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Chapter I: Restless

Evy sat in the library of the O'Connell household with a volume spread across her lap and several others scattered across the coffee table and sofa. One could never be too well educated about a subject of interest was her philosophy, and she was constantly found pouring over her many volumes. Rick would constantly joke that she must be careful, using her words that no harm ever came from reading a book, but frankly he was pleased that she was satisfied to simply read instead of dragging him across Egypt yet again.

It had been nearly two years since their last expedition to Egypt had ended in Rick's battle with the scorpion king, and they had not had the chance to return since. Constantly, Evy hinted about returning, but Rick would just as constantly shoot down any requests by saying that after facing the end of the world twice, he just wanted to stay home. Jonathan had finally begun to straighten out his own life, and had even managed to pay off most of his debts.

However, though things seemed well, there was always a catch. After having his first taste of Egypt, Alex was not content to sit by and watch life pass him by as his parents and uncle seemed to do. At the age of eleven, Alex had become something of a terror to his parents and professors. Constantly, they were called into the Administrator's office of his private school because Alex had been telling stories again or had been daydreaming or some other distraction to his class. Though both Evy and Rick didn't mind that their son spent most of his day at the museum, they thought that his schooling was more important than his fantasies of returning to Egypt.

Evy heard the knock at the front door, but didn't move from her place among the volumes on King Seti's rule. She knew that Rick would answer it, eventually. Several minutes later, Evy was deeply interested in a certain passage when the door to the library burst open to reveal a very angry looking Rick followed by a very sheepish looking Alex.

"Evy," he shouted with a near snarl. "We need to talk," he exclaimed as he began to pace the room.

"What's the matter, Rick," Evy inquired nervously. Hopefully, Jonathan hadn't gotten into debt again. She could not bear to see Rick have to bail him out again. It had nearly killed him the last time.

"Our son decided to skip class today in order to enjoy some time at the museum. And he would have gotten away with it too, if he hadn't knocked over a priceless urn ruining an entire exhibit," Rick growled. "That was Officer Kingsley at the door returning our little criminal, and warning us that he is not welcome at the museum anymore. Isn't that right Alex," Rick growled as he turned to their son, who was standing with his hands buried in his pockets looking anywhere but at his mother and father.

"Mum, Dad I can explain," he started but was cut off by Rick once again.

"Save it, buddy. Up to your room right now," he said as he pointed toward the door. Alex didn't need to be told twice, and before anyone could blink he was scurrying out of the room.

"What exhibit did he destroy," Evelyn asked with concern in her voice. She didn't seem to register the fact that their son had cut school or been arrested.

"Evy, how should I know? All I do know is that he is getting out of control. His principal already threatened to suspend him if he refused to behave. After this debacle, we'll be lucky if they let him back inside the school," Rick continued to pace as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"He must learn to be more careful. What if he had damaged a sarcophagus or…" Evy was cut off by a disbelieving Rick.

"Evelyn, I don't care what he ruined. Ever since we got back from Egypt, two years ago, he has done nothing but get into trouble," Rick said as he push a couple books aside to sit next to Evy.

"Rick, boys get into trouble. You should know that," Evelyn defended her son as she grabbed one of the books Rick was holding before he could place them on the floor.

"Evy, I was a little boy once but I never got into this kind of trouble. I put frogs in little girls' hair and chased the neighborhood cats. I didn't raise the army of Anubis then spend the next two years raising hell for my parents," Rick said softly as he watched Evy ignore him as she thumbed through a book trying to find her place.

"I know just what he needs Rick," Evelyn spoke suddenly after several moments of comfortable silence. "He needs to go back, and get his adventures out of his system. If he sees that Egypt isn't always as exciting as raising three thousand year old mummies from the dead, then maybe he'll find something else to fascinate him," Evelyn spoke wisely.

"No, absolutely not. You know why? Because every time I set foot in that country, I either nearly die or the world nearly ends. I have had enough of Egypt for the next ten lifetimes," Rick said before he noticed Evy's pout. Her big brown eyes pleaded with him like a puppy for a treat, and Rick found himself fading fast. "Are you suggesting that we simply let Alex loose in Cairo and hope he comes back completely disillusioned with the place," he asked curiously.

"No, of course not. What do you think I am… naïve? Don't answer that Rick unless you will enjoy sleeping on this sofa tonight," Evy amended as she noticed Rick open his mouth. "It has been quite a while since we have enjoyed the thrill of Egypt and I thought we could spend his winter break there. We will find him a governess to make sure that he keeps on top of his studies and makes sure he doesn't get into any trouble. And we, my dear husband, can spend our time studying the treasures of Egypt," Evy said as she snuggled into Rick's arms as she pointed to a picture in one of the volumes. "I wish to go searching for this. It was the possession of King Seti I's daughter, and I think it would be appropriate that we are the one's to find it," Evy said as Rick studied the drawing of a beautiful looking necklace. It was a golden jeweled choker with a large deep red stone at the center and several smaller ones hanging below it. It was a beautiful piece of jewelry, but Rick was still unconvinced.

"I suppose you'll tell me this time that no harm ever came from wearing a necklace," he joked as he closed the book before kissing his way down Evy's neck. When she pulled away with her eyes pleading, Rick finally sighed. "Very well, we can return to Egypt, but only for winter break. But who in their right mind would wish to be governess for our dear son? Do governesses even still exist," he relented, knowing that he would have no peace if he didn't.

"I'm sure that we will find someone willing to look teach him. He is not such a bad child if he is occupied," Evy said just as there came a crash from upstairs.

"I swear that boy will be the death of me," Rick growled as he jumped off the sofa and stomped out of the room. Evy just laughed at her husband's temper, and returned to study the picture of the golden necklace once again. They would go back to Egypt where another adventure would await them.