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Hinata's House; 12:32 PM; Next Day


Hinata ripped up the last page from her diary and burnt it in the room's fireplace. Her eyes reflected the smouldering fire but she did not cry. Not even once.

As the ashes curled up and died, Hinata looked away. The ashes seemed like a good analogy of her current love life.

I hate you Naruto.


Sakura's House; 12: 34 PM


Sakura ran her hands through her hair, making it stand on end. And with a pencil in her mouth and hair, a cookie dripping milk in her right hand and a left hand poised over a calculator, she looked downright crazy.

"Mom!" Sakura cried towards the living room direction.

"I'm sorry, honey, but, please!" She called back, her bright hair still visible amongst the brilliant yellow walls.

"Mom! I have no bloody idea about how to solve this! Math sucks!"

Tsunade sighed and adjusted the last ornament on the mahogany shelf. Shuffling into the dining room/kitchen, she peeked at Sakura's undone homework and gave an almost-inaudible gasp.

"See?" Sakura's voice seethed with smugness.

"Sakura, shut up." Her mother sniffed before calling Jiraiya down to help out Sakura. He called back that he was busy learning how to fly.

It was as though last night never happened.


Neji's House; Same time


"TenTen, pick up!" Neji commanded his mobile, pacing nervously around his bedroom.

Ring, ring.

"TenTen!" Once more he tried ordering. He even pointed at it with his other hand.

Ring, ri –


"Pick up, TenTen!" He shouted.

"Um, Neji? I did." She giggled slightly. He could just picture her on the phone, one hand on her table, the other on her waist.

"It's not a laughing matter!" Said a miffed Neji. No matter how much he enjoyed the sound of her laughter, he detested to be laughed at.

TenTen sobered and answered, "What do you want Neji?"

With no warmth in her, usually cheerful, voice, Neji sighed. "Can we meet?"

"I'm busy," TenTen said automatically but Neji knew her long enough to know her ultra-weak spots.

"We can go for a walk, you know. And just aimlessly stroll around, doing nothing. Except maybe enjoying the autumn nature, the birds flying around, random children throwing Frisbees at my head…"

He heard her sigh in pleasure. She loved nature. Almost as much as fighting and feminism. And the sight of Neji getting beaten up by little kids. And Neji knew this shameful secret and exploited it at any chance.

"Um…but…uh, okay!" She suddenly broke her resolve and said yes. Neji and autumn were just too hard for TenTen to resist.

Neji chuckled smugly and said, "And wear a dress," before hanging up, grinning like mad.

"Wha - ?" TenTen stared at her phone.


Naruto's House; Same Time



"Ugh, Mom, I'm trying to kill someone here!"

"No, no violence in my house, Mr. Uzumaki! And you, too, Mr. Uchiha!"

"But, Mom!" "Mrs. U!"

"No buts, Naruto Uzumaki!" A sudden beep stopped Kushina during mid-rant. "Oh no! The pie!" She hurried towards the kitchen.

Naruto and Sasuke stood seething each other, hands having already leaving their respective throats.

"You idiot, you had a chance with that shy girl. Yet you blew it." Sasuke straightened up, fixing his shirt as he did so.

"Shut up, Farquad, I didn't 'blow' it. I just told her all about you and Sakura." Naruto hissed back, adjusting his watch, already half cracked.

Sasuke 'hn-ed' and fell back, landing on top of the sofa's cushions. Naruto sat across from him and glared at him intently.

"Do you enjoy making Karin do your dirty work?" Naruto suddenly asked.

"Yeah, I think I do," Sasuke shot back.

"That Ino trick was stupid. Sakura saw through that."

"She still cried, didn't she?" Sasuke retorted spitefully.

"Shut up, scumbag and lemme finish; aren't you done with hurting Sakura, yet?"

"No," Sasuke suddenly got up and kicked the glass table. "She broke up with me! She defied me! She overpowered me! No one overpowers me! I'll kill her!" Sasuke's normally-handsome face suddenly twisted into something hideous.

Naruto studied the table before taking a step back. "Mom, did you get that?"

Kushina walked in the room, carrying a tape recorder. "Yes, honey, I did. I think the Happy Sunshine Home's authorities would love to get their hands on this. One of the Ultimate Uchihas, reduced to a psychiatrist ward. Tsk, tsk, Sasuke,"

Sasuke, for the first time in his life, gasped and then abruptly broke the glass table with a quick flick of his leg. Kushina cursed; it was expensive, while it lasted.

Jumping on the couches, Sasuke escaped Naruto's grab and Kushina's outstretched leg. "No!" he hissed before running out of the house.

Naruto and his mother watched, through the glass window, Sasuke sprint into his car and talk rapidly into his mobile. Swerving out of their driveway, he hung up and then sped out of the street.

Kushina sighed and let the curtain she had been holding away from the window fall. It landed with a swoosh and Naruto jumped at the sudden noise.

Smiling slightly, Naruto helped his mother clean up the glass shards and throwing them away.

"Thanks, Mom."

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