Kyuubi speak

Chapter 1: It Begins

Inside one of the great shinobi cities, konohagura, there lies a secret that is deep inside the future blond enigma, that boy is one Uzumaki Naruto. This boy had grown up for the past 6 years of his life alone. He had grown up for many years not knowing why he was shunned. At first he noticed he wasn't fed at times in the orphanage, and then everyone only referred to him as the demon. But later the villager's hatred towards the boy just grew. At the age of 4 he was kicked out of the orphanage because he was a threat to the children as he was told. For a long time he only had his thoughts to comfort him as he lived from day to day in the hell that his life was. Even with being protected and helped along by the third hokage he could barely survive. Finding out that the orphanage had kicked him out the third gave the young boy an apartment to call his own. But even here the boy was abused. The villagers would still find him and beat on him, they would throw bricks threw his window, try to light his house on fire, even some of the once proud shinobi joined in at times beating the boy almost to death with weapons of all sorts. And every year on the 10th of October when the biggest festival of the year would occur he could not even leave the house for fear of being killed…. And still he didn't know.

Though on the day of his seventh birthday he found himself out side on top of the hokage monument on the head of the greatest shinobi the village ever produced, the fourth hokage, the one who seven years ago this day gave his life to protect his village from being destroyed by the king of the bijuu the kyuubi no kitsune. To this day the boy still looked up to the hokages, he respected the strength and will of the fourth as well as the friendship he found in the third. He dreamed he would become stronger then all of them, to become hokage one day, thinking that maybe then the villagers would except him, but on this day his world changed.

"Pathetic" a demonic voice cried.

"Who's there, show yourself" Naruto said.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha, you wish kit" it cried again

When the boy next blinked he was in a cave filled with pipes and a giant gate with piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it.

"Come closer kit we have much to talk about"

And then he saw it, two blood red eyes with darker slit pupils like that of a fox opened up behind the gate revealing what lied beyond. Giant Fiery red fox with nine tails sat there simply staring at the boy seeing everything in the boy laid bare.

" W-What are y-you" naruto said trembling for the first time in three years since he resigned himself to death feeling true fear.

"Why I am the most feared being to ever walk this earth, the kyuubi no kitsune.

"Where are we. Now that naruto is getting over his fear seeing as how the fox is behind bars…at the moment.

"Why we are in your mind kit cant your human mind figures that much out, and before you even ask why I'm here know that it is not by choice. It said sighing. For I was sealed in you at the day of your birth, the day I attacked this village, by none other then your precious fourth hokage.

"But everyone always said that the fourth killed you that are what all the people my age are being told anyways.

"I that's half the truth you see the fourth called a deal with the shinigami( death god) to take my soul so I would be killed, in return the fourth was to have his own soul devoured along with mine by the shinigami where are souls would fight for eternity inside its stomach. Needless to say the jutsu almost worked he managed to pull my soul out of my body but he was unable to give me to the shinigami so he did the next best thing. He sealed me inside a new born human baby namely you.

"Wait so you're the reason the villagers hate me, it's because they see only you and not me, they can't get that I am HUMAN! He started shouting.

"UGH SHUT UP, look kit I don't give two shits about your problems but I have a deal for you. He waited a bit for naruto to calm down.

"Alright I'm listening tell me your damn deal before I walk out of here.

"Fucking kits these days no respect at all for a demon, okay brat listens up cause I'm only going to give this offer once. You want to become the strongest shinobi in this entire village, you want to be the hokage fine I will led you my power and it will be at your disposal to do as you please and I will teach you and make you strong".

"And what do you get out of this you dam fox cause there is no way I would believe you would do this for me just out of the goodness of your black little heart so spill it or once again I walk right out of here".

At this point the kyuubi's eyebrow is twitching madly and he is thinking of how much he wants to kill this kid." Fine kit I'll tell you its because if you happen to die I die with you, happy now I would rather not have my life being held in the balance by a human let alone a weak human so I figured I would make you stronger until one day I would find my way out of here but I cant if were both dead understand now kit".

