Under Wide Skies

In SkyClan, Sharpclaw and Leafstar's kits, Springpaw, Goldenpaw, Firepaw and Fernpaw are newly apprenticed and excited to serve their Clan. Each cat must fulfill their destiny and the road is paved with tough choices. Goldenpaw is making friends with a mistrustful kittypet, Springpaw can't seem to prove himself worthy of SkyClan, Firepaw's weak health may prevent him from becoming a full warrior and Fernpaw can't decide if being a medicine cat is the right path for her. As if that wasn't enough, some of the rogues around SkyClan's territory are getting restless, angry at being forced out of their homes by the Clan. Will these four cats be able to save their Clan and become the SkyClan members they were meant to be?




Leafstar- brown and cream tabby with amber eyes.


Sharpclaw- dark ginger tom.

(Apprentice: Goldenpaw)

Medicine Cat:

Echosong- silver tabby she-cat with green eyes.

(Apprentice: Fernpaw)


Cherrytail- tortoiseshell she-cat.

(Apprentice: Springpaw)

Rockeye- black tom.

(Apprentice: Rainpaw)

Sparrowpelt- dark brown tabby tom.

(Apprentice: Firepaw)

Tinyfoot- small white she-cat.

Mintleaf- pale gray tom.

Sagewhisker- gray tabby she-cat.

(Apprentice: Ravenpaw)


Goldenpaw- white she-cat with golden-brown paws.

Fernpaw- light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Springpaw- orange and white tom.

Firepaw- dark ginger tom with green eyes.

Rainpaw- light gray tom with amber eyes.

Ravenpaw- black she-cat with a white underbelly.


Petalnose- pale gray she-cat.

(Is mother of Elmkit, Sparrowpelt's son.)


Clovertail- light brown she-cat with white belly and legs.

(Retired early due to slight deafness.)

Kin and Connections:

Sharpclaw and Leafstar---------Goldenpaw, Fernpaw, Firepaw, and Springpaw

Sagewhisker and Mintleaf are siblings---------Petalnose and Rainfur

Rockeye and Tinyfoot are siblings--------Clovertail and Unknown

Rainpaw and Ravenpaw are siblings--------Clovertail and Sparrowpelt

Patchfoot passed away from a deadly fever

Bouncepaw (later became Bouncetail) was stolen by Twolegs and never seen again