tears were threatening to fall again. Serebii, understanding that this was very hard for him, put a small paw on his shoulder, before disintegrating his pokédex and poke balls into nothing. Small, shadowlike forms rose from the ashes and surrounded Ash for a second, before blurring into his body. The spirits of his former pokémon, that would stay with him, no matter what.

Golden light flashed around Ash next, the blackness of sorrow mixed in. His form blurred and shifted, as his legs changed into talons and wings sprouted out of his back. His brown eyes lightened to gold, and a gold circlet girded his head, focused on a single black jewel. Ash, now Destiny, drew his sword and made a quick, sweeping slash, ridding himself of what he had once been.

The past was no more. From now on, only the present- and the future- mattered.

Chapter 1.

Nine months had passed. Ash had gathered 16 of the eighteen element crystals. He would need them later, for soon, Team Rocket would be starting their world takeover. Right now, he was on Cinnabar Island, searching for the elusive fire crystal. Serebii fluttered nervously near him, looking very uncomfortable. Ash was briefly reminded that she was also a grass-type, not just a psychic-type. "Got it." Ash said, prying a glowing red stone out of the nearby rock. Serebii sighed in obvious relief as Ash placed the stone in his breastplate before teleporting them out of them.

Ash had not met Misty or Brock or even Pikachu. But the last stone to gather was Ice, and he would be heading to Cerulean first, because Articuno had been spotted in that area. Ash still had no clue why, but he suspected that Articuno was trying to get him to face his fears by facing Misty- and most likely Pikachu- again.

"Starmie, finish it off with Bubblebeam!" Misty shouted. The Starmie obliged, knocking the Golem into the pool, where it slowly sank to the bottom. "Aw, damn. Golem, return!" the boy shouted. He recalled his pokémon and left. "Whew." Misty said, rubbing her neck. "That was close." Her small Pikachu nodded and came down with an apple for her. "Thanks, Pikachu." Misty said.

It was hard to believe that it had been nine months since she had last seen Ash. But the guy deserved it, she thought. * And I deserve Pikachu. She belongs to me! And she came of her own free will, so it's not my fault. * Picking up Pikachu, Misty headed to the back of the gym, where the captured Articuno was being caged.

Ash and Serebii threaded through the alleyways, following the ice aura of Articuno. "She's been captured." Ash whispered, horrified. Serebii nodded, her own green eyes darkened with shock and anger. "When I get my hands on the trainer who did it…" Ash growled, before falling silent as they got close to the gym.

Misty threw a piece of bread to the caged Articuno, which regarded it with distaste. Misty had captured Articuno purely by luck. She and Pikachu had found it when it had crashed into the front of the gym, and Pikachu had used Thunder, and Misty had thrown an ultra ball she had just happened to have, and Articuno had been captured.

Misty was about to leave when something jumped in through the window. * It must be a burglar! * she thought. "Pikachu, attack him." She said. "PIKACHU!" the mouse shouted, sending well over 10,000 volts of electricity into the figure.

"Serebii, Psychic! Phantasmeon, free Articuno!" Ash shouted. Serebii engaged the Pikachu in a battle, electric and psychic blasts flying over the room. Phantasmeon (ghost evolution of Eevee) flew over to the cage and snapped the bars with a powerful Night Shade attack. Articuno immediately took to wing, escaping. Misty cursed.

"Pikachu, don't attack the pokémon, go for the trainer!" Misty said. All pokémon had a weakness, that was their trainer, and she was going to use this to her advantage. Pikachu obeyed and attacked the trainer, who grinned as a flash of light lit up the area, throwing everything into sharp relief. Misty gasped. "You let my Articuno go! You bastard!" she yelled. "Starmie, Seaking, Seadra, attack him!" The three water pokémon joined Pikachu in their attack.

"Phantasmeon, return! Freezewolfe, I choose you! Blizzard!" Ash shouted. An icy blue pokémon materialized and shot ice at Misty's pokémon, freezing all four of Misty's pokémon inside a wall of ice. "Good. Serebii, use Hypnosis!" Ash shouted next. Serebii waved her hands. Soon, Misty and her pokémon were off in dreamland.