Naruto just sits down and looks like he is thinking" well it's a win-win situation for me unless you count the fox getting out part but I doubt that will ever happen the seal was made by the fourth… then again me being dead because of the fox isn't much of a difference then trying to walk into the middle of the village while their celebrating the "death" of the kyuubi, either one will get me killed but the one with the fox could make me a lot stronger. He stands up and sighs" fine you have a deal fox……..besides maybe in time we could end up some what friends and being the weak human that I am I could use a friend even you. So what do you want me to do".

While the fox is looking at his host a little different now he even looks a bit surprised at what he just heard from this little human. He does the only thing he thought he should do in this situation…. He smiled. "alright kit just step forward in front of the gat and relax I will do the rest, just to tell you though this may hurt a bit I'm about to pour a ton of my chakra into your body to help with our merging. I simply figured I should warn you …. And I am not your friend". He said with an irritated huff.

Naruto does what he's told and stands at the gate and looks the fox in the eyes. Then all of a sudden red chakra starts seeping out between the bars of the gate and moves toward him. Thinking to himself trying to have faith in his new found friend even if it is a demon, he manages to relax himself while the red chakra slowly spiraled around him, binding to him. It tightened its grip. He suddenly screamed in pain and the world went black.

Unknown to naruto at the time he had a watcher, a young girl with indigo hair and lavender eyes had followed her crush up to the top of the mountain hoping to ask him to come down with her to the festival. Her name was Hyuuga Hinata and she had quite the confidence problem which was surprising for someone who came from one of the most noble families of the village. She had always wanted to go and talk to Naruto but no matter how she tried she was always pushed away by her family or the villagers. She had followed him for awhile now and never found out why he was called "demon brat" or "monster", for all she saw was a sad and lonely boy who only tried to look happy. But what she saw next she would forever remember as one of the scariest moments of her life, For a scream that most would consider not human had just came out of the boy she loves throat.

Once again in the boy's miserable life of seven years now he felt he was going to die. He could feel his bones breaking and reconnecting, his skin burning then healing, blood coming from every pour on his body only for it to be replaced inside. But at the same time he could feel his body changing starting to tolerate the pain and learning from it. He saw images of his past flashing before his eyes even t the point where he had been a newly born baby in the fourths arms as he prepared the jutsu to seal the kyuubi no kitsune inside him. For the first time in his life he felt truly alive. The pain continued to last for what seemed like an eternity to him but knowing it could only have been a few minutes until it finally stopped. When he opened his eyes he was shocked, he could see clearer then ever down to every bug on every blade of grass, he could hear better and farther then before noticing even a small rabbit or the sound of a stream over a hundred yards away without even trying, he could smell every faint smell in the air. But what shocked him the most was when he went to scratch his head noticing something very different, His ears were pointy and furry now like a foxes. He scratched the back of his head anyway but he hadn't moved his arms, he looked behind him to find something even more shocking fox tails, nine of them. Each red with a white-gold tip. Taking a closer look at himself now knowing he had definitely changed, he found he now that his fingernails could extend into claws and back again. He was by far more muscular then he was before which wasn't saying much considering how skinny he was but he knew he was much stronger now then most people his age. His hair also had changed, it now had streaks of a fiery red like the kyuubi's fur in them. Sighing to himself while getting up off the ground he started thinking. He knew that this form of his could become as much of a pain in the ass as a blessing cause although it heightened his senses to new levels he would give the villagers the only excuse they need to prove he was a demon and not just a container. That and after watching that lucky prick sasuke he definetly didn't want a gaggle of rabid fan girls hell bent on molesting his ears and tail, he physically shivered at the idea of being chases around by the crazy blond girl and the pinky. So he sucked up his pride and decided to ask the kyuubi for help.

"Hey kyuubi I have a bit of a problem……… are you listening….HEEELLLLOOOOO YO FURBAL.

"AHHHH what damn it cant a demon get any sleep around here for fucking sake now what do you want I'm kind of busy dealing with the last bits of your changes, or do you want to become a full fledged two foot tall nine-tailed fox.

