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Kakashi still had his hand on her waist. His fingers were firm, but not painful. Sakura could feel the play of muscles along his side in the moments when he would draw her closer for a brief hug. But after the hug was finished and the tantalizing muscles moved a safe inch away, the fingers stayed clasped right above her hip.

This would have been less noteworthy if Kakashi's fingers had left their resting place at any point during the evening. But with only a brief pause when Sakura had visited the ladies', it had now been four hours, thirty-seven minutes and six seconds and his fingers were still there, his thumb working in slow, smooth circles against the tiny patch of skin that showed between her jeans and her top.

Kakashi, as promised, had escorted her to the pub, cheerfully paid for every single one of her drinks and was now walking her back to their home.

If you asked her, he'd been almost too cheerful. Sasuke had offered to buy her a drink on his way up to the bar and had seemed to pale a little bit when Kakashi cheerfully explained that Sakura's drinks were taken care of. Strange how Kakashi's assurance had been coupled with a casual movement toward the kunai at his waist. Sakura decided she was being ridiculous.

But was she?

Experimentally, Sakura pretended to be distracted by the movement of an animal scurrying into the bushes and moved away from Kakashi just enough that he should have released her. Instead she came up short as his fingers slipped further around her until his whole arm was curled around her waist.

"It's just a rabbit, Sakura."

"Oh," she said, pretending to feel foolish. His arm remained where it was and his fingers resumed their slow circles, this time closer to the side of her stomach. Her breath hitched.

Kakashi was starting to suspect what his lovely kunoichi was about. Did she still question whether he had feelings for her? In fairness, he hadn't come out and said it, but he was horrible at that kind of thing and he thought his actions this night had been plenty obvious. Perhaps he should toss her onto the sofa and make himself more clear?

As they arrived at their apartment, Kakashi slipped his key from his pocket and smoothly opened the door with one hand, steering Sakura into the darkened living room. He locked the door behind them, his arm still around Sakura's waist.

For a moment, they stood staring at each other.

"Kakashi…thank you for a lovely evening."

"I enjoyed it, Sakura."

"Ah…yes. Well…I suppose I should be going to bed soon," she laughed nervously.

Kakashi's arm still didn't move.

Sakura felt her face flush and her heart start to race. This is the part where he should bid her goodnight and head back to his own place…except that this was his place and he didn't seem to about to budge anytime soon. She felt his other hand softly brush a stray hair off of her cheek.

"Um…I really enjoyed our evening too," she whispered. It was true. She had had such a marvelous time laughing and talking with her old sensei that she hadn't even paid much attention to their constant physical contact until their walk home.

"I'm glad." Kakashi gave her a happy eye crease.

She looked up into his one, visible eye and swallowed. He was looking at her so intently, as if waiting for something.

"Am I too old for you?" he asked suddenly, catching Sakura off-guard.

"No, of course not," she answered automatically, without even considering her reply.

"Do you?…could you?…" Kakashi seemed to fumble momentarily for words.

Sakura looked at him questioningly before giving a small scream of surprise as she found herself suddenly pinned against the wall. She gasped as she realized that Kakashi's mask was down and his lips were caressing her neck like liquid heat. She tried to move so she could see his face, but his body pressed hers to stillness, his hands fanning out to catch her wrists and hold them on either side of her head.

"Ka…" She couldn't even finish saying his name, as the sensation of his lips moving over her skin set off a pit of fire in her stomach. She moaned helplessly against him, a dull ache throbbing between her legs the moment she felt his full arousal press against her. His teeth grazed her collar bone and she bit back a gasp of pleasure, twisting again in his grasp in an effort to see his face.

"Sakura," he whispered hoarsely, nudging the collar of her shirt further to the side so he could taste the delicious skin of her shoulder. Kissing her in this way also kept his face hidden from her. He knew as soon as she saw his face unmasked that he would be able to hide nothing. Wasn't that what he wanted? For her to know once and for all that he was hers body and soul? But did she feel the same? Kakashi felt his heart squeeze painfully as he felt her struggles against him increase. This was not how he had hoped Sakura would react to his first advances.

"Let me see you," she begged. "Please." The painful, sick sensation left Kakashi as he realized that she was struggling toward him instead of against him.

"Patience, love," he murmured against her neck as he transferred both of her wrists into one of his hands. Keeping his face turned aside, he slipped his free hand into his pocket and drew out a silk scarf that he had intended to give to Sakura as a gift to end the evening. He would still give it to her…if a little differently than he had planned.