When Misty awoke, she was in the hospital. "Are you okay?" Brock asked. Misty nodded. "Who did this to you?!" he asked. "I don't know, he was mad because I captured Articuno. And he had an ice pokémon I've never seen before. It looked sort of like an Eevee…" Pikachu chirped from her perch on a chair. "Pikachu! You're okay!" Misty said.

"Your other pokémon are in the pokémon center." Brock said. "Pikachu was the only one that wasn't badly hurt. "You should be lucky." Misty nodded. Then, her eyes hardened. "I'll make the guy pay!" she shouted.

Meanwhile, Ash watched from outside. * Oh, you will? Pathetic. * He thought. Then, he and Serebii quickly got out of there, before Misty thought of looking out of the window.

For it will come soon,

The battle between the elements,

And though many on both sides shall fall,

The chosen one will triumph.

But for that he must deny,

His heart and all his friends

His ties long past are cut,

He will serve them till the end.

Misty was unpleasantly surprised to find a semi-familiar face when she returned back to her gym. The brown eyes beneath the fringe of spiky black hair studied her thoughtfully. "Hello Misty, it's been a long time." He said.

"Ash." Misty hissed, as she stared at him. "And what, may I inquire, is the purpose of this visit? A friendly chat, perhaps? Our something else?"

Ash looked at her for a brief second, feeling a pang as he took in how beautiful she looked. * Not now! * he sternly told himself. "Not exactly, Misty. I've heard about how you're the 'best' water trainer in existence now. I just wanted to see if that was true, and if you would agree to join the war." He said.

Misty blinked. "War, what war?" she asked. Ash rolled his eyes. "Never mind, I'll tell you later- if you pass. First I have to see how good you are." "Really." Misty said, her interest getting the better of her. "You want to battle me?" Ash grinned that infuriating grin of his. "Scared?" he asked, flashing her a smile.

"You're on!" Misty shouted. "Misty chooses Pikachu!" Pikachu bounded into the arena. It barely cast a glance at Ash, who grimaced as he spotted his- actually, was his- pokémon ready to fight him. Ash knew that Pikachu could be a dangerous opponent, to an unskilled trainer or one who didn't know its specialty, but Ash had not owned Pikachu for more than two years for nothing. He smiled.

"In that case, poke ball, go!" he shouted. Misty watched in interest. * Probably Bulbasaur or Chikorita, maybe Tauros or Snorlax. No matter. Pikachu can beat them all. * She was totally unprepared when she saw a silver/black/red bird pop out. "A flying type?! You have got to be kidding! You've gotten even stupider than before! Pikachu, Thundershock it!"

Ash laughed. "Skarmory, use your Iron Tail!" he shouted. The bird obeyed and swiped Pikachu across its face with its long tail. Pikachu shrieked. When its thunder hit the bird, it didn't even falter. "Good! Now follow up with Metal Claw and Steel Wing!" Skarmory hit Pikachu over and over, finally knocking it unconscious. Misty gasped. * Oh my GOD! Pikachu was Ash's most powerful pokémon and now he's just beating it up like that! He has gotten better! *

Ash smirked at Misty's dumbfounded look. "So, do you still want to fight me?" he asked. Misty thought for a second. * That bird is probably his strongest pokémon. Well, in that case, I'll use something good against it. * "Ash, you may have one strong pokémon, but I have six!" she said. Ash looked at her in mixed surprise and amusement. "Really? You think so?" he asked. Misty growled. "Enough of the small talk. Misty chooses Starmie!"

"Skarmory, return!" Ash said. The steel bird looked miffed for a second, but returned. Ash wasn't just going to beat Misty; he was going to humiliate her. "Honou, I choose you!" There was a flash of light and then the rainbow bird Ash had seen on his way to Viridian materialized. "Sacred Fire." Ash said. "Starmie, dive underwater!" Misty shouted, confident that she had an edge. "Honou, use your Flamethrower to boil the pool!" he shouted. Honou shot intense heat at the water, turning it into gasses dispersed harmlessly into the air, revealing a boiled Starmie.

"Starmie!" Misty shouted, getting a little worried. "In that case, I choose Psyduck!" she said. Misty grinned, feeling a bit better. There was no possible way Ash could beat Psyduck.