"Ya I can tell your real busy at the moment and all but don't you think this form will be just like butting a big red target on my back for every anti-kyuubi person in Konoha,( and fan-girl) so I'm wondering if there is anyway to cover up the changes and make me just look human again, at least for awhile until I really learn to defend myself, or run fast enough to keep out of their reach. He said shivering once again at the idea of being dragged down the street by his tails with that girl with brown hair with buns who's the daughter of the shinobi weapons shop owner".

Once again the kyuubi looking quite surprised at the boy wonders just how much the boy has hidden, and how much of a coward at the idea of fan-girls. Wow kit you actually made a good point I'm surprised beyond words. Unfortunately the boy saw the fox's complement as sarcasm (hay can you blame him when you have a voice as evil sounding as the kyuubi's I would think it would be hard to tell) and got annoyed." Ohhh damn I'm gona have one hell of a headache in he morning cause of you brat. But yes the best idea at the moment would be to conceal your new form under an illusion….. Probably a henge because a genjutsu requires the user to be very intelligent which puts that off your list".

"I'll ignore that last comment for now fox but you will have to teach me a henge if I am to pull this off right. I don't want to end up pulling some crappy half-assed version of it that could fall apart at any time so I need to know what I'm doing".

"Fine kit, fine I'll show you in your mind how to do a henge right then you can perform it outside of here on your body so we can leave and go to sleep we have a LOT of work to do on you and I am going to need to train you in your mind while you sleep if we hope to get some results. So lets get started.

When naruto opens his eyes again he's back on the monument. Being taught a jutsu inside his mind was quite different then he thought. He expected to have to do it multiple times in his mind instead all that came to him was the hand sign needed and the right amount of chakra and the hint to use your imagination. "well here goes nothing" a smoke cloud envelops him while the change occurs but when he steps out he seems the same as when he first came to the monument except he kept his hair thinking "who cares who sees my hair its not like anyone really paid any attention to me in the first place so why would they start now."

Just as he's about to leave he catches the scent of lavender which was odd because their was no flower here that gave off that smell so that could only mean one thing.

"Shit. I'v been followed, who is it and how much did they see. Damn this isn't good at all"

Following the scent he turned around and ran at the tree line to find who ever was watching him and get rid of them. But instead he found a beautiful young girl unconscious on the ground with a bit of a nose bleed and a smile on her face with a huge blush. Knowing full well he shouldn't just leave her asleep on the ground he picked her up against his tenants complaints and started walking home with her in his arms bridal style. Only to realize he doesn't know who she is or where she lives.

Sighing to himself " Well I guess I'll go by the hokage tower and give her to the old man he should be able to help her, I hope. Who knows maybe one day I'll see her again and we can talk and find out her name. Ahh who am I kidding I'm the demon boy like there is any chance in the seven levels of hell that she would ever talk to me let alone be my friend, why cant I just except that".

Inside his mind he hears the fox once again" well either way kit I don't give a fuck but I still say we should just leave her here and go since you and me are going to start bright and early tomorrow and your going to need all the rest you can get. He sighs. "but since your such a damn noble soul of a human I guess dropping her off at that old farts place is the fastest way we can be rid of her( as long as that white haired pervert isn't there then even I would take her along. Kyuubi thought to himself. ), sides you need to get aquianted to your new body so lets do this quickly".

Naruto puts on one of his patented foxy grins." Fine by me lets get going"

Author's notes

Okay people this is the start to my first fan fiction so go easy on me reviews are wanted and I'm willing to take any suggestions for little bits to be added into the story line, though their will definitely be NaruHina in the story because, hell they are the best couple in the entire show.

Any way my first question I'm needing to know is whether I should keep the teams as they are in the show or should they be moved around cause honestly I'm with the Sakura is just a whiny bitch people aswell as the Sauske is an arrogant prick who deserves several chidori's to his groin people….. yes theirs is a group like that. So ya I just need to decide on the team Naruto is on and ill do the rest and I want some ideas please for god sake just for jutsus even preferably lightning and wind that and a translator thank you.