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The wind was getting a bit chilly as night approached, but this didn't bother Toph in the least. She was more worried about where they were headed. It was just her, Aang, and Momo which wasn't very unusual after all she was use to. Four years had passed since she had run away from home a fact she had kept hidden from everyone and hoped to never tell. Since then Aang had defeated the previous Fire Lord, Ozia. Zuko was now the Fire Lord, Katara and Sokka had returned home to help with their village. Occasionally everyone would help Aang keep the fragile peace he had created intact, after all just because the war is over doesn't mean peace is everywhere just yet. Now Toph had to face her parents she had tried to postpone her return, but everyone said she had to they knew how much her parents cared for her and knew they had to be worried. So here she was flying on Appa returning home. She didn't want to return she knew if she returned she would never be allowed out of the house. For some strange reason this wasn't the only reason she didn't want to return home, a reason she didn't want anyone to know about particularly Aang.

She tried once more to prevent Aang from taking her back, "Aang," he turned around to listen.


"I don't want to go back home"

"I know you don't but you have to, you know you're parents are worried about you, it has been four years since you last saw them."

"But Aang, once I return they are going to lock up and not let me outside ever again!"

Aang smiled at her she was being over dramatic, "Come on Toph you can take care of yourself. You proved that to your parents a long time ago, that's why your father changed his mind and let you come on this journey."

"Aang you don't know…" She knew it would do no good to argue he was taking her home and that was the end of that story, "never mind."

Aang looked back at her before he got on Appa's head and it hurt him to see her so sad and disappointed. For the rest of the trip neither of them said a word to each other.

When they landed in the backyard of Toph's house the door came wide open and Toph's mother gave her a hug and was overjoyed to see her young daughter. Toph didn't fight her to get off a part of her did miss her mother and father.

Her father on the other hand was anything but happy. He looked straight at Aang. Aang didn't know why, but he soon found out. "You kidnapped our daughter!"

This was a surprise to Aang, but before Aang could even reply Toph got out of her mother's grip and approached her father. "Dad! He didn't kidnap me, I ran away. I didn't want to be locked up anymore! I'm not the frail little girl you think I am. I don't need anyone to be with me constantly I can defend for myself. I felt like I was a prisoner here I had no freedom I couldn't do anything because you were afraid I would get hurt. You never understood…" Toph could have said a lot more, but she didn't.

Her father didn't believe the words and actions she had taken. "Young lady you are to never leave this house again!" Toph closed her eyes to prevent her from crying. "Avatar I never want to see you again, I don't care who you are, but you are to never come back, now LEAVE!!!"Aang didn't know what to do he thought he would be able to see Toph again. It surprised him that they had called him a kidnapper and that Toph had never told him that she ran away. He asked himself why she would lie to everyone and why to him. Aang mounted Appa and looked back at Toph who had her eyes closed and her head was downward. "Yip-Yip" Was all he said, unsure of what else to do, hoping they wouldn't be too hard on Toph.

"Good-bye Twinkle-Toes" Toph whispered as she felt Appa leave the ground a single tear slid down her face with the fact she would never again get to see Aang.