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Chapter 3: Traitor Revealed

            Ash's eyes snapped open.


            The grass/psychic pokemon landed on his shoulder. What is it?

            "Do you know who betrayed us?"



            You won't like it. Serebii warned. It might be better if I don't tell you.

            Ash narrowed his eyes. "I won't break."

            Maybe not, but… ask her.


            Ask one of the other guardians.

            "Fine…" Ash muttered, getting up.

            I'm sorry. Serebii whispered to nobody in particular.

            Ash found Charlotte sweeping the floor of the kitchen, which was littered with graham cracker crumbs.

            "What happened?"

            "Food fight." The guardian replied tightly.


            "It was terrible. Thirty-eight of my cards."

            Ash winced. "I see…"

            "Did you have something you wanted to ask me?"

            "Huh? Oh, right! Serebii told me to ask you who betrayed us."

            Charlotte's eyes narrowed. "So she didn't want to break the news herself. It wasn't her; let me make that clear. But…"




            His eyes widened in horror at the statement. "No! It can't be!"

            "But it's true." Lance cut in.

            Her steel wings glinted in the light. "I used my Future Sight to check. And we both did card readings."

            "Why…." Ash whispered brokenly.

            Lance placed a kiss on his forehead gently. "Shh… relax.'

            "I can't…" Ash said as she rocked him gently against her chest.

            Charlotte nodded to Lance and then exited, knowing that the dragon master could take care of Ash well.

            A clock ticked somewhere.

            Darkness spread over the area as the gates to the dream realm opened.

            From the shadows, swarmed the pokemon of the three guardians, seeking… seeking for the traitor. Those who stood in their way were destroyed.



            A pair of golden eyes smiled.

            Ash awoke with a strange twisting sense of pain in his gut. Next to him, Lance sat with a bowl of warm broth, feeding him spoonful by spoonful.

            "Are you all right?" She asked worriedly.

            Ash took another sip as it was lifted to his lips and nodded quietly. "Yes, but what happened?"

            Her eyes blinked at him, owlishly. "You don't remember?"

            The last thing he could remember was the feel of her arms around him and a slight pressure on his head, nothing more. Slowly, images painted in rosy shades flowed through his memory, and a faint blush tinted his cheeks.

            Lance smiled and rubbed his back soothingly as he spooned up some more of the tasty turkey-flavored liquid.

            His eyes were faintly glazed over with weariness, but it was receding slowly as time ebbed and flowed.

            After all, she promised him, all would be well.

            Back in Cerulean, Misty wondered where the little rat had gone off to, it was missing again.

            She didn't realize this time it was permanent.

            A clock ticked.

            Bells chimed.

            Life went on.

            What more was there to be done?

            And a clock ticked.

Okay… that ending sucked. I'm really getting sick of losing inspiration. I'm sorry, this fic has now died. I wish it had been better, but sadly, that isn't the case. Amazing how it shifts from gloomy one chapter to nice the next.

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