"Honou, Rings of Fire now!" Ash cried. Honou fired off a series of fiery rings, which surrounded Psyduck, wrapping it up and burning it quite badly. "Psyduck, Tail Whip!" Misty cried next. * There, that should do it. * Psyduck looked puzzled for a minute before its headache FINALLY unleashed its psychic powers. Unfortunately, it was too weak to do much. Ash took note of this fact.

"Drill Peck! Not on the head!" Honou dipped its head back and pecked Psyduck VERY HARD. Psyduck fell to the ground, scared silly/fainted. Ash twirled a poke ball in his fingers as he glanced at Misty. "Do you still want to fight? It's a pity; you shouldn't have used Pikachu first. Flying is weak against Electric, you know." He said.

Misty was getting VERY, VERY, ANGRY! She chose to activate the master ball Gary told her NEVER, NEVER, to use except in extreme circumstances. "Master Ball, go!" Misty shouted, wondering what it contained. Ash gasped when Lugia was revealed. "Lugia…" he said, staring at it. Lugia was rather weak from staying so long in a Master ball with no food or anything, but Misty didn't know that. "All right! This'll help me beat Honou!" she crowed jubilantly.

*Lugia… I don't want to fight you, but you have to understand. Please forgive me. * Ash thought. "Honou, Fire Blast!" Honou fire blasted Lugia, which fell down before regaining its strength and using Aeroblast. "Oh curses. Honou, use Flame Shield!" A shield of fire materialized around Honou, protecting it. "Good. Now use Eternal Flame!" Ash choked, as he watched Lugia falter and then fall, surrounded by searing flames.

Lugia fell into the now-empty pool, still smoking. "You stupid pokémon! Use Hydro Pump, its weak against water!" Misty shouted. Lugia hydro pumped Honou, which also fell. Then, Lugia used Atom Force, and buried Honou under a pile of rocks. Ash gasped.

*I forgot that Lugia knew Hydro Pump and Atom Force. I'll have to use a Dark type now. * Ash thought. Then, he pulled out a black master ball. "Spiritwolfe, I choose you!" A black/white/red wolf materialized. "Shadow Ball, followed by Faint Attack!" Spiritwolfe nodded and Shadow balled Lugia, knocking it upside the head, before bashing into it with Faint Attack.

Lugia fell to the ground, stunned. Misty screamed and charged Ash insanely. "That's not possible! How could you beat Lugia?" she cried. Ash barely had time to jump on Spiritwolfe, which took off into the air. "Psychic is weak against Dark!" Ash shouted. "Eleball, go!" A pure white poke ball shot through the air and captured Lugia. "Sayonara, Misty!" Ash shouted as Spiritwolfe took off.

"Grr!" Misty cried. "I've lost Lugia! Gary is going to kill me… and I lost Articuno too… Argh!" Misty ranted for a long time before finally deciding to go after Ash.

End of chapter 1!

Authoress' notes- this is NOT A AAMRN! It's a GAMRN! It's egoshippy! Deal with it! There's plenty of AAMRN out there!

New attacks and stuff, pokémon too!
1. Freezewolfe (electric /ice) a black wolf with dark blue and white stripes and ice-blue rings of fur on its legs. It also has silver eyes and ears. (Wolf Family)

2. Phantasmeon- (ghost/normal) The other evolution of Eevee using a shadow stone. It looks like an Eevee with bat-like wings, red eyes, and a red bat symbol on its white chest. It has dark blue-black fur and a white tipped tail.

3. Spiritwolfe (Dark/electric) A black-purple wolf with three blood-red stripes on each leg, a flowing white mane with gold flecks, silver stripes on its back, red eyes, and a gold mask around its eyes. (Wolf Family)

4. Rings of Fire- a fire attack. Pretty self-explanatory, Honou fires off rings from its head and both wings.

5. Flame Shield- Fire attack. Creates a shield of flames.

6. Eternal Flame- Ultimate Fire attack. The only things that can beat it are Eternal Flood and Eternal Thunder.

7. Eleball- a powerful poke ball that is only used to capture legendaries. Note: In this fanfic, the legendaries include Eevee and its evolutions, plus the Wolf Family pokémon. Also includes Legendary Birds and Cats.