Gripping her more even more tightly, he maneuvered them into the darkest corner of the room. Sakura only had a second to view the glint of his one dark eye and what looked like a flash of teeth before he let go of her hands and tied the scarf over her eyes securely.

"What are you doing?" she cried, reaching up to release herself from her dark, silken prison.

"No peeking," he purred, capturing her hands again in his. "Sakura, do you trust me?"

The silence stretched between them as he waited on her answer.

"Yes," she whispered. At her admission, his lips crashed over hers, allowing rein to the need for this woman that had been building inside of him for years. The squeezing feeling in Kakashi's chest gave way to roaring delight when he felt her timidly open her lips to give him entrance. Although his arms still crushed her to him, he held himself back, exploring her mouth a little more gently. He wanted her first time with him to be beautiful, not frightening.

For her part, Sakura could hardly believe what was happening…and how much she desperately wanted it to happen. That sneaky bastard had grown on her. She had always liked Kakashi, but in the short time that they had lived together, they had quickly grown close. He always seemed so easy and natural and just…right to have around. It had just taken her a little longer to realize that he was also breathtakingly sexy.

She felt his arm slide under her knees as he lifted her up and held her against his chest. His heart was beating so hard, she could actually feel it through his jounin vest. Sakura twined her arms around his neck and boldly licked at his ear while he traveled toward what she imagined was one of their bedrooms.

"Sakura…" he groaned, feeling his body's instantaneous and powerful reaction to her warm tongue in that sensitive region.

She bounced in his arms as he kicked a door open. Oh well…she had always paid her rent on time so maybe the landlord would forgive them. Before she could form another thought, Kakashi's mouth was covering hers and her back was pressed against the softness of what she supposed was Kakashi's bed, since it smelled woodsy and masculine, like him.

Kakashi feathered kisses over her body as he removed her clothing with tantalizing slowness. He wanted to simply tear it from her or cut it off with a kunai, so he could see her silken skin…ah well…another day. Now was the time to show her how tender and patient he could be. Kakashi stroked the rough pads of his fingers over Sakura's perfect breasts, gratified as she arched to give him better access.

"Mine," he whispered tweaking a nipple.

"What?" said Sakura, frustratedly trying to undress him while blindfolded.

Kakashi pressed her hands to the pillows, ignoring her pleading cry and murmured against her neck, "MINE."

"I don't…"

"Say it," he demanded.

"Let me see you," she rejoined stubbornly.

Kakashi paused, still holding her to the bed, his fingers laced through hers.

"Why are you afraid to show me your face?" she asked.

"Sakura…don't ask me to, not yet."



Dammit. He was using his "sensei" voice. Which was surprisingly arousing in bed.

She writhed against him, causing certain hard areas of his body to become almost painfully so.

"Show me your face." She lifted herself up slightly and stroked the skin along his jaw with her lips.

He let out his breath in a low hiss. His kunoichi made him nearly helpless when she did things like that.

"Please, Sakura, don't ask me to."

She sighed and then did the unexpected. Kakashi's grip on her had relaxed enough that she could slip her hands from his. Instead of reaching for her blindfold, as he was about to prevent her from doing, she reached for him, and held his face between her hands. The feel of her soft hands stroking along his hair was driving Kakashi nearly out of his mind, but he waited to see what she would do.

"Hatake Kakashi…I am…and always will be…yours."

She didn't know what prompted her to say it. But Sakura knew him and could sense that he was afraid of something.

"Do you mean that?" His lips passed lightly over her cloth-covered eyes.

"I do," she whispered.

Hearing those words from her lips made Kakashi want to hear a similar sort of vow from her in the very near future. But he had always imagined looking into her gorgeous green eyes when she confessed her feelings to him and now, he had blindfolded her…Something inside of him broke as he realized that he needed to see her eyes as she said the words. He needed to know this was as real for her as it was for him.

Kakashi lifted his weight off of Sakura and pulled her up next to him on the bed. With hesitant fingers, he undid the scarf around her eyes. She blinked against the dim light as the cloth fell away from her face.

Then her eyes rested on Kakashi and widened in shock. This was not what she had been expecting. Kami, no. Yes, she had thought he would be handsome…even suspected his face might be perfect. But she had never expected the look of utter love and desire on his features that she saw now.

"Oh…" was all she had time to cry out before his arms locked around her and he covered her body with his.